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Small pitch LED display background

Fine Pitch LED Display Manufacturer From China

Show the beauty of details and restore true colors! Use fine pitch LED display to create excellent picture quality.

All products of Fine Pitch LED Display

All In One LED Display

The All-in-One LED display is a multi-functional LED display that integrates various media interfaces and can be used to achieve screen projection, lectures, playback and other functions.

HD LED Display

High-definition LED display screens are common LED products in indoor series, and can easily achieve seamless splicing effects of 2K and 4K, which LCD does not have.

P1.53 Indoor Fine Pitch LED Screen

P1.53 Indoor Fine Pitch LED Screen is an indoor LED display with excellent image quality, mainly used for advertising playback, video playback, etc.

Small Pitch LED Display Cabinet

P1.25 Indoor Fine-Pitch LED Screen is a commonly used indoor LED display in monitoring rooms, conference rooms and other places.

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Product Feature Box

High Resolution icon
High Resolution

The fine pitch LED display is the type with the highest definition among all LED displays.

4k icon
4K & 8K

It can easily achieve 4K or 8K resolution, and no water ripples will be produced when shooting at close range.

Pixel Pitch icon
Small Pixel Pitch

The point spacing of the small-pitch series is all less than 2mm, which is suitable for close viewing.

Airbox packing icon
Airbox packing

Cartons or flight boxes can safely protect small spaces without causing problems during transportation.

Seamless Splice

All series of LED displays can achieve a completely seamless splicing effect. Among them, the fine pitch series is the most outstanding, and it is also the best product to replace LCD as a display.

Seamless Splice
High Graycale

High Graycale

Low brightness and high gray are one of the key factors that distinguish the quality of fine pitch LED display products. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the gray level displayed.

Refresh at 3840HZ

Since small spacing is originally the benchmark for display devices such as LCD, the 4K and 8K resolution effects that LCD can achieve can also be easily achieved with small spacing.

1920HZ and 3840HZ

Customization Process

Customization process
Customization process

First, after determining your needs, installation environment, installation location and other information with the JYLED fine pitch LED display manufacturer, choose the corresponding model of fine pitch LED display product.

After understanding your information needs, the JYLED fine pitch LED display manufacturer will provide you with a price plan that matches your needs.

You review our quotation plan in detail and both parties confirm it is correct, the contract will be signed.

Customization process
Delivery Process

After signing the contract, you need to pay a certain deposit (deducted from the total amount). We start production on the day we receive your deposit.

Customization process
Complete Delivery

The product is produced, we will confirm through phone calls, videos, etc. that the goods produced are consistent with the contract. You need to pay the remaining payment, and then we will arrange logistics for delivery.

Fine Pitch LED Display for Different Scene

Small pitch display installed in cosmetics stores
Cosmetics Stores

The cosmetics stores can display product information or event promotions through fine pitch LED displays, allowing customers to have a clear understanding of the products in the store before entering the store.

Small pitch display in the meeting room
Meeting Room

The conference room is an important scene for training product knowledge, organizing activities and receiving guests. While explaining the content, he often uses different types of videos, PPT or documents to deepen the audience’s impression.

The fine pitch LED display screen can seamlessly switch between various playback types. With the blessing of wonderful images, the presenter can achieve the best speech effect in the shortest time.

Small pitch display in the monitoring room
Monitoring Room

The monitoring room has strict requirements for the details of image quality, and traditional display equipment requires multiple screens to be combined to display the same image at the same time. Not only is the cost high, but it is also very troublesome to operate.

Through the fine pitch LED display, one screen can be divided into different screen displays at the same time, and the operation is simple and the control can be started with one button, saving time and effort.

Small pitch LED display background
JYLED professional fine pitch display manufacturer

The beauty of details is within reach! Fine Pitch LED display brings you the most realistic visual experience.

  • “I am very satisfied with the fine pitch LED display, it meets my high requirements and provides excellent results and reliable performance for my scene presentation.”

    Madalyn Griffin
  • “Since using the fine pitch LED display I no longer have to see unsightly seams, it’s perfect!”

    Miracle Myers
  • “Through the fine pitch LED display, I can control multiple screens at the same time, which brings me great convenience.”

    Ashley Rodriguez
What Is Fine Pitch LED Display?

Fine Pitch LED Displays are spliced together using LED modules with a point spacing of less than 2mm, which can easily achieve high-definition resolutions of 4K and 8K.

What is indoor fine pitch LED display?

Because the fine-pitch dot spacing is relatively small and the picture is high-definition, it is generally used indoors, so it is also called indoor fine pitch LED display.

What is the best pixel pitch for fine pitch LED display

The pixel pitch of the LED modules used in the fine pitch LED display is generally around 1-2.5mm. Judging from past orders, many customers will give priority to 2mm small-pitch displays.

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