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Indoor HD LED Display Wall

HD LED Display

Brilliant and stunning, light up the city! The indoor HD LED display makes your advertising reach everywhere!

  • 640 640 HD Small Spacing
  • 640 640 HD Small Spacing

P1.25 | P1.53 | P1.667 | P1.83 | P1.86 | P2

By splicing HD LED display, very detailed video effects can be achieved, and at the same time, it has a seamless splicing effect that LCD screens do not have. Therefore, HD  LED displays are not limited by space and size.

  • Unlimited stitching
  • Integrated package
  • Unlimited light and thin
  • Ultra-high contrast, bright colors

Products Related to HD LED Display

All In One LED Display
All-in-one LED Display

The all-in-one machine is suitable for use in schools, conference rooms and other places where speeches are required. It can make the viewer’s attention more focused.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display
Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Small pixel pitch is mainly for LED displays with a pixel pitch of less than 2mm, which allows people to view the screen at a closer distance.

4K LED Screen

The main feature of 4K LED display is high refresh rate. This feature allows it to be shot under high-speed cameras without causing water ripples.

Fine Pitch Led Display

The distance between the lamp beads of the fine-pitch LED display is relatively small, and a very clear picture can still be seen at a close distance.

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Application Scenarios

Hotel Icon
Monitor Room Icon
Monitoring Room
Building Icon
Commercial Building
Shopping Icon
Shopping Mall

Lossless Zoom Picture

HD LED display can zoom in and out of the picture according to the actual size, and will not cause distortion of the picture.

HD LED Display Lossless Zoom Picture
HD LED DISPLAY Decorative Environment

Decorative Environment

HD LED  display can well decorate the surrounding environment, achieving a sense of fashion and technology

Light Weight Cabinet

HD LED display adopts an ultra thin die-cast aluminum cabinet weighing only 7kg, which is easy to carry, fast to install, and easy to maintain

The Weight Of The Small Spacing Cabinet
Ultra High Consistency Effect

Ultra-High Consistency Effect

Through the display of high quality HD LED display, the display screen is clear and vivid, and the colors are more colorful

Indoor HD LED Display
One-Stop Indoor HD LED Display Services

14+ Years of Experience. High Precision and OEM Design. Professional R&D Team. Competitive Price.

Model P1.25P1.53P1.667P1.83P1.86P2
Module size(mm) 320×160320×160320×160320×160320×160320×160
Module resolution (dot)256×128208×104192×96174×87172×86160×80
Cabinet size(mm)640×480
Max. Power Consumption(W)600W
Average Power Consumption(W)200W
 Cabinet weight (kg)10.5KG
 Cabinet materialDie-casting aluminum
IP rateIP 31
Grayscale 10000:1
Refresh rate(hz)3840hz
Frame change frequency50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°
Best viewing distance>1.3m>1.6m>1.7m>1.9m>1.9m>2m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current3.5-4.54.0-5.04.5-5.53.5-4.53.5-4.53.5-4.5
Life span (H)≥100,000
 MTBF (H)>10,000
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