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Novastar was established in Xi’an in 2008. After decades of rapid development, it has grown into a very competitive LED display solution service provider in the world.

With algorithm as the core and software and hardware as the carrier, Nova Nebula provides over 4,000 customers with full-link solutions from video processing to display control around the application of LED display screens. Media, stage performance, virtual studio, traffic guidance, commercial display, broadcasting system, high-end consumer display and other markets have been widely used.

Focusing on the global layout of “based on Xi’an, centered on Beijing and Shenzhen, and radiating the world”, Nova has R&D and marketing subsidiaries in Beijing and Shenzhen, two overseas subsidiaries in Europe and North America, 37 global service outlets, domestic 29 and 8 abroad.

With the continuous enhancement of innovation ability, excellent professional service ability and complete delivery ability, we have won the trust of global customers!

Nova Nebula insists on creating value for customers with continuous technological innovation. In the fields of LED display control, video processing, cloud services, etc., it has more than 1,000 independent intellectual property rights, and has been awarded as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, National Specialized Specialized New “Little Giant” Enterprise and many other honorary titles.

Novastar LED Control SoftWare Download List

SmartLCT V3.5.3

ViPlex V2.9.1

  • ViPlex Express (x64)
  • Async Mode User Manual
  • Studio Mode User Manual
  • Release Notes
  • ViPlex Handy
  • Vplex Handy User Manual

V-Can V3.6.0


NovaLCT V5.4.2

  • NovaLCT
  • NovaLCT LED Configuration Tool User Manual Synchronous
  • NovaLCT LED Configuration Tool User Manual Multimedia Player
  • Release Note
  • framework4.6.1