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LED Screen Software Free Download

Applicable To Windows Platform Installation

NovaLCT is a LED display configuration tool specially created for Nova Technology products. Supports synchronous and asynchronous control and playback of LED display control system. JYLED now provides free technical support and NovaLCT download.
ViPlex Express
ViPlex Express is a tool for quick screen management and screen projection. It is simple to use and easy to operate. After the connection is successful, you can add the designed program and start publishing it. JYLED offers free ViPlex Express download.
HDPlayer software is a professional LED display control card software launched by Huidu. It supports multiple types of control cards and has powerful program editing functions, which can realize onscreen control download and edit materials.
LEDVISION is an LED display control system debugging software specially equipped for Colorlight LED control cards. The software has rich functions, good operation interface, and has a large customer base. JYLED provides downloads of all control system software of Colorlight.
iSet is a professional and easy-to-use software developed by Colorlight for users. It has the characteristics of adjustable display brightness, color and other screen parameters, and can detect and diagnose the display screen. JYLED now provides software for free download.
LEDStudio is the editing and debugging software for Linsn LED display control system. You can use LEDStudio to edit and play programs on the LED display; to use the Linsn LED display control system to set up the LED display, you need to install another LedSet for use.

LED Control Software Brand (5)

Full color LED display control system and software selection reference guide

There are so many control systems and software, how should you choose? This will be analyzed in detail next.

1. LED display control system

At present, the mainstream LED display control system manufacturers on the market mainly include: Linsn, Colorlight, NovaStar, Huidu and Kystar. Different control system manufacturers use different editing technologies, which are mainly divided into three types: ASIC control, FPGA control and PC control.

ASIC control

ASIC, the full name of Application Specific Integrated Circuit, is an integrated circuit customized for special application fields. It can effectively control various parameters of the LED display and has the advantages of high control accuracy and fast response speed.

Depending on the degree of customization, ASIC chips can be divided into fully customized ASIC chips, semi-customized ASIC chips and programmable ASIC chips. Some LED display control manufacturers use semi-customized ASIC chips, while the other two types of ASIC chips are rarely used in LED display control systems.

FPGA control

FPGA, full name Field Programmable Gate Array, is a control system based on field programmable gate array. It uses reprogrammable logic circuits to control LED displays or other devices, so it is also called a “universal chip” .

Because FPGA control has higher flexibility and scalability than ASIC control, users can customize the display effect according to their needs, so mainstream manufacturers basically use FPGA chips as the core. The disadvantage of FPGA control is that it is relatively complex and requires more professional technology to operate and maintain.

PC control

Use the presentation that has been packaged by the LED display control system manufacturer to control the LED display. PC control can only receive and send specific parameters to control the LED display. It has a single function and cannot be customized.

Compared with the first two, its advantage is that it can be operated after installing the LED control software. It has high flexibility and a friendly operation interface. You don’t need to know too much about programming technology to get started.

When choosing a control system for an LED display, be sure to consider its compatibility and stability. A good control system should have broad compatibility and be able to connect seamlessly with a variety of different types of displays.

At the same time, stability is also an important factor in selection, because only a stable control system can ensure the consistency of the display effect.

2. Software

Most LED control systems on the market are used together with software produced by manufacturers. There is currently no software that can adapt to various different control systems at the same time.

The use of control software can help users edit and adjust display content, as well as control parameters such as brightness, color and brightness uniformity. Currently, there are various types of LED display software on the market, such as Linsn, NovaStar and Colorlight. We will briefly introduce them one by one.

Linsn is a powerful LED control card software with a friendly operation interface and rich functions, which can achieve comprehensive control of the display screen. Linsn software supports various display control cards under Linsn and has good compatibility. At the same time, Linsn software can also support remote control and update display content, providing a better user experience. Commonly used Linsn software include:LEDStudio, LEDSet

NovaStar is another well-known LED control software. It has powerful processing capabilities and rich special effects, which can achieve high-quality display effects. NovaStar software can be used with various types of Nova equipment and is highly compatible. Users can choose according to their own needs. Commonly used Nova software include:Nova LCT, ViPlex Express

Colorlight is a leading provider of LED control systems and software in China. Its software has complete functions and is easy to operate. Colorlight software supports a variety of different types of control cards, and integrates automatic brightness adjustment and color control technology, which has good effects on display screen debugging. Commonly used Colorlight software include:LEDVISION, iSet,Player Master


To sum up, the control system and software of the full-color LED display are inseparable. Different control systems are suitable for use in different scenarios. For example, for conventional displays, you can consider using Linsn, which is more cost-effective. For XR, 3D, etc. For more complex scenes, you can consider Nova, which has better display effects.

It is hoped that through the introduction of this article, users can better understand the information of LED control systems and software, so as to choose the appropriate system and software.

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