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DJ Booth LED Screen Background Image
DJ Booth LED Screen

JYLED DJ Booth LED Screen

JYLED display manufacturer is specialized in manufacturing various LED displays. We can customize it 1 vs 1 according to the parameters and requirements given by the customer.

The picture on the right is the “Mask Man” DJ booth LED screen, which we independently completed based on customer’s needs. It is full of uniqueness and fashion.

P4 Full Color Face Shaped LED Video Display Facade Custom DJ Booth Screen

Your Ideas, We Help You Realize Them!

JYLED has several CAD designers, so no matter how complex and peculiar the shape is, we can achieve perfect restoration, which is something other LED manufacturers cannot achieve.

You only need to provide the dimensions and ideas, and we will truly restore it for you based on your information.

The Factory Is Testing The LED DJ Booth Display

DJ Booth LED Screen Leads The Bar Trend!

The LED display screen of the DJ booth can vividly display the visual sense, so it can be arbitrarily spliced into various irregular creative shapes.

Using this unique DJ booth LED screen can bring people into a more beautiful and confusing audiovisual world.

Coupled with the live high-pitched music, the entire bar or nightclub has reached an unprecedented level of attraction.


DJ Booth Screen Real Shot Effect (3)

  • The Bull Horn Shape DJ Booth Display

    The bull horn shaped DJ booth screen is the most commonly used DJ display in bars and DJ booths. Through this shape, the bar atmosphere can be well rendered.

  • Magic Box Shaped DJ Booth LED Display

    Through the magic box shape DJ booth LED screen, we can make the entire bar dance floor extremely gorgeous and dazzling.

  • LED Display Of DJ Booth In Rectangular Cube Shape

    The right-angled cube DJ booth LED screen adopts seamless splicing technology, which can make the entire shape three-dimensional and lifelike, and no gaps can be seen.

More DJ Booth LED Display Shape Introduction (4)

  • Shield Shaped DJ Booth Display

    The shield shape made of a “V” shape combined with a trapezoid can produce surprising effects in DJ venues.

  • Diamond Shaped DJ Booth Display

    The diamond shape composed of multiple large equilateral triangles and small equilateral triangles can well decorate the DJ booth and attract people’s attention.

  • DJ Booth Display In The Shape Of A Pterosaur

    The pterosaur shape composed of a hypotenuse triangle and a right-angled triangle can enhance the technological sense of the DJ booth and better stimulate people’s enthusiasm.

  • LED Display Of DJ Booth In The Shape Of Pentagram

    The five-pointed star-shaped DJ station display is composed of a hypotenuse triangle. It can be matched with a variety of different booths to create a unique decorative effect.

Diverse Shapes icon
Various Shapes
No matter what look you want to achieve, as long as you provide us with ideas, we can help you achieve it.
light adjust icon
Uniform Brightness
Before leaving the factory, we will adjust the brightness parameters of each LED module to be consistent so that each spliced LED module in the DJ booth LED screen can achieve uniform brightness.
Multiple shapes icon
Long lasting Performance
Many inferior DJ booth LED screens will have broken lights and dead lights after being used for a period of time. JYLED DJ booth LED screen uses imported materials and has long-lasting performance.
Wifi Control Icon
Easy to Control
Compared with large LED displays, DJ booth LED screens are easier to control. They only need to be in the same local area network and can be controlled using a mobile phone.
DJ Booth LED Screen Display Effect
Can the DJ booth LED screen be placed elsewhere?

Due to its unique shape, you can place it anywhere you like.

If I want to change the shape later, can I do it?

Sorry, this is difficult to do. Because when making, it needs to build a steel structure and splice LED modules on the steel structure.


If I feel that the finished size is too small, can reuse a larger LED module for splicing?

This is still not feasible. The DJ booth LED screen is a fully customized LED display product and cannot be changed in shape or size. Therefore, before making, be sure to determine the shape and size.

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