DJ booth LED screen

Pixel Pitch:P5mm

The DJ booth is the center of a bar, and it is also the place where people pay the most attention.

Through the DJ booth LED screen, we can make the entire bar dance floor extremely gorgeous and dazzling.

From the initial simple design to the perfect fit of LED display stage and lighting, combined with fashionable dance music, it brings extraordinary nightclub entertainment enjoyment, and also has an impact on the stage. Shining starts from this moment!



Shape customization

We can customize different shapes according to your bar position. The common shapes are:

  • owl shape
  • Rubik’s cube shape
  • horn shape
  • W shape
  • honeycomb shape etc.


A variety of shapes mixed together

In addition to customizing the above shapes, it also supports a variety of different shapes to mix and splice to achieve more unique shapes to attract customers’ attention. This feature is really exciting! Whether in designing artwork, furniture or architecture, creating novel shapes can bring people a new visual experience and sensory enjoyment.

However, this is just the beginning. The real beauty of this software is its excellent mixing and stitching capabilities. Users can select two or more basic shapes to combine and create entirely new shapes by adjusting their positions, angles, and proportions. This flexible combination can satisfy users’ pursuit of unique shapes.

A variety of shapes mixed together


SeamIess splicing technology

The seamless splicing technology used in the bar LED display can realize a smooth and seamless connection between multiple LED displays, presenting a larger and more coherent picture.

The seamless splicing of the LED bar display uses a sophisticated assembly process to ensure that the gap between each module is as small as possible, so as to achieve image synchronization and color consistency between multiple displays.


Optional connection components

Left and right connection and curved connection components are optional, creating more flexible installation methods.

The left and right connecting components are suitable for some conventional shapes with square edges, such as the honeycomb DJ LED display, and the edges are all flat hexagons.

The curved connection components are suitable for some corners and strange edges, such as DJ horn screens, DJ owl screens, etc.

connection component


Pixel pitch5mm
Density of pixel40000 dots/㎡
LED SizeSMD2121
Pixel configuration1R1G1B
Best viewing distance≥5m
Driving method1/16 scan
Refresh rate≥960Hz(Max 3840Hz)
IP gradeIP31
Max power consumption1200W/sqm
Avg power consumption700W/sqm
Input voltageDC5V
Storage temperature—40°C~65°C
Working temperature—20°C~55°C 
MTBF≥10,000 hours
Life span≥100,000hours
Control systemMooncell


Product Document


What are the characteristics of the bar stage magic DJ booth?
1. The appearance is grand, cool, fashionable, with various materials,

2. Support customized size design, which is an essential marketing tool for bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues

3. Can be matched with lights and sounds to create different visual effects

4. Wide range of uses, suitable for rental performances and interior decoration needs.

The bar stage magic DJ booth has won the love of many consumers over the years, leading the fashion trend and becoming the most common decoration item in bars.

The bar LED display adopts LED air box, put the LED display in the box. The interior of the LED air box is pasted with shockproof buffer material, which can effectively protect the display screen from impact, and the air box can be equipped with casters, which is relatively more flexible and convenient; and it can also be customized according to customer requirements. Therefore, the bar LED display is the first Put it in the LED air box, and then airlift it to the customer by plane.

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