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LED Background Screen

LED Background Screen

The LED background screen has a better integrated display effect and has the advantage of seamless splicing. The entire screen is very clear when displaying content, so it is very practical whether it is used for large live broadcast screens or stage backgrounds.

  • High refresh, no water ripples
  • Large screen can be spliced at will
  • Multiple device integration

170° Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle LED Background Screen Brings A Better Visual Experience

The LED background screen adopts SMD surface-mount packaging technology and can achieve an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170°. Other similar display devices can usually only reach 145°, and the viewing angle will not be affected when adding or removing LED modules.

From the perspective of the audience, such a high-definition and perfect visual experience is undoubtedly the most enjoyable.

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Stage Rental LED Wall

The rental LED wall spliced together by rental cabinets can play an important role in scenes such as stages and press conferences.

Virtual Production Led Wall Price

Virtual production LED walls can enable movie shooting, special effects production and other scenes to display more realistic pictures.

LED Video Wall Panel

LED video walls can display high-definition picture quality and are usually used indoors.

Transparent LED Wall

The transparent LED wall composed of transparent boxes can create a sense of fashion and technology.

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Introduction To The Characteristics Of LED Background Screen

Refresh Icon
High Refresh

Since the LED background screen needs to meet the requirements of mobile phone shooting, the material selected must be able to reach 3840Hz so that water ripples will not appear in the shot.

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Device Integration

The LED background screen can be integrated with live broadcast equipment, stage equipment, monitoring equipment and other systems to display a variety of different images.

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Seamless Splicing

The LED background screen can be seamlessly spliced according to the actual area. There is no problem whether it is increased or decreased. The flexibility is very strong.

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Easy to Disassemble

Like other rental displays, the LED background screen is also spliced using die-cast aluminum cabinets. This kind of cabinet is very convenient when disassembling and moving.

LED Background Screen Enhances Picture Reality

With the rise of the live broadcast industry, there are more and more background requirements for live broadcasts. Although there are some live broadcast software that can generate virtual backgrounds, they cannot achieve good results because the virtual backgrounds are not realistic enough.

The emergence of LED background screen has changed this situation. It integrates the characters and the background through highly clear pictures, with a stronger sense of reality and better effects.

Live Speech Via LED Background Display
An LED Background Display Is Used On Stage

Designing Background Themes is Easier and More Convenient

Due to the flexibility and ease of operation of the LED background screen, it will be more convenient when designing and changing theme backgrounds.

For example, if it is a game live broadcast, we can choose background images or animations related to the game; if it is an educational live broadcast, we can choose images or text content that matches the educational theme.

When the background content of the LED background screen is consistent with the theme of the live broadcast, it can better attract the audience’s attention.

Application And Changes of LED Background Screen

Application Of LED Background Screen On Indoor Stage

In the past, traditional lighting effects were mostly just pure illumination. Even if dozens of different lights were placed, it would only achieve a brighter effect when shooting, without bringing about a certain improvement in quality.

Application Of LED Background Screen On Stage

When light from different angles enters the camera’s composition, the lighting engineer improves the design concept of the stage background. They can balance the brightness and color of the main character and the luminous background.

Application Of LED Background Screen On Indoor Stages

The lighting design requires a balance of brightness between the main character and the LED background screen. After all, the image clarity presented by a TV screen does not depend on how bright the entire screen is. The key lies in the use of appropriate light and dark contrast and corresponding light properties.

Application Of LED Background Display On Stage

Since the addition of LED background screen, with the support of various lights, the stage can show ever-changing effects. This effect cannot be achieved by a separate light or a separate display.

Application Scenarios of LED Background Screen

Led Screen Backdrop Design

Because the stage often needs to switch the background according to the form of the performance, the stage is a common scene for LED background screens. Cooperate with the performance program to achieve the best performance effect.

Concert LED Background Screen

Mainly aimed at planning companies that often organize weddings. They usually need to match the background according to the form and content of the wedding to capture the best pictures.

Video Display For Churches

Churches often need to match the entire environment and display some pictures and information related to believers. The LED background screen can just meet this requirement very well and set off the entire environment.

Led Backdrop Screen Price
Excellent Background, Switch at will

The LED background screen can import materials according to your own preferences and play various backgrounds.

  • “The LED background screen is a very pleasant display. The main thing is that it is very simple to switch the background. I can operate it on my mobile phone.”

    Judy Bob
  • “I think the effect of using the LED background screen as a background for shooting is very realistic, so now I can’t live without it.”

    Valerie DuBois
  • “I bought a low-resolution LED background screen before, which caused water ripples in the photos I took. But I didn’t have this problem until I bought a JYLED LED background screen. It’s great!”

    Anna Walton
What is the maximum resolution supported by LED background screen?

The LED background screen produced by JYLED is usually 3840Hz, 4K resolution, and the highest resolution can reach 7680hz, 8K resolution.

Can LED background screen be used outdoors?

If there are no special instructions, LED background screens are usually not waterproof. If you need to use it outdoors, you should communicate with us in advance.

Can the LED background screen be moved to other places for use?

Yes, the LED background screen uses a rental cabinet, which can be easily disassembled and then moved to other places for use through the flight case.

What interfaces does the LED background screen support?

The LED background screen supports common DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, USB, etc. If you need to connect some different interfaces, such as type-c, you can contact us for customization.

What packaging is usually used for LED background screens?

If you choose to rent an LED background screen in a box, it will generally be packed and transported in a flight case. If you choose an iron cabinet LED background screen, then wooden cases will be used for packaging and transportation.

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