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outdoor fixed LED display

Outdoor LED Display

With outdoor LED display, you can always ensure that your information stays bright outdoors. No matter what your outdoor scene is, we can find the most suitable outdoor LED display solution for you.

Our outdoor LED displays have a good level of protection and are sufficient to deal with various problems that arise outdoors.

  • Outdoor LED models of P3.91, P4.81, P6, P8, P10, P16 and P20 are available
  • Brightness from 5000 to 10000 nits
  • IP65-IP67 waterproof rating
  • Maintenance is accessible from both front and back

Rugged High Quality Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display uses flexible modular splicing, which can not only seamlessly splice high-brightness, high-definition picture displays, but also ensure long-term stable operation of the display.

At the beginning of the design of the product, various problems that may be encountered during outdoor use, such as sunlight exposure, extreme cold weather, etc., are taken into consideration. The high-performance product quality is sufficient to meet any outdoor scene.

Various Outdoor LED Display Series

Outdoor Fixed LED Display

It is suitable for products with long-term fixed display, such as outdoor billboards, community bulletin boards, etc.

P6 Outdoor LED Display

It can create LED displays of various shapes, which can achieve very attractive effects when placed outdoors.

Hockey Games LED Perimeter Boards

This is an outdoor LED display used in stadiums, which can better match the sports scene to achieve the best effect.

Outdoor LED Rental Display

The outdoor LED display cabinet it uses is made of die-cast aluminum, which is lighter than iron.

Outdoor 3D LED Display

It is mainly installed in some large shopping malls and can display a variety of surprising 3D dynamic effects.

outdoor LED scrolling sign
Outdoor Scrolling LED Display

Outdoor scrolling LED displays are suitable for those who need to scroll to display text or pictures, and can scroll from left to right or bottom to top.

Outdoor Advertising Led Screen
Outdoor SMD LED Display

The outdoor SMD LED display is an outdoor product made using surface mount technology, which can make the displayed picture more high-definition when used outdoors.

Outdoor Transparent Led Display

The transparent LED display used outdoors can display the picture without affecting the surrounding background, so it is more technological and fashionable.

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Introduction to the characteristics of outdoor LED displays

waterproof icon
IP65 Waterproof

It has IP65 waterproof rating, which is enough to cope with outdoor heavy rain, sand and dust and other severe weather.

visual angle icon
Large Viewing Angle

The outdoor LED display has a large viewing angle of 170°, so you can see high-definition images from any angle.

light adjust icon
Hight Brightness

Different types of outdoor products can achieve different brightness. If you choose an outdoor dip LED display, the maximum brightness can reach 10,000nits.

customization icon

We can follow up the customer’s needs for special customization, matching the most reasonable and cost-effective method.

High Performance Protection Level

For advertisers, when playing outdoor advertisements, they often face rain, snow, fog and other weather conditions, which will interfere with the display effect of the screen and may affect electronic devices.

But don’t worry, outdoor advertising LED display uses high-performance protection-grade LED modules, and a waterproof ring is added to the module to further block the entry of rain and foreign objects, and can withstand various harsh outdoor weather.

Outdoor Waterproof Led Display
LED Cabinet Heat Dissipation Diagram

Double Cycle Heat Dissipation

The outdoor LED display cabinet uses a dual circulation system for heat dissipation, which can well solve the high temperature problem that occurs when outdoor displays are used outdoors.

Even if the outdoor temperature reaches more than 40 degrees, there is no problem when the outdoor display screen is running.

Cloud Server Content Update and Management

When there are many outdoor LED displays, it will be very troublesome to update them one by one. Therefore, each outdoor LED display has a built-in LED control system that can receive signals from the cloud.

The advantage of this is that we only need to set the instructions in the cloud to update the content of the screens that have received the signal in batches.

Cloud Server Content Update And Management
Outdoor LED Display Installation

Outdoor LED Display Installation Method

There are 5 main installation methods for outdoor LED displays, namely:

  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Column installation
  • Ground installation
  • Suspension installation
  • Vehicle-mounted installation

JYLED: Build the Best Outdoor LED Display

Interactive Floor LED Display Factory Led Module
Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer

As a professional outdoor LED display manufacturer, JYLED has an LED display production factory covering an area of more than 8,000 square meters, able to provide you with the best quality and the most affordable price.

Moreover, we allow you to customize various parameters of the outdoor LED display, whether it is the model, cabinet size, or screen splicing size, there is no problem. This is the customization capability of JYLED outdoor LED display manufacturers.

Outdoor LED display for Different Scene

Outdoor LED displays are being installed at the stadium

Outdoor LED display screen is an indispensable and important advertising medium for stadiums. They can be used for live broadcasting of events, scoring, advertising, etc.

An outdoor LED display on display at the shopping mall
Shopping Mall

Outdoor LED displays are suitable for use at the entrance of shopping malls, allowing people to see all promotional information in the mall from a long distance before entering the mall.

Traffic outdoor LED display

All traffic instructions on the road are inseparable from the traffic outdoor LED display. It can keep road condition information synchronized for a long time and convey the actual road conditions to car owners immediately.

outdoor large LED display
One-Stop Outdoor LED Display Services

14+ Years of Experience. High Precision and OEM Design. Professional R&D Team. Competitive Price.

Outdoor LED Module Parameter

The outdoor LED display cabinet adopts standard size design and can be equipped with different types of outdoor LED modules, compatible with P2.5, P3.33, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10.

Pixel Pitch(mm)P2.5P3.33P4P5P6.67P8P10
LED EncapsulationKinglightKinglightKinglightKinglightKinglightKinglightKinglight
LED TypeSMD 1415SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 2525SMD 2727SMD 3535SMD 3535
Cabinet Size (W x H, mm)960*960960*960960*960960*960960*960960*960960*960
Control SystemNovstarNovstarNovstarNovstarNovstarNovstarNovstar
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/m2)5500550055005500550055005500
Viewing Angle140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140120 * 70
Contrast Ratio2000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 11000 : 1
Power Consumption (Avg.)(Watts/Tile)300300300300300350350
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920192019201920192019201920
Driving ICICN2028sICN2038sICN2027ICN2027ICN2027ICN2027ICN2027
Protection (IP) RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Cabinet TypeSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Data Processing14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit
Power Supply(300w)ChuanglianChuanglianChuanglianChuanglianChuanglianChuanglianChuanglian
How Does the Outdoor LED Display Reach 3840Hz?

Generally, the regular refresh is 1920Hz. If you want to reach 3840Hz, you can reach 3840Hz by replacing the higher IC.

How to Achieve 4K Resolution for Outdoor LED Display?

The resolution of outdoor LED display is related to the dot pitch of the screen. The smaller the pixel pitch, the smaller the LED screen. The larger the pixel pitch, the larger the LED screen. If you want to achieve 4K resolution, the screen area must be more than 160 square meters.

How to Build Outdoor LED Display?

We have a professional technical team that can provide on-site construction and remote guidance.

What brightness can different outdoor LED modules achieve?

Brightness Differences:

  • 2mm has a brightness of 4000cd/㎡.
  • 3mm,3.91mm,4mm,4.81mm,5mm has a brightness of 5500cd/㎡
  • 6mm has a brightness of 5700cd/㎡
  • 8mm and 10mm has a brightness of 6000cd/㎡
  • 16mm and 20mm has a brightness of 10000cd/㎡
How long is the life of the outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED display can usually run for 7–8 years, and some customers have used 13 years, and there are still no problems.

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