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Outdoor 3D LED Display Advertising Picture
Outdoor 3D LED Display

Outdoor 3D LED display shows stunning and wonderful 3D special effects!

  • Indoor 3D LED Display Structure Analysis
  • Indoor 3D LED Display Structure Analysis

Outdoor 3D LED Display Introduction

Outdoor 3D LED display is a high-brightness LED display specially designed for outdoor environments, with the ability to present three-dimensional effects. It combines 3D technology and LED display technology to provide eye-catching visual experience for scenes such as outdoor advertising, outdoor entertainment and outdoor activities.

Cabinet Presentation

Through flexible installation methods, we can easily splicing outdoor curved LED modules into a outdoor  3D LED display

Moreover, the arc of the outdoor arc LED module can be adjusted according to the time and needs, so that it can be perfectly integrated with the building.Below is an assembly example.

Outdoor 3D LED Display Screen Basic Project Parameters
Panel Pixels:P2.5/P3/P4/P5/P6/P8/P10
Module Size:Any Custom
Cabinet Size:Custom
Refresh Rate:≥3840HZ
Protection Class:IP67
Gray Level:4096
Product features:
3D  Outdoor Advertising Screen>

Compared with traditional display devices, the advantages of outdoor 3D LED displays are obvious. With its strong visual impact, outdoor 3D LED displays have brought a qualitative leap to the display industry’s past tired situation.

It not only further enhances the city’s image, but also greatly improves the advertising communication effect. In summary, it has the following three advantages.

3D LED Display In Chongqing China
3D LED Display In Chongqing China

Advantages of outdoor 3D LED display:

3D effect

The outdoor 3D display screen allows you to view three-dimensional images without the need for auxiliary equipment such as 3D glasses. It is an innovative and cutting-edge high-tech technology in the imaging industry.

Full of sense of technology

It uses the shape of the screen and the border effect to create the feeling of a three-dimensional scene and create a unique visual expression. Not only can it bring users a visually impactful experience, but it can also serve as a special advertising and marketing promotion.

Information conveyed accurately

Visual effects are one of the display features of outdoor 3D displays, and the information transmission effect can firmly capture the user’s vision through novel and unique screen displays.

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