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The best way to create a solid business presence, that can be ingrained in people’s mind, is through advertising.

Indoor LED screens can become the best tool for your advertising strategy, as they can make an impressive element inside your store. LED screens are pretty versatile and can be relocated anywhere easily. Indoor LED screens are a great inversion for advertising, promotional and decorative purposes.

The high-definition LED display shows a picture of a leaf

High-Quality Indoor Fixed LED Display FOR Your Business​

LED screens placed inside stores and windows displays are intended to be watched from shorter distances, so it’s better to use a small pixel pitch and higher resolution.

However, it’s important to consider that for each screen size, there is a corresponding pixel pitch. This criteria is fundamental when choosing an indoor LED screen. Buying a screen with smaller than recommended pixel pitch, without taking into account any other parameters, can result in a excessively expensive advertising screen that couldn’t meet your needs or expectations.

The high-definition LED screen plays a picture of a beautiful woman walking
An indoor LED display in the hallway plays the beautiful river
The indoor LED display displays a vivid image of flowers
The LED display mounted on the HD screen plays the jade screen
A high-definition indoor LED display shows boiled hairy crabs
A video of a bright red pot of dried chili peppers is playing on a high-definition indoor display on the wall

Introduction of full-color LED display in indoor meeting room

The full-color LED display has been installed and debugged and delivered to use. This screen adopts high brush, low gray, restores real colors and displays high-fidelity pictures. The screen itself is completed with an embedded integrated design style, which is completely integrated with the original decoration style of the hotel banquet hall! Perfect, three-dimensional display of LED people’s serious work attitude. At the same time, it has also been unanimously recognized and highly praised by the hotel. We will work harder to make every piece of full-color LED display to give back and support our friends from all walks of life.

The 160° wide viewing angle of the high-definition LED display is consistent with the height of each luminous tube, and has a large horizontal and vertical viewing angle, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height differences;

Indoor LED display screen is made of surface mount 1515 black light with gold wire and copper bracket, the viewing angle can reach more than 160°, the basic surface of the mask is lower than the light-emitting surface of the lamp tube, to achieve full angle without shadows, and the display effect of multi-directional viewing is consistent;

The singers on the stage are also singing hard to match the exquisite pictures on the rental display

Non-linear correction technology for indoor full-color display, with fine and clear image effects, vivid and diverse animation effects, smooth and realistic video effects;

There are many assembling methods for the display screen. Customers can DIY the unit board into the whole screen at will, or it can be matched with a 480*480 die-cast aluminum cabinet for the whole screen.

The unique treatment of strong antistatic of full-color LED display is also an important technology that Deli display has always been stable to other display displays. Adopting modular design technology, the reliability and stability are higher.

The stage is testing the effect of the stage display

How to choose the right indoor led display model?

The model of led display is expressed by p. The smaller the model, the smaller the dot pitch, and the clearer the picture. At the same time, LED display screens are also divided into indoor and outdoor use. What is the appropriate p for indoor display screens?

What p is used for indoor display? First of all, we have to affirm that one of the advantages of LED displays is ultra-high brightness, and if used indoors, the brightness should not be too high. High brightness can easily cause visual fatigue and eye damage.

LED display screens have one thing in common: the smaller the dot pitch, the lower the relative brightness. This is because the dot pitch increases, and the more IC-controlled lamp beads cause the brightness to decrease. Therefore, the LED display used indoors, the more the dot pitch Smaller, the better the look and feel.

The stage is testing the effect of the stage display

However, the price of an LED display is directly linked to the dot pitch. The smaller the dot pitch, the clearer the picture, the less grainy, and the higher the price.

So when choosing an indoor led display, don’t blindly pursue ultra-small spacing, just suitable for environmental use.

The screen shows a bird standing on a branch
Scene changes to a group of antelope

Installation method of indoor LED display

Indoor led display screens are generally installed on the wall. This installation method is generally installed by magnetic suction. What is magnetic installation is that the back of the led display module adopts a fixed magnetic column to be adsorbed on the steel wall structure. In order to achieve a fixed effect, the led sky curtain sometimes uses this fixing method.

The advantages of this fixed installation method:

1 Magnetic front maintenance, led electronic display is front maintenance, easy to maintain, and the whole screen is thin and beautiful.

2 There is no need to make a cabinet, which saves the cost of the led display.

What are the most commonly used indoor fixed screen steps? LED display manufacturers will explain in detail

The first step: making the steel structure

Make the steel structure according to the steel structure drawing and fix it on the wall. The two vertical bars must be parallel, and the distance between the middle points of the two vertical bars must be the module size, and the deviation should not exceed 1mm.

Step 2: Calculate the number of magnetic module power supplies, receiving cards, etc., and draw a layout diagram

Installation method of indoor high-definition display screen
Installation method of indoor high-definition display screen
Installation method of indoor high-definition display screen


First, calculate the number of modules based on the length and width of the large screen, area and module model, such as: large screen length: 5.376 meters, height: 3.584 meters, using P4 modules, module length: 0.256 meters, height 0.128 meters, Long requirement: 5.376/0.256=21 modules, high requirement: 3.584/0.128=28 modules. The number of vertical back strips needs to add 1 to the length of the module, that is: 21+1=22, one power supply can carry 7 modules, so the power supply needs: 21*28/7=84 power supplies. Then calculate the number of receiving cards and sending cards.

Step 3: Fix the back strip, the receiving card, and the power supply

Fix the cut back strip at the installation position, and fix the power supply, receiving card and sending card, as shown in the figure below:

Step 4: Put the magnet on the module

Step 5: Put the module on the screen

As shown in the figure below: Put the screwed magnet module on the strip screen, because the strip screen is an iron strip after plated clamps, so it will not rust, and the magnet is magnetic, so the magnet can be attached to the back strip. Won’t fall. Before assembling the mold on the screen, you must first

Connect the power cord and the ribbon cable.

Step 6: After the installation is complete, light up the big screen

After installing all the modules to completion, connect the wires again, set the program, and you can use the big screen.

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