Cube LED display

Pixel Pitch: 2mm

LED cube display adopts magnetic front maintenance, which provides convenience, cost savings, and space efficiency for LED displays, while also improving reliability to better meet user requirements.

High definition LED cube display, suitable for advertising, events, exhibitions, and other scenarios. With its eye-catching image quality, vivid colors and creative design, it catches the viewer’s eyes and conveys the message effectively.

Modular design facilitates quick maintenance and also greatly reduces maintenance costs, customers only need to replace individual modules instead of the whole full color LED display.

The User-friendly control methods and rugged construction ensure excellent display results. Ideal for creating an impressive visual experience.



High resolution

The LED cube display boasts a high pixel density, delivering exceptional image quality and detailed visuals that capture viewers’ attention.


Ultra-thin design

With its slim profile, the LED cube display minimizes space requirements, making it suitable for various indoor environments and enhancing its visual appeal.


Bright and uniform display

Utilizing advanced LED technology, the display ensures bright, uniform, and vibrant visuals, providing viewers with the best possible visual experience.


Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

The display incorporates energy-efficient LED light sources and design, offering outstanding image quality while reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental sustainability.


High customization capability

The display can be customized based on clients’ requirements, including size, appearance, and installation method, catering to different venues and individualized needs to provide a unique display solution for advertising and events.


TitleIndoor LED cube display
Pixel Pitch2mm
Module Size320*160mm
Screen Size1280*1280mm
Screen Resolution640*640 dots
Pixel Density250000(dot/㎡)
Encapsulation TechnologySMD
InstallationWall Mount/Hanging Suspension/Floor Stand/Mobile Stand/etc.
Max. Power Consumption600w/m²
Average Power Consumption200w/m²
Cabinet Weight128kg/set
Cabinet MaterialIron
IP RateIP31
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Frame Change Frequency50/60Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle>140°
Vertical Viewing Angle>140°
Best Viewing Distance>2m
Input VoltageInput Voltage AC110V – AC220V
Module Max. Current6.0-7.5
Humidity-operatingHumidity-operating 10%~90%
Life Span≥100,000h


Product Document

The following lists some answers to questions about the cube LED display.

Table of Contents

What is an LED cube display?

An LED cube display is a three-dimensional display device constructed in the shape of a cube. It consists of multiple LED screens that can be individually controlled to display different images and videos or all display the same image and video allowing for dynamic patterns and effects.

What are the applications of LED cube displays?

LED cube displays are commonly used in advertising, indoor decoration, art performances, and more. They can display text, images, videos, and other content.

How does an LED cube display work?

LED cube displays generate patterns and effects by controlling the brightness of each individual LED light. LEDs are arranged based on their positions on each face of the cube, and by rapidly switching and adjusting the brightness of each LED, a three-dimensional effect is achieved.

How is the resolution of an LED cube display determined?

The resolution of an LED cube display is determined by the density and quantity of LEDs on each face. Higher density and more LEDs typically provide higher resolution and a clearer display.

How can you control the content displayed on an LED cube display?

LED cube displays are typically equipped with control systems and software that can be operated through computers/WIFI/Laptop/4G/USB etc..