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Huidu Software Download

Huidu Software Download


HDplayer Software Introduction

HDPlayer is Huidu’s dedicated LED debugging software. It can debug the video processor and the sending box synchronously and asynchronously, and can also set the parameters of the LED display. JYLED provides free software download and operation tutorials.

Click the picture on the left to play the video tutorial on debugging the HDPlay LED software and display.

Full Color Specification
HD-A4L Specification V1.0HD-A5L Specification V1.0HD-C16C Specification V1.0
HD-A3L SpecificationV1.0HD-A6 Specification V2.0HD-C36C SpecificationV0.1
HD-A5 SpecificationV2.0HD-A4 Specification V2.0HD-C16 SpecificationV1.0
HD-A3 SpecificationV4.0HD-B6 Specification V1.0HD-C36 SpecificationV0.1
HD-D16 SpecificationV1.0HD-D36 Specification V0.1HD-D05 SpecificationV2.0
HD-D06 SpecificationV2.0HD-T901 SpecificationV1.0HD-T901B SpecificationV1.0
HD-T902x1 SpecificationV1.0HD-T902x2 SpecificationV1.0HD-R512T Specification V1.1
HD-R512S SpecificationV2.0HD-R516T SpecificationV0.1HD-R508T SpecificationV0.1
HD-R612 SpecificationV0.1HD-R5S SpecificationV1.0HD-R320T SpecificationV0.1
HD-R500S Specification V1.0HD-R507T Specification V0.1HD-D15 SpecificationV1.2
HD-D35 SpecificationV0.1HD-A8 SpecificationV2.0HD-A7 SpecificationV2.0
HD-R712 SpecificationV1.0HD-A6L SpecificationV1.1HD-R716 Specificationv1.0
HD-R732 SpecificationV0.1HD-R708 SpecificationV0.1
Single Color Instruction Manual
HD-W00 SpecificationV7.0.2HD-W02 SpecificationV7.0.2HD-W03 SpecificationV7.0.2
HD-W04 SpecificationV4.2HD-W6B SpecificationV1.0HD-W60 SpecificationV1.1
HD-W62 SpecificationV1.0HD-W63 SpecificationV6.1.0HD-W64A SpecificationV6.0.1
HD-W66 SpecificationV3.0HD-U6A SpecificationV2.0HD-U6B SpecificationV2.0
HD-U60 SpecificationV2.0HD-U62 SpecificationV2.0HD-U63 SpecificationV2.0
HD-U64A SpecificationV6.0.1HD-E62 SpecificationV2.0HD-E63 SpecificationV2.0
HD-E64 SpecificationV2.0HD-WF1 SpecificationV0.1HD-WF2 SpecificationV6.1.1
HD-WF4 SpecificationV6.0.1HD-W0 SpecificationV1.0HD-W3 SpecificationV7.1.0
Video Processor Specification
HD-VP210A Specification V3.2HD-VP410A Specification V3.2
HD-VP620 SpecificationV2.1HD-VP820 SpecificationV2.1
HD-VP1220 SpecificationV1.0HD-VP1620 SpecificationV2.1
HD-VP1640 SpecificationV3.1HD-VP1240 SpecificationV3.1
HD-VP630 SpecificationV2.0HD-VP830 SpecificationV2.0
HD-VP210C SpecificationV1.1HD-VP410C SpecificationV1.1
HD-VP8000M SpecificationV1.2HD-VP1640A SpecificationV1.0
HD-VP1240A SpecificationV1.0HD-VP1680V SpecificationV1.0
LCD Controller Specification
HD-3288S Specification V1.1HD-M21 SpecificationV3.0
HD-40S Specification V2.1HD-M30 Specification V2.0
HD-M21B SpecificationV3.0HD-M30B SpecificationV1.0
HD-40B SpecificationV1.0HD-40M SpecificationV2.0
HD-972S Specification V1.0HD-3566S Specification V1.1
HD-3288B Specification V1.1HD-3568S Specification V1.1
HD-3566B SpecificationV1.1HD-3568B SpecificationV1.1
Accessories Specification
HD-S107 SpecificationV3.0HD-S208 Specification V2.0
HD-S108 SpecificationV2.1HD-Y1 SpecificationV1.0
HD-K524 SpecificationV1.0HD-S70 SpecificationV4.2
HD-S90 SpecificationV1.4
Media Server Specification
MS2000 SepcificationV1.0MS4000 SpecificationV1.0
MS4000Pro SpecificationV1.0MS8000 SpecificationV1.0
HDPlayer operating manualV3.6
Manual for HDSet softwareV2.0
Operation Instructions of LedArt (full color)V5.0
LED display information management platform instruction manualV5.1
LedArt Mobile Cloud Platform Operating InstructionsV5.0
HD Show Operating InstructionsV1.0
HD2020 Operating instructionV1.0
HD2018 Operation manualV1.0
Operation Instructions of LedArt (single dual color)V5.0
Simple operation instructions of LedArt liteV5.0
HD-VP1220 VP1620 Spec and User ManualV2.0
HD-VP620 VP820 Spec and User ManualV2.0
HD-VP410 Spec. and User ManualV2.0
HD-VP210 Spec. and User ManualV3.0
HDP903 User MenualV1.0
HDP902 Instruction manualV1.0
HDP703 HDP602 UserManualV1.2
HDP601 Operating MenualV1.0
HD-M20 Instruction ManualV1.0
LCD display information management platform instruction V1.0V1.0
LedArt Instruction Manual for LCD controllerV1.1
HD-VP1240&VP1640 Spec and User ManualV2.0User Manual for four windows all-in-one video processor HD-VP1240 and HD-VP1240

huidu large logo

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional display control system solution provider. Huidu Technology focuses on the research and development, production and sales of LED display control systems and LCD Android motherboards. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a double soft enterprise in Shenzhen and has won the honorary title of the top ten brands in the industry for 6 consecutive years.

Currently, the company has five core product lines, including asynchronous control systems, synchronous control systems, video processors, single and double color control cards, and LCD advertising machine Android motherboards. It also has the “Xiaohuiyun” platform and a variety of mobile and computer control software.

Huidu Technology always regards technology and innovation as the lifeline of the company’s development. The company pioneered single- and double-color U disk control cards, a full-color control system with no IP automatic connection, and the first batch of commercial Internet cloud management platforms. It is also the first in the industry to obtain Level 3 Internet Information Security certification protection.

After 12 years of development, Huidu Technology has 28 domestic offices and 17 overseas technical service outlets. The company’s products are sold to more than 102 countries and regions around the world, and the annual sales continue to grow at a growth rate of about 50%.

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