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LED Transparent Display
Transparent curtain wall, leads the trend! Transparent LED display, shows fashion and innovation!
LED Video Wall
Shocking and brilliant! LED video wall brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment!
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LED Display Manufacturer China

We are the top LED display manufacturer.

JYLED is a professional manufacturer and developer of LED display screens in Shenzhen, China since 2009.

We focus on providing indoor and outdoor rental LED screen, Fixed LED screen, HD LED screen, Transparent LED screen, flexible LED screen and creative LED screen.

After 14 years of development, we have established strong cooperative relationships with customers from different countries around the world. We are committed to providing customers with higher quality LED displays and pre-sales and after-sales services to achieve win-win cooperation.

Main Product

We continuously develop and update LED display products to keep up with the changing pace of AV technology.

Why Choose Us?

80000㎡ Factory Space
JYLED owns over 80000 square meters manufacturing factory, welcome to visit us anytme(including video meeting).
One-Stop Solution
We have a complete supply chain to provide you with one-stop service to solve all your pre-sales and after-sales problems.
Quality Guarantee
All LED display products produced by JYLED undergo strict aging and testing before leaving the factory.
24-hour Service
If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact us by email or phone. We will be on standby to solve the corresponding problems for you.
2 years warranty
After purchasing the product, you can enjoy considerate warranty service. We will provide professional solutions based on customer problems.
No Hidden Consumption
After the price of the product is quoted, it will be confirmed by the customer multiple times. This price is the final price and there are no hidden charges.
SMT Production line

LED Module Production

Fully automatic SMT high-speed machines and various machines can quickly and accurately complete the bonding of the lamp surface and the IC surface on the PCB, which can meet LED module production of different pixel pitches and sizes.

Testing and Calibration

Once LED module is completed, it undergoes rigorous testing and calibration procedures. This involves testing each individual LED module, checking for any defective pixels, and calibrating the color and brightness levels to ensure uniformity across the entire display.

Testing And Calibration

Customized LED Solutions

Outdoor Advertising Media

Outdoor advertising media is one of the most commonly used scenarios for LED displays, especially in shopping malls, airports, hotels and other places.

Sports LED Display

There are many LED display projects involved in the stadium, with different functions. There are LED scoreboards responsible for recording scores in real time, and fence LED displays specifically used to play advertisements, etc.

Commercial Organizations LED Display

Commercial solutions are mainly integrated with systems used in various scenarios, such as monitoring systems, conference playback systems, etc.

Retail Industry

Retail stores mainly use the wonderful display effects of LED displays to attract customers’ attention, thereby increasing the store’s customer flow.

Public Transportation

Public transportation solutions are similar to commercial display solutions in that they need to be integrated with other systems to update site information in real time and issue emergency notifications.

Education LED Display

Education LED displays are mainly used in lecture halls, auditoriums, lecture halls and other places to build smart campuses and help students learn better.

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Quick Quote
  • Our rental LED display has been used for more than 3 years and there has not been a single problem. The screen display is still normal now.

  • I would highly recommend JYLED, not only because of the quality, but the customer service they provide is very attentive, something no other company offers.

  • Through the small-pitch display products provided by JYLED, we can quickly update and display content, so that the advertisements displayed every day are different.

  • The advertising LED display was easy to use, and over the next year, the traffic brought through the advertising LED display tripled. It’s been over 5 years now and the LED display is still running very efficiently. here you go!

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