JYLED Features Introduce

Quick & Easy Setup

Simply connect LED Screen to any of any devices and immediately manage your content with LED software, and our professional team also can help you remote control and teach you how to do it.

Timer play

The led display screens is more flexible and effective to help you control and display the content you want, whether it is a high-quality video screen or a beautiful picture, it is not difficult for LED display.

Fast dissemination

Can broadcast any advertising information and promotional videos attract target customers and maximize profits. The commercial LED screen is the first choice for corporate publicity to achieve this goal.

No hidden consumption

From production through installation as well as ongoing customer and technical support, easily manage your digital LED screens with our simple pricing structure and no additional costs.

Choose Your Prouducts

If You’re Ready To Get LED Video Wall,We’d Love To Hear From You!

Here are some common application scenarios

3D LED Display

LED Light Pole Screen

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