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Pitch Side LED Advertising

Customize your own pitch side LED advertising display to increase your advertising exposure effect!

Pitch Side LED Advertising Display Is More Suitable for Football Venues Use

The pitch side LED advertising display is the LED display that focuses on football venues, so it can better fit the entire football venue. While perfectly displaying advertisements, it does not affect the lawn of the venue.

When designing other types of peripheral LED displays, the damage caused to the lawn by the LED display was not taken into consideration. The heavy cabinet would also damage the lawn while being supported on the ground.

Therefore, the stadium-side LED advertising display is specially optimized for the use scenario of the football field.

We Made the LED Display of the Pitch Side Advertising in Different Stadiums

Molineux Stadium Pitch Side LED Display
Molineux Stadium

Molineux Stadium is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide, and can accommodate 31,700 spectators. We used the P8 model pitch side LED advertising display to surround the entire court edge.

Bundesliga Stadium Screen
Bundesliga Stadium

The Bundesliga stadium uses a P10 pitch side LED advertising display with a usage area of 240 square meters. This screen is a professional LED stadium advertising screen solution.

230sqm German Pitch Screen

This is a new pitch side advertising LED display specially customized for the German League Heidenweim Football Club in the 2017-2018 season, with a usable area of 260.4 square meters.

The 199 Square Meter DE Series Was Unveiled At Wolfsburg Football Club In Germany
Wolfsburg Football Club

This is a 199-square-meter stadium LED display for Wolfsburg Football Club in Germany. The screen uses high-refresh IC, so the displayed picture is clearer and more stable.

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Pitch Side LED Advertising Display Feature Introduction

flexible icon
Flexible Adjustment

The pitch side LED advertising display can flexibly adjust the configuration that is most suitable for the stadium according to the size of the football venues.

Energy icon
Excellent Display

The pitch side LED advertising display has excellent display effects and can display commercial advertisements very well.

sphere icon
For Football Field Only

The pitch side LED advertising display is specially designed for football venues and perfectly fits the entire venue.

Airbox packing icon
Convenient Management

Considering that electronic equipment is prone to malfunction when exposed to the outside for a long time, we can use a flight case to store it when not in use, which makes it easier to manage.

Traditional Pitch Side Advertising is Difficult to Maintain and Prone to Errors

In the past, the perimeter of the stadium was a static advertisement, and every time an advertiser needed to place an advertisement, it had to be replaced manually. If the area of the venue was very large, the workload would naturally be very large.

If a worker accidentally misses a piece of content during the splicing process, it will be difficult to find it. The introduction of courtside advertising displays perfectly solves this problem.

China LED Perimeter Boards
Advertising LED Perimeter Boards

JYLED Pitch Side Advertising Updates Content to Save Time and Effort

The pitch side LED advertising display adopts intelligent screen display control, which will not cause abnormal screen display due to more or less spelling before and after.

Changing content is fast and convenient as you like. Under the same LAN, you can change the content using PC.

JYLED is a Professional Pitch Side LED Advertising Display Manufacturer

Digital LED Perimeter Boards
Digital Screen LED Perimeter Boards
Football Stadium Perimeter LED Display Board
Stadium Perimeter LED Display

JYLED has 14 years of experience in LED display production and has professional and skilled solutions for the customization of courtside advertising.

You only need to provide some basic parameters, and we can give you an answer that satisfies you based on the information you gave.

We always insist on customer first, and create more cost-effective products with high quality and considerate service.

When you purchase our products, you can enjoy a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support services, so that you can use the products we provide with confidence.

Detailed Description of Pitch Side LED Advertising Display

Different Angles Of The Pitch Side Advertising Display
Different Angles

The bracket of the pitch side LED advertising display can be flexibly adjusted. The picture on the left shows us the three common angles that the courtside LED display can be adjusted to.

Stadium Perimeter Highlighted Football Field LED Display
Standard Configuration

Like the peripheral LED displays, the pitch side LED advertising displays also contain rubber sleeves, brackets and flexible masks, which can prevent the screen from malfunctioning due to accidental impact of the ball.

Stadium LED Perimeter Board Advertising Screen
Structural Similitude

The internal structure of the pitch side LED advertising display cabinet is similar to that of the rental LED display cabinet. The only difference is that the cabinet of the pitch side LED advertising display generally does not have a built-in fan.

China LED Hoarding Manufacturer Jyled
JYLED has Always Maintained Consistent Quality for 14 Years, Bringing You the Best Products!
Recommended Models
Module size(mm)320×160320×160320×160
Module resolution (dot)64×3248×2440×20
InstallationBack Support
Cabinet size(mm)960×960960×960960×960
Max. Power Consumption(W)1000
Average Power Consumption(W)500
Cabinet weight (kg)Outdoor: 50kg
Cabinet materialIron/Die-cast aluminum
IP rateIP65
Refresh rate(hz)1920-3840
Frame change frequency50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°
Best viewing distance>5m>6.6m>8m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current5.5-7.55.5-7.55.5-7.0
Life span (H)≥100,000
  • “Using the pitch side LED advertising display has saved me a lot of time. It might have taken 3 days to change the ads, but now I only need to connect to Wi-Fi, and the ads can be changed in less than 10 minutes.”



    Troy Addison
  • “The use of pitch side LED advertising displays can make people remember the advertisement, which maximizes brand exposure.”

    Grover Lowell
  • “I actually didn’t distinguish the difference between this and the perimeter LED displays, but I felt that this kind of display specially designed for the stadium should be better, so I bought this product specially.”

    Joan Tours
What is the difference between perimeter LED displays and pitch side LED advertising displays?

Although both are used for advertising display in venues, the pitch side LED advertising display is specially optimized for football venues and can exert a stronger effect in football venues.

What cabinet is used for the pitch side LED advertising display?

In order to facilitate management and transportation, pitch side LED advertising displays generally use rental cabinets. This kind of cabinet is easy to disassemble and move, and it is also the most commonly used cabinet on the stage.

Can I customize the cabinet in other materials?

Yes, all information on the pitch side LED advertising display can be customized. We will finally choose the appropriate packaging and transportation method based on the finished cabinet.

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