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Airport LED Display

Public Transportation LED Display

Large-screen traffic LED display provides visual enjoyment and flight information is clear at a glance.

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High Resolution icon
High Definition

The public transportation LED display adopts high-quality IC to make the displayed picture have extremely high resolution, which can provide  passengers with clear and realistic visual effects.

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Brightness Adjustment

The public transportation LED display has a brightness adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the brightness under different light environments, thereby clearly displaying information and providing a good visual experience for passengers and travelers.

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Good Stability

Through careful design and strict testing, the public transportation LED display has good stability and can run efficiently for a long time.

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Flexible Size

The traffic LED display can be adjusted according to the required size so that it can adapt to different scenes and spaces and provide the best information display effect for passengers and travelers.

JYLED, the Leader in Public Transportation LED Display Solutions

Outdoor Traffic LED Display
HD LED Display For Use In Subway Stations

JYLED’s large LED screens can be customized according to your desired needs, making the information display effect more vivid, and catching the audience’s attention.

Due to long-term experience accumulation, we already have a variety of one-stop solutions for traffic LED displays, which can integrate all the equipment, software and installation you need to solve your problems.

HD LED Display For Airport Corridors
Installation Operation

Traffic LED displays are available for outdoor and indoor use. Although the two types are different, no matter which type you choose, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions as much as possible to ensure that customers can perfectly install the purchased LED display products.

Airports Use LED Screens To Display Flight Information
Device Integration

LED displays used in public transportation usually involve equipment integration issues, but you don’t need to worry. JYLED’s technical team is ready to help you with any problems you encounter. When you encounter problems on the screen display, we will guide you through every step by phone or remotely.

LED Display for Public Transportation

Destination Description
Station Information Release

Platform is one of the common applications of public transportation LED display. It can send data through the background and update platform information in real time. The most common ones are bus stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, etc.

Bus Destination Displays
Public Transportation Information

Integration with buses, taxis and other means of transportation is also a common application of public transportation LED displays. Different installation positions have different functions.

For example, the interior of a bus mainly displays the distance between platforms and reminds passengers of the arrival time of the next stop.

Destination Displays
Station Advertising Display

In addition to publishing transportation itinerary information on the platform, the public transportation LED display screen also has another function of playing advertisements. Usually a larger billboard is placed next to the platform to play advertisements.

Airport LED Screen
Customize Your Dedicated Public Transportation LED Display!

Benefits of LED displays for public transportation situations

Among the related applications of LED displays, distributing traffic information to drivers, passengers or travelers is a very important area. In daily life, it can be seen in some common places, such as road traffic control, parking information prompts, airports, high-speed rail station flight displays and other public transportation occasions.

From the applications in these occasions, it can be seen that LED displays have brought great convenience to public transportation. Next, let’s take a look at the functions of LED displays used in public transportation.

Traffic LED Display On The Highway
Traffic LED Display on the Highway

The role of public transportation LED displays

  1.  Link with the traffic information release system to monitor in real time the display and recording of various violation information of vehicles operating within its jurisdiction.
  2. Traffic LED displays placed on highways can provide drivers with current road condition information, such as warning signs such as construction ahead, car accident locations, strong winds, dense fog, etc.;
  3. The traffic LED display in the bus can not only provide route information to passengers but also play advertisements to enhance the brand awareness of advertisements;
  4. Integrated with the flight information release system of airports and high-speed rail stations, it can display the itinerary dynamics of airports and high-speed rails in real time, allowing passengers to clearly understand their itinerary arrangements through the large LED screen;
Traffic LED Display Used In Airports
Traffic LED Display Used in Airports

Features of public transportation LED display solutions

Digital transmission based on IP network:

Use the network for digital transmission, and distribute the programs and tasks produced by the control center to various display terminals. Remote control and terminal management can be achieved through the network. ​

Support various file formats on the market:

It can support a variety of formats. The file formats can be pictures such as BMP/JPG/GIF, or video formats such as MPG2, MPEG4, AVI, ASF, etc., and can also realize live broadcast of online videos. and on-demand functionality. ​​

Achieve accurate and real-time information playback:

After editing the task list and program list in the control center, distribute the task list and program list to the designated display terminal equipment through the network, and the display terminal will proceed in sequence according to the edited program list.

Powerful terminal control and monitoring functions:

It can effectively manage all display terminal devices, including power management, IP management, time correction management, display terminal group management, etc.

It can control the display terminal to turn on and off to achieve power management and realize unattended broadcast of the broadcast server. The control center host can broadcast the program of any network controller at any time for real-time monitoring. ​

Emergency interruption notification:

The control center host can insert emergency notification to any network controller at any time. The network controller can continue to broadcast the original program after broadcasting the emergency program.

Simple System maintenance

All network controllers are produced by using industrial-grade product technology. The client is free of software maintenance, and the system software can be managed and maintained through the control center.

Easy to operate

It is easy to operate. It is the same as operating general office software. It does not require professional production personnel and maintenance personnel. It only requires personnel with a little computer knowledge. After a few days of training, the system can be operated and maintained.

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