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Outdoor P8 LED Billboard

LED Billboard

LED billboard is an emerging dynamic information dissemination system that can integrate various systems to realize functions such as playing commercial advertisements, publishing financial and entertainment news, and conveying emergency notifications.
At the same time, LED billboards also serve as comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions. They provide a super clear and bright large screen to display advertisements, delivering maximum visual impact through clear and vivid display effects.

Collaborating with JYLED ensures high-quality products and continuous service

JYLED is a leading China LED billboard sign manufacturer in the industry. For 14 years, we have consistently used the highest quality materials and components to earn the trust of customers worldwide.
By partnering with JYLED, you not only get high-quality billboards at lower prices but also gain a technical partner in the LED display industry. If you encounter any issues with LED display projects, you can immediately contact us, and we will provide you with the best assistance.

Related products of LED billboards

Curved LED Billboard

Constructed with flexible LED modules, these billboards can be creatively curved to form more imaginative LED displays.

3D Digital Billboard

Equipped with a 3D parser, these billboards can display immersive 3D visuals using specially crafted 3D materials, delivering stunning visual effects.

LED Video Billboard

LED video billboards can play video alone or simultaneously, which is very suitable for use as a promotional sign at the gate of a stadium or casino.

Indoor LED Billboard

Utilizing smaller spaced LED modules for highly realistic and high-definition advertising suitable for closer viewing distances.

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Mobile billboards: Display digital information anytime, anywhere, without venue limitations

While large fixed LED billboards provide excellent display effects in many scenarios, there are places with smaller obstacles such as buildings that may not be effectively covered.

Mobile LED billboards, using vehicles as carriers, can effectively maximize advertisement dissemination due to their flexibility.

Truck LED display

Trucks converted into LED billboards capable of displaying advertisements. Customizable sizes are available based on truck dimensions.

LED Billboard Trailer
LED Billboard Trailer

Unlike truck LED billboards,LED billboard trailers cannot move directly and require towing by other vehicles.

LED Car Billboards

LED billboards placed inside or on top of taxis or buses. They continuously display advertisements as the vehicles move.

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JYLED LED Billboard Introduction of Advantages

customization icon

We can customize the dot spacing, size and color of the display according to the customer’s usage scenario. If customers need it, they can also print their logo and brand.

Multiple shapes icon
Reliable Quality

The LED lamp beads inside the LED billboard use high-quality chips and can operate stably for more than 100,000 hours at temperatures of -20-70°.

Eye Icon
Eyes Attention

Regardless of whether the installation height is 10 meters or 50 meters, high-definition picture display can be achieved, catching more attention of customers.

Active Icon
Fully Sealed

The exterior is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint in a fully sealed cabinet, which can achieve good windproof and dustproof effects, thereby resisting harsh outdoor weather and ensuring long-term outdoor use.

Customized solutions: Choose the most suitable LED billboard

We offer advertisers a variety of LED billboard sizes, ranging from 2mm to 16mm, with viewing distances from 2 to 50 meters, allowing clients to freely choose the appropriate size and viewing distance.

We also have over 800 LED billboard cases from different countries and regions for your reference and selection, ensuring you’ll find the most suitable solution.

Choose The Most Suitable LED Billboard
From Ordering To Installation, No Need To Worry

From ordering to installation, no need to worry

From installation to integration, we have dozens of excellent construction engineers ready to provide continuous service support for your purchased digital LED billboards, ensuring the smooth setup and operation of the entire project.

If you encounter any issues during use, you can contact us anytime, and we will provide you with the best service immediately, eliminating any worries throughout the process.

Advantages of LED billboards over traditional billboards

LED billboards offer several advantages over traditional billboards. Firstly, LED electronic billboard displays can be remotely controlled and programmed via methods like 4G and WiFi, allowing for remote management of images, text, and videos.

Secondly, while traditional billboards may have lower initial costs, changing displayed advertisements later on can become cumbersome and difficult. Additionally, traditional billboards often use plastic film for painting, which has weak corrosion resistance and is prone to fading under sunlight. LED billboards do not suffer from these issues.

LED billboards use durable metal materials externally and are sealed with waterproof rings internally, effectively preventing water and dust from entering the screen. These advantages demonstrate that LED billboards are more convenient and durable than traditional billboards.

Advantages Of LED Billboards Over Traditional Billboards

How to install outdoor LED billboards?

Install Outdoor LED Billboards
LED Billboard Installation Optional

LED billboards come in indoor and outdoor varieties, with outdoor billboards typically larger and more complex to install. Here’s an overview of the installation process for large outdoor LED billboards:

Site survey

Detailed planning based on temperature, humidity, terrain, and topography ensures smooth installation. Specialized construction personnel must be employed to ensure stability and safety during installation.

Structure assembly

Different installation methods require different welding techniques for steel structures. Regardless of the method chosen, careful inspection is necessary to ensure the steel structure can withstand various risks.

Screen installation

Mounting the LED billboard screen onto the steel structure is followed by checking the display from different angles to ensure uniform brightness and clear image quality.

Testing and usage

Powering on the LED billboard allows for checking the effects quickly to identify any issues. Troubleshooting for any abnormal displays can be done using LED control software to ensure all effects are presented correctly.

LED Billboards Promote Advertising Business Growth

Digital Billboard LED Billboard Displays

With the development of intelligence and the increasing demand for user experience, more and more LED billboards equipped with commercial displays are appearing in cities, allowing people to experience a unique smart life with a new form of media communication.

Outdoor Digital Billboards

With the blessing of large outdoor LED billboards, the advertising effect displayed will be maximized and reach an unprecedented new height. LED billboards help advertisers achieve a simpler way to advertise, and greatly improve the user experience.

LED Electronic Billboards
Product Shopping Guide

LED billboards not only enable a simpler advertising method, but also greatly improve the user experience.

Outdoor LED Signs
Real-Time Information Delivery

The use of LED billboards can not only deepen the brand impression, but also convey the brand’s marketing content. It can also be connected to relevant systems to update information content timely.

LED Billboards for Different Scene

An Outdoor Billboard On The Highway

Highways not only have many vehicles, but are also the only way to connect various regions. Erecting LED billboards on the roadside can convey advertisements to people traveling to and from various areas.

A Large LED Billboard Erected In The Factory

Factories are generally built in sparsely populated areas. You can find a place where you must pass by and erect a huge LED billboard, so that people who come to visit and inspect can learn about the factory for the first time.

LED Billboards Installed On The Building

Outdoor large-screen advertising can only use outdoor LED billboards or outdoor LED displays, not only because the cost is lower than other display devices, but more importantly, the LED series products support unlimited splicing, no matter how high the building is or how large the area is. All can achieve unlimited splicing.

P8 Outdoor LED Billboard
JYLED LED Billboard Overall Solution Provider

JYLED provides customers with professional LED billboard customization services, we can meet your needs!

Pixel Pitch4mm5mm8mm10mm
Pixel Density62500dot/㎡40000dot/㎡15625dot/㎡10000dot/㎡
Color ConfigurationSMD 3in1 1R1G1B
Module Size320 x 160mm
Module Resolution80 × 40dots64 x 32dots40 x 20dots32 × 16dots
Cabinet Size640mm x 640mm/960mm x 960mm or customized
Driver Mode1/10 Scan1/8 Scan1/5 Scan1/2 Scan
Cabinet MaterialIron
Max Power Consumption1200W/㎡
Average Power Consumption400W/㎡
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Grey Level16Bit
CertificationsCE, ROHS, ISO9001
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
Screen Control MethodPC or Mobile Phone
IP RatingIP65
Input VoltageAC110V-220V,50Hz-60Hz
Life Span≥100,000 Hours
  • “After installation, the display effect of the LED billboard exceeded my expectations. The picture is so stunning. I believe it will definitely bring me very good advertising benefits”

    Malcolm Byrd
  • “Unexpectedly, after using LED billboards, my expenditure costs have dropped a lot. Because LED billboards can be replaced with advertising content only through mobile phones or computers, there is no need to manually disassemble and replace them.”

    Kian Gomez
  • “It has been more than a year since I purchased the LED billboard from JYLED and everything is running well. I have great trust in them and will purchase other projects in the future.”

    Princeton Richards
What size can LED billboards be made?

Since the LED display screen has unlimited splicing characteristics, as long as the budget is sufficient, it can be spliced regardless of the size.

What material is used for LED billboards?

LED billboards use LED iron cabinets to wrap LED modules. The outside of the iron cabinet is sprayed with an anti-corrosion coating to prevent the iron cabinet from rusting when used outdoors.

How much does an LED billboard cost?

Since LED billboards are customized products, there is no fixed price on the market. However, based on our previous LED billboard productions, prices typically range from $55,000 to $80,000. Larger and more complex LED billboards will incur higher costs.

How to make an LED billboard?

Making an LED billboard is complex due to the numerous internal components involved. Individuals typically rely on reliable LED billboard manufacturers. Provide the manufacturer with specifications such as size, viewing distance, and control system requirements, and they can quickly create a perfect LED billboard for you.

How do LED billboards work?

LED billboards contain many small LED beads. When the power switch is turned on, current flows through these beads, causing the entire screen to light up.

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