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Outdoor Curved Led Display Wall

Curved LED Display Wall

LED screens are essential equipment for outdoor advertising media, and we can often see them in various major places. Nowadays, compared with conventional LED screens,  curved LED display wall is more popular among people. The 3D screen that is popular on major social media is a type of outdoor curved LED display wall.

  • Stunning visual experience
  • High brightness
  • Good waterproof performance
  • Different models and sizes can be customized

Professional Curved LED Display Wall Manufacturer

Our curved LED display wall all use copper wire and copper brackets, which will have better conductivity and the screen will be more stable when working. However, many other manufacturers on the market often choose iron brackets in order to save costs. This kind of not only is the LED display unstable, it can also rust and cause screen failure after being used for a long time.

Related products of Curved LED Display Wall

Curved Led Display Wall 3D Led Screen

The 3d outdoor led display is the result of the combination of outdoor high-definition LED display and 3D materials. It can stimulate people’s eyeballs and bring them an immersive experience.

Curved Led Display Wall Curved Led

Compared with flat LED screen, curved LED displays can be customized into different shapes according to customer requirements to meet customer needs.

Curved Led Display Wall Curved LED Screen Panel

There are two types of curved LED screen panels: inner arc and outer arc. No matter which type, the current manufacturing technology is relatively mature. If you want to customize a curved LED screen panel, you need to provide arc data. It would be better if you can provide CAD drawings with relevant data.

Curved Led Display Wall Led Flexible Screen

LED flexible screens are commonly found in special-shaped screens, such as cylindrical screens, spherical screens, ring screens, streamer screens, etc. Most of the LED flexible screens on the market today are used indoors, and there are fewer models for outdoor use.

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Introduction to the advantages of curved LED display wall

Curved Led Display Wall Durable
Durable And Resistant To Low Temperature

Curved LED display wall is made of high-quality materials and is waterproof and dustproof, adaptable to extreme environments, and easy to maintain, thus greatly improving its durability. In order to adapt to some cold environments, special processing will be done on its power supply and other components.

Curved Led Display Wall Waterproof
All Aspects Waterproof

The front and rear modules of curved LED display wall will be painted with waterproof glue and waterproof rubber rings will be added. The Led cabinet will also be equipped with waterproof measures such as a back cover and water strips to provide comprehensive waterproof protection for the entire curved LED display wall.

Curved Led Display Wall High Brightness
High Brightness And High Contrast

The brightness of curved LED display wall can reach up to about 6000nits, and has a very high contrast. Even under strong sunlight, the content displayed on the screen can still be clearly seen.

Curved Led Display Wall Vivid Display
Vivid Display

Curved LED display wall can reach a refresh rate of 3840 or even higher, so the images seen by the audience will be more vivid and delicate, and almost no water ripples can be seen even if shot with a mobile phone.

How To Customize Your Own Curved LED Display Wall At JYLED?

If you need to customize your own curved LED display wall, you first need to determine the screen size, model, closest viewing distance, target arc size, and installation location. It would be better if there are pictures of the installation location or CAD drawings with accurate data. Depending on the specific project, we will confirm more details about the screen with you, and finally confirm with the engineer the most suitable solution for you.

Curved Led Display Wall Customize Outdoor Curved Screen
Curved Led Display Wall Difference

The Difference Between Curved LED Display Wall And Corner LED Display Wall

First of all, curved LED display wall can customize screens with different curvatures according to the installation location, while corner LED display wall is limited by the angle of the installation site to a certain extent. Secondly, the production process of curved LED display wall is more complicated than that of corner LED display wall, and the cost will be higher. Finally, when the angles are 90°, many customers feel that curved LED display wall will look better and smoother.

Installation Of Curved LED Display Wall

Curved Led Display Wall Wall Installation

Curved LED display wall is most commonly installed directly on the walls of various buildings. There are generally two methods: embedded in the wall and directly constructed on the wall.

Curved Led Display Wall Rooftop Installation

Because the floor is too high and curved LED display wall is electrified, if the general customer wants to install the screen on the roof, we will recommend that the customer install corresponding lightning protection facilities.

Curved Led Display Wall Column Installation

In places such as city centers, outdoors, and highways that have certain restrictions on curved LED display wall, column installation is the most common. Column installation is divided into single column, double column, and multiple columns.

Curved Led Display Wall Ground Installation

In some places with large spaces, people will choose to install curved LED display wall directly on the ground, which can greatly reduce labor and costs and make it easier to maintain.

Use Of Curved LED Display Wall

Curved Led Display Wall Advertising

Curved LED display wall is often used by major advertisers and counters to promote various products and activities to achieve a wide range of marketing effects.

Curved Led Display Wall New Product Release
New Product Release

In addition to daily publicity, a large number of businesses will choose curved LED display wall for new product launches, which can achieve the greatest publicity effect in the shortest time and increase product popularity and visibility.

Curved Led Display Wall Increase City Visibility
Increase City Visibility

With its novel design and realistic visual effects, curved LED display wall often easily becomes a famous landmark of a city, attracting people from all over the world to come and check in, thereby increasing the city’s popularity.

Curved Led Display Wall Outdoor Advertising
Curved LED Display Wall Experts Around You

JYLED has more than ten years of experience in the production and installation of curved LED display wall. It has professional production, sales and technical teams to provide you with the best curved LED display wall and all-round technical services.

  • The picture effect of this curved LED display wall is very good and clear.

  • Nancy’s service is really good, and the project is explained in detail and easy to understand.

  • The engineer was very responsible and professional and adjusted the screen very quickly.

Does the curved LED display wall have a cooling fan?

Yes. The power supply of the curved LED display wall has a cooling function, and a cooling fan is also installed on the back of each cabinet.

Does the curved LED display wall need to be equipped with air conditioning?

If the screen size is large and it is used outdoors, it is recommended to install an air conditioner to help dissipate heat, usually one per 20 sqm.

What is the waterproof rating of the outdoor curved LED display wall?


Is there a limit to the installation height of the curved LED display wall?


How long does it take to install a curved LED display wall?

The size of the screen, the number of installers and the installation location will all affect the specific installation time. After the project is determined, the engineer will give you a rough estimate of the time.

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