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3D LED Wall

In recent years, the term naked-eye 3D LED wall has gradually entered the public’s field of vision, and naked-eye 3D LED walls have also become popular and appear frequently, attracting the public’s attention with realistic and shocking visual effects.

  • Wide range of applications: advertising, games and entertainment, scientific research, industrial construction, and other fields.
  • Good development trend: With the continuous progress of technology, the development trend of 3D LED walls will be better and better.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: 3D LED wall consumes less power, saves energy, and lasts longer.
  • Ultra HD quality: 3D LED wall resolution is as low as 2K and as high as 8K.

What are the advantages of 3d LED wall produced by JYLED?

To improve the visual viewing effect of the 3D LED wall and achieve a higher contrast ratio, JYLED has deliberately improved the production process and used more advanced driver ICs and video decoding tools, which makes the 3D LED wall present clearer and smoother picture quality.

According to the green requirement of low carbon and environmental protection, the 3D LED wall produced by JYLED meets the industry’s top standards such as a lead-free process, conforms to the energy-saving certification standard, supports HDR picture quality, and can reach ultra-high-definition resolution, which is difficult for some other companies to achieve.

At the same time, to adapt to the development of the industry better and faster, JYLED has undergone many innovations and experiments by a professional team and finally achieved the best display effects such as seamless and smooth 3D LED walls with right-angle corners and 3D LED wall with smooth corners. This makes the LED displays produced by JYLED more competitive in the market.

Product categories related to 3D LED wall

Indoor 3d

Generally used in high-tech scenes such as meeting rooms, exhibition halls, movie theaters, and game halls. With the help of high-quality video material, you can present eye-catching stereoscopic 3D video content without VR glasses.

Outdoor 3d

Outdoor 3D LED displays generally do right-angle corners or smooth corners, combined with 3D video ads to give people a visual shock, to attract people to stop and watch, and become internet popular landmark for social media shot built in the city.

Transparent 3d

In recent years, more and more high-tech LED displays have been emerging. This is the latest product launched by JYLED. The transparent LED display is combined with 3D video material to create a three-dimensional visual effect, attracting the attention of the audience.

Immersive LED Display

This is a combination of LED display and AR and VR technology to create a 360° multi-sensory immersive viewing space, giving visitors an immersive feeling to achieve a total experience. It also makes the showroom more technological.

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What are the advantages of 3D LED wall?

Super Three Dimensional Stereoscopic Sense
Super three-dimensional stereoscopic sense

The use of the most advanced virtual three-dimensional stereoscopic processing technology, with customized 3D advertising video material, can let people without the help of any equipment, can bear eyes directly watch the three-dimensional stereoscopic effect of advertising video content.

Ultra High Definition
Ultra High Definition

3D LED wall produced by JYLED has a minimum resolution of 2K and can reach up to 8K, which looks as clear as HDTV. Even if the screen is installed on the top floor, people on the ground can see it very clearly with increased exposure.

Rich Color
Rich color

JYLED adopts the most advanced production technology, which makes the grayscale level of the module as high as 16 bits. In comparison, the grayscale level of the module produced by other companies is generally only 13 bits. Meanwhile, the contrast ratio of JYLED’s LED display is as high as 5000:1.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Energy saving and environmental protection

Using the latest materials and the most advanced technology to produce the screen in line with the energy-saving certification standards, to achieve high brightness at the same time to reduce the line and screen heating problems, and reduce power consumption. More than 50% energy saving than displays produced by other companies.

What are the other advantages of choosing JYLED?

JYLED has created the unique seamless corner splicing technology through years of dedicated research and testing by several professional production staff.

The birth of this technology can make 3D LED wall right angle corner and smooth corner display screen more complete three-dimensional, excellent high-definition video display effect makes the screen in the playback of advertising video in a three-dimensional sense is more intense, the picture is more realistic, in order to achieve better publicity effect.

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Persistence in technology development and innovation

As the number of naked-eye 3D LED walls grows rapidly, the JYLED professional production team always insists on technological innovation and strives to provide customers with higher-quality products and technical support.

With continuous technological innovation, JYLED production of 3D LED walls is also gradually growing in the LED display production industry.

What are the display principles of 3D LED wall?

Spectroscopic Method

The use of has the directionality through the left and right eyes wear polarizing filters, so that the left and right eyes into the image of the light is different, the output of the image is not the same, so as to achieve three-dimensional stereoscopic display effect.

Color Separation Method

The use of chromatic aberration 3D display principle so that the color separation glasses achieve the alternation and superposition of the viewing image, through the two eyes to watch a different image to achieve three-dimensional stereoscopic imaging.

Time Sharing Method

By alternating two sets of images in a very short period of time, thereby utilizing the visual ephemeral characteristics of both eyes and brain synthesis to form a continuous 3D animation.

Lenticular Method

According to the parallax barrier principle to make the image interactive arrangement, so that the viewer’s left and right eyes see different images, in order to realize the stereoscopic effect.

What types of 3D LED wall are there?

Flat 3d LED Wall
Flat 3D LED wall

This is the most common type of screen, moreover it can be installed on any flat wall indoors, such as in stations, showrooms and game halls.

Right Angle Curved 3d LED Wall
Right Angle Curved 3D LED Wall

Suitable for outdoor walls or roofs with corners for a wider viewing field.

Smooth Corner 3d LED Wall
Smooth Corner 3D LED wall

This is the latest 3D LED wall installation technology, smooth corner can give more perfect viewing experience, at the same time the price is also the highest in 3D LED wall.

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Most professional 3D LED wall manufacturers in China

In terms of 3D LED wall production, JYLED’s seamless corner splicing technology has always been far ahead of other LED display production companies, which can bring greater benefits to customers.

  • Excellent service, well packaged, and product as described, they worked with me through the entire setup process!

    Rudra Patel
  • They are very excellent, from me, they are recommended, they have a good image and definition and first-class customer service

    Cesar Cruz
  • Great quality, Great service, I really appreciate Nancy and JYLED company and highly recommend buying LED screens from JYLED

    Aaron Fischer
Is there a mounting height requirement for 3D LED wall?

No, no matter indoor or outdoor, 3D LED wall has no requirement for installation height, it can be installed on any wall or roof you need.

How do people see the 3D effect of the 3D LED wall?

It utilizes the parallax characteristics of the human eye, through special technology and image content, so that the viewer at a specific angle, without the use of other viewing equipment, sees the three-dimensional broadcast content.

What is the price of 3D LED wall?

As LED display is a customized product, different models and sizes will lead to different prices of LED display. Generally speaking, the price of regular 3D LED wall is about USD2000/sqm-USD10000/sqm.

What are the considerations for choosing a 3D LED wall?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a 3D display, such as size and resolution, brightness and contrast, control methods, vendor technical support and after-sales service.

How is 3D LED wall packed and shipped?

Generally speaking, JYLED uses high quality wooden box packaging to ensure that the screen is delivered to the customer intact. Customers choose to ship their display screens by sea or air according to the transportation time and cost.

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