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3D Billboard – The Ultimate Guide for Beginner and Expect


Advertisers have always been exploring new and interesting advertising forms, which play an extremely important role in shaping brand culture and improving product influence. With the improvement of technological level, 3D billboards have emerged, bringing a new visual and sensory experience to the audience.

As a manufacturer of 3D LED display billboards, I will explain to you the 3D billboard information I know, hoping it will be helpful to you.

What is 3D Billboard? Why is it so popular?

3D billboard is an outdoor advertisement with a three-dimensional experience. It makes the original ordinary picture have a sense of three-dimensionality and space, and the displayed picture is vivid, so that the viewer’s eyes are deeply attracted by it.

Based on my observations of 3D billboard cases at home and abroad, I think the main reasons why it is so popular among audiences are as follows:


As we all know, before the popularity of 3D billboards, there were no other outdoor 3D images in people’s eyes. The sudden appearance of 3D billboards brought people a great sense of freshness.


Before these large outdoor 3D billboards were manufactured, there were only a few projects of smaller indoor 3D displays. The emergence and application of large-scale outdoor 3D billboards is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough.

Artistic sense

3D billboards can play various specific 3D billboard model to achieve different artistic feelings.


Although there are many popular 3D billboards at home and abroad, there are only so many well-known 3D billboards. 

It is already very remarkable for a country to have one large-scale 3D project. This is mainly because large-scale 3D billboards are expensive to build, so the number of 3D billboards is far less than we imagined.

So, what are the unknown technologies behind this kind of 3D billboard that can bring people a special experience? Let’s discuss it together.

Explore the technology behind 3D billboards

Unraveling how 3D billboards work

In principle, the naked-eye 3D visual effect of 3D billboards is superimposed by the error effect of the human eye when viewing objects, combined with the principle of perspective, thus forming a unique sense of space and three-dimensionality.

When The Left And Right Eyes Look At An Object, The Vision Intersects And Overlaps
When The Left And Right Eyes Look At An Object, The Vision Intersects And Overlaps

Take the spaceship on Chunxi Road in Chengdu as an example. Almost all of them are composed of surfaces folded at 90° at different angles. The corner of the huge L-shaped screen is the best direction for naked-eye 3D viewing.

A 3D LED Display Shows A Spacecraft In Chengdu
A 3D LED Display Shows A Spacecraft In Chengdu China

Generally, the higher the definition of the LED screen (such as a 4K or 8K resolution screen) and the larger the area (hundreds or even thousands of square meters), the more realistic the naked-eye 3D perception it presents.

What types of 3D billboards are there?

There are usually many different types of 3D billboards, and we will sort them by price and explain them.

Static 3D billboard:

This method is the lowest cost and the most traditional form. It cannot play continuous pictures, but it still has a certain visual impact.

Animated 3D billboard:

After importing the designed animation materials, you can play continuous pictures or videos. This method is used by the most people and the effect achieved is very good.

Interactive 3D billboards:

This kind of billboard needs to be equipped with sensors inside so that people can have corresponding feedback when they take actions on it.

AR (augmented reality) 3D billboards: 

AR 3D billboards need to be used with AR equipment. Although they are expensive, they are not convenient and cannot be used without purchasing AR equipment. The only thing worthy of praise is that the feeling brought by this method is the most real and shocking, which is unmatched by several other methods.

How to design a 3D billboard

Before learning about designing 3D billboards, let’s first think about a question, that is, how to turn the 2D screen image into 3D.

In fact, the most important thing is the reference. By referring to the distance, size, shadow, and perspective relationship of the object, a flat picture can still produce a 3D effect. Just like in the picture below, through the layering of white lines, a 3D illusion is created using the eye’s parallax.

Use Composition Techniques To Create A Three Dimensional Sense Of Flat Pictures
Use Composition Techniques To Create A Three Dimensional Sense Of Flat Pictures

Take the 3D wave screen of SM Tower, which was the first in South Korea to hit the market, as an example. It uses the shadow of the background as a static 3D reference line to give the moving waves the feeling of breaking through the screen.

I visited several popular attractions that use 3D LED displays and found that they are all made of beveled curved screens. In other words, the display screen, which was originally a flat screen, was spliced using a beveled curved screen.

The oblique curved screen can easily achieve a 90° folding effect, which is very consistent with the perspective principle of video material.

The image displayed on the left screen is the left view, while the image displayed on the right screen is the main view. Through this misaligned superposition method, a unique 3D perspective is formed.

When people stand in front of the screen, they see a realistic 3D effect because they see the side and front of the object at the same time. Below is a simplified 3D ocean wave animation to show you the principle.

3d Display Of The Simple Setup Of The Image
3d Display Of The Simple Setup Of The Image

What are the benefits of using 3D billboards?

From the above introduction, we can already see the huge benefits brought by using 3D billboards. Let us make a further summary next.

Artistic transformation

Transform ordinary buildings into landmark buildings that combine art and technology.

Increase brand value

Its huge body can not only spread the brand, but also use the content played to build the brand image, thus increasing the brand value.

Leading new directions in technology

3D LED display is a new breakthrough in the field of outdoor display, and interactive 3D display is also the development direction of future screens.

A more effective way to promote

Advertisers always spend a lot of manpower and material resources on advertising and research on plans. The popular 3D billboards show that using this special form of advertising can spread information quickly and effectively among the crowd, achieving the most effective publicity effect with the lowest marketing cost.

What are the Using scenarios of 3D billboards?

Shopping mall

Shopping malls are the most common usage scenario, and we can see many cases of 3D LED billboards being used in large shopping malls.

Large-scale 3D billboards built using naked-eye 3D display technology can easily become a city’s landmark building. They can not only increase the flow of people in the mall, but also expand the popularity of the mall. In recent years, 3D billboards in domestic and overseas circles have become A must-have photo spot for many tourists.

Enterprise exhibition hall

The company that does this best is South Korea’s 3M company. In their company, 3D LED displays made with naked-eye 3D display technology are everywhere. 

When I visited 3M Company with a few friends, I was shocked by the “running digital people” displayed on their walls.

Tourist attractions

Just an ordinary shopping mall can be transformed into a must-have check-in place with the support of 3D billboards. 

If 3D billboards are installed at specialized tourist attractions, the effect it will bring is imaginable, and it may even suddenly become popular, and the revenue will increase exponentially.

3D billboard Examples in different countries

New York 3D billboard

Coca-Cola 3D billboard of Times Square

A giant 3D LED billboard built by Coca-Cola Company, about 21 meters high and 13 meters wide, comes into view. Once the 3D billboard was unveiled, it won two Guinness World Records, namely: “The largest 3D robot billboard” and “The first 3D robot billboard”.

Coca Cola's 3D AD In Times Square In New York
Coca Cola’s 3D AD In Times Square In New York

To celebrate the launch of the new billboard, Coca-Cola built an interactive experience area in Times Square. Every passer-by can enter the display area and feel the cool mist sprayed by the special device.

While feeling the cool mist, a variety of different flavors of frozen Coca-Cola were also prepared for fans to enjoy and drink.

China 3D Billboard

 3D billboard Chinese lion dance

In order to welcome the Year of the Tiger, Chengdu, China, created a wonderful lion dance scene that incorporated unique elements of traditional Chinese lion dance.

Lion Dance Video Using Outdoor 3D LED Display
Lion Dance Video Using Outdoor 3D LED Display

Watch the video we shot earlier:

It is reported that since the emergence of this huge 3D LED display, every 3D picture played can bring huge traffic, and this time is no exception. People gathered below to watch and take photos.

 Adidas 3D billboard

This is another 3D advertising material played using a 3D LED display. The lion dance above will be played in January 2022, while this Adidas advertisement will be played in March of the Year of the Tiger.

Adidas Uses 3D Billboards To Show 3D Ads
Adidas Uses 3D Billboards To Show 3D Ads

3D billboard china dragon 

This is a wonderful picture from Zhengjia Plaza in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China – a vivid colorful dragon appears in front of people’s eyes.

It is reported that Zhengjia Plaza’s large naked-eye 3D screen covers an area of 800 square meters. It adopts seamless corner module technology, has a horizontal span of about 43 meters, and a vertical height of more than 17 meters. 

A Video Of A Chinese Dragon At Grandview Square In Guangzhou
A Video Of A Chinese Dragon At Grandview Square In Guangzhou

It perfectly presents the most trendy and magical naked-eye 3D content at the moment. The frames are extremely realistic, breaking the wall instantly, bringing endless possibilities.

Japan 3D billboards 

 3D cat billboard Shinjuku

A cute and funny tabby cat jumped up and down on the screen, making passersby laugh. This vivid spotted cat is not only very popular offline, but also has accumulated 50,000 fans on the social platform “X” (formerly Twitter).

3D Cats In Shinjuku, Japan
3D Cats In Shinjuku, Japan
The Omnibus Japan Team Has Hidden A Little Easter Egg The Tabby Cat Has A Dark Spot On Its Body That Corresponds To The Map Of Shinjuku Prefecture In Japan.
The Omnibus Japan Team Has Hidden A Little Easter Egg :the tabby cat has a dark spot on its body that corresponds to the map of shinjuku prefecture in Japan.

YUNIKA person in charge Fujinuma Liangcheng introduced that this 3D LED display is 8 meters high and about 19 meters wide. The design is inspired by the draft of Omnibus Japan (a digital media production company in Japan).

 Nike 3D billboard

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Nike Air Max Day, Nike Japan launched a very cool naked-eye 3D advertisement on the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo on March 26, 2022.

 Nike Outdoor 3D Billboard In Shinjuku Japan
Nike Outdoor 3D Billboard In Shinjuku Japan

Watch the video we shot earlier

Nike’s naked-eye 3D advertisement features the highly recognizable orange Nike sneaker box, which combines Japanese style with a mechanical feel, showing a stunning visual effect.

The Future Trends of 3D Digital Billboard

At present, naked-eye 3D advertising has become a new way of brand marketing and publicity, and it is foreseeable that more and more cities will be equipped with this method in the future. However, the difficulties that have not yet been overcome mainly include:


Since the manufacturing cost of 3D advertising display boards is relatively high, the material played reaches 3,000-5,000 yuan per second.

Even a small outdoor 3D advertising display board of 50 square meters costs close to 400,000 yuan. If you add It is normal for the total price of other transportation, materials, manual installation and other costs to exceed 600,000.


The production cycle of 3D advertising displays is longer than ordinary LED displays. This is mainly because some cabinets and modules of 3D advertising display boards need to be specially designed, produced and tested to ensure the best display effect.

But I believe that with the improvement of production technology in the future, the manufacturing technology of 3D billboards will become more and more mature, and the production cost and time will be greatly reduced. More and more cities will be able to create more advanced billboards this way.

How much does it cost if I want to make a 3D billboard?

Since 3D billboards do not have fixed parameters like we use mobile phones and computers, we need to understand your specific needs before we can give a corresponding quotation. Here we list the basic configurations and prices of several 3D billboard cases, hoping to be helpful to you.

ModelSq.m.Country Price Production Time
P4 110Iran$120,000 32 day
P4 280Brazil$270,000 41 day
P6 263Australian $210,000 47 day
P877Columbia$60,000 21 day
The above USD/RMB exchange rate is 7.2.


I want to make a 3D billboard, what should I pay attention to?

Start a 3D billboard plan

First we need to consider the installation location, size, environment, etc. of the 3D billboard. These factors will determine the materials used. If the materials used are not consistent, it may result in failure to install or failure after installation.

Choose the best 3D billboard company

A good 3D billboard company can determine the service life of your 3D billboard after installation. 

Although using inferior 3D billboard companies is cheap, the quality is difficult to guarantee. Once problems occur, the repair costs will be unacceptable.

JYLED display manufacturer has 14 years of experience in LED display construction. It has its own unique construction ideas in the construction of 3D LED displays and 3D billboards. The materials are durable and there is no need to worry about after-sales issues.

Provide necessary budget

After obtaining the information you have given, the LED display manufacturer also needs to choose the appropriate model for you based on your budget. 

Because if you have a higher budget and choose high-definition LED modules to make 3D LED billboards, the viewing and photographing effects will be very good. On the contrary, if the budget is low, you can only sacrifice part of the clarity and choose a more cost-effective LED module.

Allow enough time

Depending on the size of the 3D billboard, a 110-square-meter 3D LED display will take approximately 32 days to produce. Therefore, when purchasing a 3D billboard, you need to plan your time and set aside enough time to wait for production.


I believe that through the above detailed introduction, you have fully understood all the contents of 3D billboards. If you would like to know more about 3D billboards, please click the icon in the sidebar to contact me.

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