Naked eye 3D digital avatar – “Qi Xiao mo” for the National Day!

During the National Day on October 1, created by Wuhan Windows Century Media together with LED display manufacturers – the first naked eye 3D digital avatar in the LED light display industry – “Qi Xiao mo “, airborne in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, for the National Day of the motherland!

It is a beautiful and graceful figure with skin like gelatin. The largest naked eye 3D display in Central China, “Eye of Three Towns”, a young girl smiling like a flower, is waving to a group of tourists, healing smile also sent a different kind of roses for the autumn. Up to now, the “Eye of Three Towns” related topic heat in microblogging, Xiaohongshu and other platforms quickly soared, and rushed to the top ten of the local hot list of Shake Sound; dozens of bloggers released a live video, the number of views reached tens of millions of times.

Qi Xiao Mo dynamic picture
Qi Xiao Mo dynamic picture

The use of naked-eye 3D technology, so that the existence of virtual people in the digital world more realistic. Many people who have visited the project said that the screen is vivid and vivid, and every time she waves to the crowd, people can’t help but want to wave and interact with it. In a way, the naked eye 3D screen, is the existence of imaginary characters and scenes into reality of the black magic.

What’s more, most of the animals and characters that existed in the creative content before were nameless “actors” or “disposable props”. Xiaoqian, on the other hand, is a long-lasting IP, and her recognition will continue to grow after various promotions. After deeper development and transformation, a large number of derivative products related to this IP will be listed, and even lead to new business models, so that the virtual digital content is really dovetailed with commercialization.

And behind this logic, it is actually a process of exploring the meta-universe interface and mining the value of digital economy. At the same time, from the perspective of the large-screen display industry, it is precisely an opportunity for LED display companies to explore business diversification and industry chain extension.

祁小蓦(transliteration:Qi xiao mo)
祁小蓦(transliteration:Qi xiao mo)

Now a lot of LED display manufacturers have very superb video editing technology, in the integration of particle fluid, hair fabric and other systems, the application of self-research dynamic capture technology (UAction system), completed the whole process of innovative solutions from character setting, image creation, to sub-screen design, three-dimensional production, rendering synthesis, etc., successfully let a girl racer to holographic interaction in a stunning way. After the cute cat big orange, “digital virtual human yuan universe family” for the LED display enterprise again added a fierce general.

“Qi Xiao mo” is the first naked eye 3D metaverse digital avatar in China, named after the cultural connotation of “Qi of all shun, Qi of sudden encounter”. The highly anthropomorphic girl “Qi Xiao mo” is a new brand endorsement and marketing favorite, as well as a local cultural recommendation officer, and has great potential for peripheral derivation.

“We want to make this place a collection of social and hip luxury in Hanyang district.” The chairman of Wuhan Hanyang Investment and Development Group said, “With 8K ultra-clear and 10,000-grade high brightness, this large naked-eye 3D screen with excellent out-of-frame effect, Floor LED Display together with digital content, gives the traditional business district a full sense of technology. This new concept of commercial body of QIYUAN will further demonstrate the influence and cohesion and lead the renewal and upgrade of Hanyang’s commercial civilization.”

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