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4k LED Screen

With its unique advantages, 4K LED screens have become ubiquitous in people’s lives. We can often see people using 4K LED screens in major clubs, shopping malls and conference rooms.

  • Delicate and clear picture quality
  • Excellent visual experience
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Seamless splicing

JYLED 4K LED The Most Outstanding Display

JYLED 4K LED screen has a 16-bit color gamut value, and can achieve 40 million different colors. The grayscale can achieve 0-255 level switching, making the displayed picture more delicate and realistic, achieving the best visual effect.

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All In One Led Display

The LED all-in-one machine is small and exquisite, easy to transport and use, supports multiple input methods, and is mostly used in various education and training places.

Led Video Wall

Nowadays, LED video walls are widely used in museums, exhibition halls, restaurants, shopping malls and other places to play a role in disseminating information, advertising and marketing.

Commercial Led Display

Commercial LED displays are becoming more and more popular with major advertisers and counter merchants due to their powerful publicity capabilities. They are used to attract customers’ attention to achieve better marketing effects.

Fine Pitch Led Display

Compared with ordinary LED displays, fine pitch LED displays have more advanced configurations and better heat dissipation performance. Therefore, the screen runs more stably and the images presented are better.

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Introduction To The Characteristics Of 4K LED Screen

Stability icon
Strong Stability And Performance

Assuming we play continuously for 12 hours a day, it can last for 7-8 years. If there are some minor faults in the future, we only need to simply replace the module and power supply.

Aesthetics icon
Good Aesthetics

Compared with some LED display products that are fixedly installed in iron cabinets, the cabinets used in 4K LED screens are thinner, lighter and more beautiful.

Instead icon
Instead Of LCD

Compared with LCD, the brightness, contrast and gray scale of 4K LED screen are higher than those of LCD or projection, so it can completely replace LCD for image display.

Seamless icon
Infinite Seamless Splicing

The 4K LED screen screen can be infinitely spliced according to the size required by the customer through splicing cabinets, and the splicing is completely seamless.

Why Choose JYLED 4K LED Screen?

There are many LED display suppliers on the market, but they are relatively small in scale, have long production cycles, untimely technical services, high maintenance costs and many other shortcomings. From the user’s perspective, JYLED 4K LED screen manufacturers can perfectly solve your pain points.

JYLED 4K LED screen manufacturer introduces high-end and precise production equipment from abroad, which can complete customers’ delivery issues in time. Then, we have first-class technical service engineers who can help customers solve technical difficulties and after-sales problems in a timely manner, so that you can buy the product from us with confidence.

Production Workshop

Professional 4K LED Screen Solution

We have a service team of 20 people who can provide all-round knowledge and services from drawing design, construction and installation, technical debugging, after-sales service, etc.

Help you to provide timely and appropriate solutions to various problems you encounter during the installation and use of 4K LED screens.

JYLED Customizes The Most Advanced 4K LED Screen For You

4k Led Screen Curved

JYLED 4K LED screen uses the best configuration, whether it is module lamp beads, power supply, or processor, just to achieve the best effect of the product. And there is strict quality control before leaving the factory to ensure that the products received by customers are the most perfect.

4k Led Screen In Shopping Mall

JYLED 4k LED screens are generally equipped with video processors, which have powerful video processing functions and can automatically adjust materials to adapt to the resolution of the screen to show customers the best image effects.

4k Led Screen In Mall

The power supply used by the 4K LED screen can adapt to extreme weather conditions of -30°C and 70°C, and has a built-in cooling function to facilitate heat dissipation.

4k Led Screen In Malls

The 4k LED screen module uses copper wire and copper brackets, which have good conductivity and are more stable to use.

Application Of 4K LED Screen In Different Occasions

Meeting Room
Meeting Room

Since traditional conference room solutions are mainly based on projection, the projected images are often blurry. When we choose a 4K LED screen, we can perfectly solve this problem.

Monitoring Room
Monitoring Room

The traditional monitoring room uses an LCD intelligent control system, which has poor flexibility, large seams, and low brightness. It is difficult for staff to watch the screen, so it can be replaced with a more advanced and intelligent JYLED 4K LED screen.

Home Entertainment Video Room
Home Entertainment Video Room

Traditional entertainment display equipment is easily limited by factors such as size and brightness, while JYLED 4k LED screen can customize the size and brightness according to customer needs, giving customers a perfect experience.

Command Center
Command Center

JYLED 4K LED screen is more intelligent and can be connected to external video sources, can display different contents in different zones, and can view the data and scene images that need to be monitored in real time.

4K Led Screen Background
4k Led Screen For A Wide Range Of Applications

JYLED 4K LED display is suitable for various indoor scenes and is the best choice to replace other display devices.

  • “Watching football matches using 4K LED screen in my club is great, very clear and smooth. “

  • “This 4K LED screen is easier to install than the screens I bought before, and it’s particularly lightweight.”

  • “The pre-sales and after-sales services are very good, and engineers will be arranged to help with free remote debugging.”

What is the difference between 4K LED screen and conventional LED display?

4K LED screen has better picture quality and higher refresh rate than conventional LED display

Is the 4K LED screen easy to maintain?

The 4K LED screen adopts magnetic front maintenance, which is very easy to install and remove, so it is very convenient for maintenance.

What is the packaging method of 4K LED screen?

Like other LED displays, 4K LED screens are generally packed in wooden cases.

What technical support can I get after purchasing a screen?

Normal transportation generally does not cause any problems. Because JYLED displays are exported in standard export wooden cabinets, which can protect the screen to a certain extent, but care must still be taken to prevent bumps during transportation.

Will there be any problems during transportation of 4K LED screens?

Normal transportation generally does not cause any problems. Because JYLED displays are exported in standard export wooden cabinets, which can protect the screen to a certain extent, but care must still be taken to prevent bumps during transportation.

How long does it take to install a 4K LED screen?

As long as it is not a particularly large 4K LED screen, it can generally be instalLED on the same day.

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