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Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

Retail, community, commercial real estate and other industries are the main application areas of portable outdoor digital signage. Portable outdoor digital signage can be easily moved, making it occupy a large market in commercial retail.

  • Waterproof, dustproof, long service life
  • High brightness, high definition, high contrast
  • Ability to update and flexibly display your ads in real time
  • Supports playing images, videos, and sounds to make your ads more diverse

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage Is Widely Used

It usually appears in shopping malls, stations, airports, squares and other public places. It is used to play advertising content such as videos and pictures.

Portable outdoor digital signage features high brightness, high definition, high contrast, and is waterproof and dustproof.

Therefore, it can be placed outdoors for a long time, fully improving the efficiency of advertising. This is a great option for those who want to promote their brand outdoors.

Products Related To Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Movable Led Screen

On the basis of the conventional outdoor LED screen, by building a bracket and adding a wheel design at the bottom, the original LED screen that can only be fixedly installed becomes movable, thereby improving the convenience of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Truck LED Screen

The innovative design of the combination of outdoor LED screen and truck allows advertising to be placed without time and space restrictions. It can easily spread advertising to every corner of the city, attracting more people’s attention and achieving very good publicity effects.

Pole Led Display

The appearance is simple and elegant, the cabinet is light and thin and easy to install, the picture is high-definition, the screen color is gorgeous, and the playback picture can be controlled intelligently

Mirror LED Screen

The LED screen is located inside the mirror. It is isolated from the outside world by a piece of glass, making it waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision. Its appearance is beautiful and favored by customers.

4 Products Found.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage Feature Introduce

Waterproof icon

The protection level of Portable Outdoor Digital Signage reaches IP65. It is not only waterproof and dustproof but also anti-corrosion. The back of the module is also filled with glue to protect the module. Even if water vapor enters the inside of the display, it will not be affected.

Movable icon

The design with wheels at the bottom allows it to be moved wherever the customer wants to move according to the customer’s needs, which greatly improves its utilization and reduces the cost of advertising.

High Brightness icon
High Brightness

The brightness is as high as over 6000, which enables people to clearly see the content of the advertisement even in the daytime with sufficient light, and the viewing effect is excellent.

Real Time Updates icon
Real-time updates

Supports real-time updates of sound and images. Advertising content can be updated at any time according to user needs. It is highly effective, fast in update speed, and can be operated remotely.

JYLED Product Customization Process

First of all, when you send an inquiry to JYLED for help, no matter what the problem is, we will try our best to answer your doubts. If you want to buy a display screen, you only need to tell your needs and the effect you want to achieve, and our engineers will recommend a suitable solution to you.

When the project is confirmed to be put into production, dedicated personnel will follow up the production situation at all times to ensure the normal progress of the project.

When the project is completed, we will conduct an aging test on the product. If there are no problems, it can be shipped. When you receive the goods, we can provide remote solution to screen installation and debugging issues


JYLED Professional Portable Outdoor Digital Signage manufacturer

JYLED Factory

Through the combination of creative design and materials, as well as the support of the government, outdoor advertising LED displays can easily become a regional attraction and attract a large number of people.

It plays a very important role in improving the local economy.

JYLED Factorys
How Productive Is JYLED?

JYLED has over ten years of experience in the industry. Automated production accounts for more than 85%. The remaining 15% is some assembly of the mask and bottom shell.

If it is a large-pitch module, JYLED can produce more than 10,000 pieces per day. If it is a small-pitch module, JYLED can produce more than 5,000 pieces per day. Our machines work 24 hours a day.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage for Different Scene

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage For Airport

Portable outdoor digital signs that appear at airports are often used to convey information to passengers, such as airport maps, aviation information, weather forecasts, etc.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage For Park

In many parks, outdoor advertising digital signs are usually installed to convey information about attractions, landmarks, park culture, etc. to people.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage For Street

Portable outdoor digital signs can be found everywhere on public streets. Some play city landmarks, some play product advertisements, and many store managers place them at the door to display the image of the store and attract pedestrians.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage Background
Choose JYLED To Get Your Money’s Worth

JYLED specializes in producing various types of LED displays and sells them all over the world with the best quality.

  • “I am a person who pays great attention to product quality. After comparing multiple manufacturers, we finally chose JYLED. Fortunately, my choice did not disappoint me. I look forward to working with JYLED again.”

  • “I wanted to install a display screen in my home theater, but I didn’t know much about LED displays, but JYLED gave me enough patience and finally designed a solution that suited my needs. I’m also very satisfied with the final result. Thank you so much.”

  • “I have been using advertising LED displays for a period of time and have not encountered any problems. It can be seen that the quality is very good.”

    Barrett Le
Can portable outdoor digital signage be used in high temperature environments?

The portable outdoor digital signage has a built-in powerful cooling fan, which has good heat dissipation capabilities and can work under high temperatures for a long time.

Can the brightness of portable outdoor digital signage be adjusted?

The outdoor LED display has the function of automatically adjusting the brightness. It will automatically adjust the brightness according to changes in ambient light to achieve the best viewing effect.

Is portable outdoor digital signage easy to maintain?

Easy, because the LED display screen is modularly installed. If a module fails, you only need to open the back cover of the cabinet and replace the LED module.

Is portable outdoor digital signage environmentally friendly?

The materials used in JYLED sound field LED display are all environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution to the environment.

What content can be displayed on portable outdoor digital signage?

Customers most often use it to display store promotional information. Of course, it can also display text, video, pictures and other information according to their own needs.

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