LED light pole display screen

LED light pole display screen

Display a ferris wheel LED lamp post screen

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The LED light pole display screen with remote mass control:3G/4G control without distance limit,massive LED display control synchronously system;
Interactive:Our JYLED is dedicated to realize interactive functions between LED display advertising and customers.


Street Light Pole LED Display parameter
Pixel pitch
Module size(mm)
Module resolution(dots)
Cabinet size
Can customized/ single or double sided
Driving method
Refresh rate

Product Details

The LED module needed to splice the LED lamp pole screen


control fault data in real time point-to-point maintenance

IP65 waterproof

High light

smart cooling

energy saving

weather resistant

high data security

Smart city lamp pole screen display of the positive and negative effects
LED light pole screen product features
  1. Highlight: outdoor highlight can be adjusted 5000-7500CD; (automatic adjustment)
  2. Waterproof: professional outdoor waterproof structure design, protection level IP65
  3. Heat dissipation: unique heat dissipation treatment, safe and durable, without air conditioning, saving cost and space
  4. Play: support 90% of the media formats on the market
  5. Control: 4G/WIFI/LAN multiple data connections to achieve cluster control, which can be updated anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, tablets, and computers
  6. Maintenance: modular design, point light source illuminates, can realize single module, single pixel replacement and maintenance
  7. Customization: single or double-sided, can realize GPS positioning, camera real-time monitoring, automatic brightness and temperature adjustment, etc.


The brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted with the brightness of the outside light

Smart city lamp pole screen display of the positive and negative effects
Sketch of LED smart lamp post screen
Sketch of LED lamp post screen

control system & operate

4G/WiFi control by mobile phone/computer/iPad/cloud,you can send the videos to the screens together without distance limitation

Through different network standard to control the LED lamp pole screen
How does pole LED display work?
After reading about the introduction, the next step is to know how it works. It is an interactive way to transmit vital information in images, videos, and texts. It is different from the traditional mode of advertisement and a fantastic way to
advertise the product. Here are the following pointers that will how the LED pole screen work.
  • * The intelligent LED is the display that we attach with the street pole to showcase the products and ideas. However, these LEDs aren’t only beautiful but offer multi-features with high performance.
  • * The pole LED display occupies a small area, and you can make full use of that by integrating different features in one place.
So, it is easier to install and involves less level of technicalities. But if you don’t have basic installation abilities, then you can hire a technician.

Debugging of delivery

smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display

Actual use effect

Light pole display of fruits and vegetables list
The effect of using lamp post screen on both sides of the road
The lamp-post display shows a glass of coke
There is two tigers is light pole figure display picture
There is two tigers is light pole figure display picture
Light pole LED display shows dior advertisements

Product knowledge is introduced

I hope the pole LED display has caught your attention so many times while traveling on the road. However, we may call the LED pole screen the SMART choice because it has solved many problems. It is a new and intelligent technology that is meeting all needs in advanced ways. Moreover, it has advanced features like a double-sided display, power supply, data collection, and work as an automatic control lamp. But you need to understand that there are many types of pole LED displays, and every class has different qualities. So, to get the benefit, it is vital to understand it in depth.

smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display

Mainly we install the street pole lights for advertisement and display. Apart from this, we can use it for the intelligent city terminal display. The fantastic features of this technology serve significant purposes. For instance, it is lighter and easier to install. It is a brilliant idea to replace the old banner and poster advertisement. Moreover, it emits high brightness with high resolution. In short, it serves best than the traditional LED pole screen. In simple words, we can call pole LED screen as the integrated project. Here are the following tasks that you can do with the help of a pole LED screen.

However, this advanced technology comes with the combination of the internet, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, we can say that it is a new generation of urban information infrastructure that integrates everything in one place.

control system & operate