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LED Light Pole Screen

Pole LED Display

Pole LED Display, also known as light pole LED display or lamp pole LED display, is a type of LED display screen designed specifically to replace traditional LED lightboxes. Through innovative cabinet design, it not only looks elegant and stylish but also boasts strong protective capabilities. Integrated with traditional lamp posts, it becomes an indispensable way to create smart cities.

Key Features

  • Customizable text, images, or videos
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Ceiling beautification
  • Seamless integration

Did you know? Traditional LED lightboxes have been replaced by Smart LED Pole Displays

Although traditional LED light boxes placed on streetlamp posts have low manufacturing costs and simple installation, the cost of replacing advertisements is very high. If there are only a few, it’s manageable, but if there are hundreds or even thousands of LED light boxes, the time and cost required for advertising replacement are substantial.

The emergence of Smart LED Pole Displays perfectly addresses the time-consuming and laborious issue of mass advertisement replacement. Smart LED Pole Displays are equipped with cluster reception systems.

By sending commands to them, we can conveniently replace the content or advertisements displayed on hundreds or thousands of lamp posts. What previously took a month can now be completed in just one day.

Pole LED display Types

P4 Outdoor Pole LED Screen
P4 Outdoor Pole LED Screen

This is an outdoor lamp pole LED display with a pixel pitch of only 4mm. It offers clear image quality and convenient content management, making it widely used in actual projects.

P5 Street Light Pole LED Display
P5 Street Light Pole LED Display

The P5 Street Light Pole LED Display is mainly installed on both sides of the street. While providing illumination to the street, it also displays advertisements, media promotions, and other content.

P6 Outdoor Pole LED Screen
P6 Outdoor Pole LED Screen

With a pixel pitch of 6mm, it’s the outdoor product with the largest pixel pitch among commonly used pole displays. It’s suitable for lamp posts with high viewing distances and wide spacing.

Solar Street Light Pole LED Display
Solar Street Light Pole LED Display

This is a type of light poleLED display integrated with solar panels, storing solar energy during the day for use at night.

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Advantages of Pole LED Displays

Ip67 Icon
IP67 waterproof

Pole LED Displays are specifically designed for outdoor use, with a waterproof rating of IP67, eliminating concerns about damage due to rain.

Brightness Icon
High brightness

Since outdoor displays are often affected by strong sunlight, high brightness is a common feature of all outdoor LED displays.

Brightness Adjustment Icon
Brightness adjustment

Outdoor Pole LED Displays come with a light sensor (optional), allowing automatic adjustment of brightness according to the intensity of light.

Fan Icon
Smart cooling

Considering that Pole LED Displays may be subjected to high temperatures when used outdoors, a smart cooling system is provided to ensure normal operation even in high temperatures.

Principle of Cloud Control and Management for Smart Pole LED Displays

Smart Pole LED Displays are equipped with receiving cards, Wi-Fi, and 4G modules, allowing content to be synchronized and updated from cloud servers. When we want to manage a batch of Smart Pole LED Displays, we simply log into the cloud server backend with our account and send update data to the remote displays, achieving cloud control and management.
Additionally, Pole LED Displays have RF modules, enabling multiple displays to play content synchronously or asynchronously.

Pole LED Display Control System And Operation
Pole Led Display Let The Street Create More Creative

Usage Scenarios of LED Pole displays in Smart Cities

  • Smart communities
  • Intelligent transportation
    • Traffic guidance
    • Parking indications
    • Vehicle monitoring
    • Emergency event communication
    • Traffic violation display
    • Safe cities
  • Tourist areas
  • Schools

Perhaps you need more features? No problem! We offer exclusive customization for you!

JYLED display manufacturer has rich experience in manufacturing Pole LED screens, helping you customize Pole LED displays with ideal effects. Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure zero-defect products for customers.

For more information about Pole LED Displays, please contact us via email at sale20@sz-ledscreen.com. Since 2010, we have been providing high-quality LED products globally, earning numerous accolades.


Technical parameters of outdoor LED pole display

Model NO.P2.5-30 inchP3-35 inchP3-52 inchP4–50 inchP4–60 inchP5-68 inch
Active screen display area320*640mm384*768mm576*1152mm512*1024mm768*1280mm800*1600
panel dimension420*740mm434*868mm676*1352mm600*1200mm868*1480mm870*1800mm
Module size160*160mm192*192mm192*192mm256*128mm256*128mm160*160mm
Resolution (W*H)128*256128*256192*384128*256192*320160*320
Best viewing angle140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°
Response time8ms8ms8ms8ms8ms8ms
Lamp life100,000hrs100,000hrs100,000hrs100,000hrs100,000hrs100,000hrs
Working temperature-20°C~+50°C-20°C~+50°C-20°C~+50°C-20°C~+50°C-20°C~+50°C-20°C~+50°C
operating humidity20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%
main board4G/Wi-Fi/network4G/Wi-Fi/network4G/Wi-Fi/network4G/Wi-Fi/network4G/Wi-Fi/network4G/Wi-Fi/network
CPUCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-coreCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-coreCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-coreCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-coreCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-coreCortex-A7 1.2G Hz Dual-core
Memory capacity8GB8GB8GB8GB8GB8GB
Operating systemLEDvisonLEDvisonLEDvisonLEDvisonLEDvisonLEDvison
Main interfaceRJ45×1,USB×1RJ45×1,USB×1RJ45×1,USB×1RJ45×1,USB×1RJ45×1,USB×1RJ45×1,USB×1
Menu languageChinese/EnglishChinese/EnglishChinese/EnglishChinese/EnglishChinese/EnglishChinese/English
Working voltageAC100V~240V
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
(+/- 10 %) 50/60Hz
IP gradeIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Average power consumption≤ 300W≤ 300W≤ 300W≤ 300W≤ 300W≤ 300W
Maximum power≤ 800W≤ 800W≤ 800W≤ 800W≤ 800W≤ 800W
What are the differences between smart lamp pole LED displays and ordinary pole LED screens?

Although they may look similar in appearance to ordinary lamp pole screens, smart lamp pole LED displays achieve various intelligent effects by connecting to the Internet of Things and utilizing various sensors, such as remote control, temperature and humidity display, weather monitoring, and other functions.

LED Light Pole Screen

Does the light pole LED display support surveillance effects?

Yes, the light pole LED display can integrate cameras and be set for scheduled captures, with the captured data transmitted to the backend.

LED Light Pole Screen

Is the pole LED display expensive?

The answer depends on what you compare it to. If comparing solely based on price, it is definitely more expensive than LED light boxes. However, considering the comprehensive maintenance costs, the price of pole LED displays is relatively cheaper.

How high temperatures can the light pole LED display withstand?

As we know, temperatures in summer can reach very high levels, easily reaching 50-60 degrees Celsius. We have taken this into consideration during the design phase, so street light post LED displays can withstand temperatures of up to 75°C.

What are the general standards for pole LED screens?
  • Installation height: 3 ~ 6m
  • Screen size: 0.4 ~ 1.8㎡
  • Average power consumption per cabinet: 240W

If you require different installation heights and sizes, please contact us for customization.

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