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Virtual Production LED Wall

Virtual Production LED Wall

At present, the most fashionable and technological applications in the commercial field are XR and VR technology, which have been integrated into core scenarios such as games, videos, fitness, and social networking. The development of this technology cannot be separated from the help of virtual production LED walls.

It has the following features:

  • Easy to switch scenes
  • The screen can be adapted to the venue
  • Can be connected to entertainment system
  • Durable quality and not prone to failure

Virtually Produce LED Walls to Create Better Works

With the rise of concepts such as the Metaverse, XR, and VR, there are now many scenes that cannot be separated from the background behind the scenes.

Virtual production LED walls can help filmmakers, scene planners and other staff reduce behind-the-scenes work and focus more time on creating better works.

Related Products of Virtual Production LED Wall

HD small spacing LED display

Similar to the virtual production LED wall, Small pixel pitch LED displays are mainly used indoors. It is of great help to improve productivity.

The stage backdrop display

Compared with other background walls, the price of virtual production LED wall will be a little more expensive, so when the budget is insufficient, you can consider rental LED display on the stage as an alternative.

Flexible LED display installed inside the mall

Sometimes, virtual production LED walls may require the use of flexible LED displays to create some more peculiar shapes to display images.

Led Video Wall

The 4K LED screen has a high-quality picture, making the picture look exquisite. Similarly, virtual production LED walls also have 4K or 8K quality.

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Introduction to the Characteristics of Virtual Production LED Wall

XR Icon
XR Display Background

The virtual production LED wall can be combined with XR virtual to serve as a background wall for special effects and provide convenience for the virtual production studio.

Slight Bend

Sometimes the background may not be completely rectangular, but may have certain bends. But don’t worry, virtual production LED walls can also be bent to different extents.

Cube Icon
3D Display

The virtual production LED wall can play 3D background effects through 3D materials, and cooperate with actual movie special effects production to achieve a more realistic feeling.

As a monitor

When there is no monitor around, but you want to see the shooting effect, the virtual production LED wall can also act as a monitor.

Sustainable use is more economical and environmentally friendly

When we shoot some technology and fashion advertising videos, we usually need to prepare a lot of props. These props may cost a lot of money to buy, but they are disposable when used.

No matter from the perspective of environmental protection or cost, it is not ideal. The emergence of virtual production LED walls is precisely to solve these pain points.

It can easily replace various materials, which saves the cost and time of preparing props, and is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The Use Effect Of Virtual Production LED Wall
Virtual Production LED Walls Are Used In Shooting Scenes

Traditional green screens are being replaced by virtual production LED walls

The traditional green screen shooting method is to first cover the back of the character with a green cloth, then shoot the overall scene of the character, and then use cutout and editing techniques to achieve the corresponding effect. The whole process from shooting, editing to production takes a lot of time.

If we use virtual production LED walls to directly replace the desired background, thus eliminating the need for cutout and editing time, the entire film production speed will undoubtedly be greatly improved.

Virtual Production LED Wall Improves Your Productivity

The Use Of Virtual Production LED Walls In Shooting Scenes

Through the virtual production of realistic display effects on the LED wall, actors can be immersed in the scene and achieve better performance effects.

Virtual Production Of LED Walls For Use In The Studio

The virtual production LED wall can display images from different angles at the same time, allowing the photographers present to better view the images, thereby improving team collaboration efficiency.

A Virtual Production LED Wall Is Used In The Shooting Scene

There is no need to cumbersome change green screens and venues. The virtual production LED wall can switch images at any time, making the entire work process simpler and more convenient.

Virtual Production LED Walls

Coupled with the on-site shooting lighting, the virtual production LED wall can achieve better brightness, so that the picture can achieve very good shooting effects without too many settings.

Application of Virtual Production LED Wall in Different Occasions

Virtual Production LED Wall For Film Shooting

When we are filming a movie, we can use XR virtual production to display different backgrounds on the LED wall to match the movie scenes, which is very convenient and practical.

Application Of Virtual Production LED Wall In Entertainment City
Entertainment City

We often see some immersive projects in entertainment cities, most of which are produced using XR virtual production LED walls.

The Use Of Virtual Production LED Wall In Medical Treatment

Through XR virtual production of LED walls, the imaging of medical equipment can be made more realistic, allowing many details to be seen at a glance.

Virtual Production Wall
Virtual Production LED Wall Brings Perfect Visual Experience

Virtual and real things are integrated to achieve the most perfect shooting scene.

  • “Using XR to virtually produce LED walls can greatly simplify the construction of our scene. It is really easy to use. “

    Gene Yale
  • “JYLED has been my partner for many years, and I am currently learning about new products like XR virtual production LED walls. I hope it can bring me a different feeling.”

    Bernice Caroline
  • “I have learned about many different LED background walls before, but my favorite is the effect brought by the virtual production of LED walls.”

    Pearl Laurie
What is the maximum resolution for virtual production of LED walls?

The highest resolution for virtual production LED walls is 8K, and 4K is commonly used.

How to maintain the virtual production LED wall?

This type of LED display can be front or rear maintenance. If it is for front maintenance, a suction cup is required to disassemble the module. If it is rear maintenance, you need to open the back cover with the key and then perform maintenance.

How is the clarity of a virtual production wall measured?

The model number is an important parameter to measure the clarity of the virtual production wall. The smaller the model, the closer the viewing distance and the higher the clarity.

How much area can be spliced into the virtual production LED wall?

Theoretically, no matter how big the area is, it can be spliced together. However, it will actually be limited by price, space, etc., so there will be a certain upper limit.

Can virtual production LED walls be waterproof?

Generally, virtual production LED walls are used indoors and have weak waterproof performance. If there are clear requirements, we can replace the module and cabinet with better waterproof performance. Just contact us and we will give you the best solution.

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