LED Floor Tile Display

Product Type: LED floor tile display

Dimensions: 250*250mm

Practical scope: LED floor tile screen products are used in stage, concert, shopping mall, performance, bar, disco, shopping center and other fields.

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LED floor tile screen
Used in the scenic spots of floor tile of the LED screen


200 sets of materials, 2 tons of load-bearing, scratch-resistant mask, high-definition, three-year warranty

led floor tile screen

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More than 200 interactive materials can be switched at will

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The LED floor tile screen

The interactive LED floor tile screen is named because it is spread on the ground like tiles to display pictures. Its main application scenarios are bars, shopping malls and other entertainment venues. The following is some application cases of the LED floor tile screen

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LED floor tile screen

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LED floor tile screen

LED floor tile screen in a tourist attraction in Gansu

P3.91 LED floor tile screen In Gansu

What is an LED floor tile display?

The LED floor tile screen is a novel digital ground display device. Its response is based on brand-new digital technology, adopts microcomputer full digital processing, and advanced circuit protection equipment, and uses video synchronization control to achieve high-resolution soft color display. The effect completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses a high-strength tempered glass mask and a solid die-cast aluminum alloy support device.

The LED floor tile screen has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and operate normally for a long time.

Characteristics of LED floor tile screen:

1. Fast and flexible installation: It can be installed directly without tools or on a guide rail.

2. High load-bearing performance: Aluminum alloy material structure, the high load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5 tons per square meter.

3. Excellent maintenance performance: It can be exchanged directly without dismantling adjacent cabinets.

4. High-contrast design: technically designed mask, clear playback effect.

5. Outstanding low-brightness and high-gray effects, uniform grayscale display, and good consistency.

What is the difference between interactive LED displays and ordinary LED displays?

The interactive floor tile screen is based on the LED floor tile screen, which adds a sensing and interactive function. The LED floor tile display is equipped with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, or infrared sensors. When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic After the judgment, the corresponding display effect is output. For example, with the help of an infrared sensor, it can track people’s motion trajectory, can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects, to achieve effects such as actors and audience walking by, water ripples under their feet, and flowers blooming.

However, due to the increased interactive effect, the price will be more expensive than ordinary LED floor tile screens. If it is in some shopping malls with very large passenger flow or that kind of video game city, it is recommended to use interactive LED floor tile screens. The attraction will be greater and the effect will be better.

LED floor tile screen

LED interactive floor tile screen technology principle

Realization of the principle block diagram of interactive LED floor tile screen: the specially processed playback video source is first played by the special playback software in the LED display control computer, DVI/HDMI, and other signal output, and connected to the main controller of video signal processing through the signal line, And then connected to the signal distributor through optical fiber or network cable, the distribution shows the complete picture.

When the LED floor tile screen interacts with the audience, the position sensor on the display screen detects the interactive point of the interactive audience, and the positioning controller of the floor tile screen sends the position coordinate information of this interactive point back to the LED display control computer to control After the computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can send it back to the LED display control computer according to the received coordinate information.

After the control computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can call according to the received coordinate information When different program files and video files are played, the screen displayed on the LED interactive floor tile screen has corresponding real-time changes, achieving the effect of real-time interaction.

From the necessary conditions and principles to realize the LED interactive induction floor tile screen, it can be known that compared with the traditional LED floor tile screen, there are three main differences: The first is the difference in the control software. The traditional LED display screen is on the playback side, and only ordinary playback software is needed to play the video source without receiving other signals.

The interactive LED floor tile screen is different. It not only needs to be able to play but also to be able to receive the interactive point position coordinate information returned from the display. After receiving the position coordinate information, the control software can call it according to the received coordinate information. Different program files and video files are played.

This is the same as when we play games on the computer. The LED display is like a computer monitor, the interactive audience is like a mouse, and the interactive point is like the position of the mouse. Clicking the mouse at different positions will call different programs. The second is that the direction of data transmission is different. The data of the traditional LED display is mainly transmitted from the control end to the display end, which is one-way. The LED interactive induction floor tile screen increases the data return, which is a two-way transmission.

LED floor tile screen

Then, the LED screen is different from the display side. The traditional LED display only plays a display role, while the interactive LED floor tile screen also needs to sense, collect, and transmit the coordinate information of the interactive point of the interactive audience to locate the interactive point. This is the most critical part of the interactive LED display.

The LED floor tile screen is a product used for ground display. It is a very personalized LED display specially designed for the ground. It has good load-bearing and shock-proof functions. The LED floor tile screen is load-bearing and has protective performance and heat dissipation.

It has been specially designed for performance and other aspects so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and run normally for a long time, and it allows the audience to participate in it, and the displayed surface can change accordingly with the audience’s actions.

The application scenario of LED floor tile screen

In the current market, the LED floor tile screen is a novel digital display device customized for the use environment of indoor exhibition halls, stage parties, etc. Flexible modular design can realize various applications such as the floor, ceiling, T stage, etc. As a new type of stage display equipment, LED floor tile screens are widely used in-hotels-bars-weddings-large concerts, and event theme parks. The LED floor tile screens are exquisite and high-grade in appearance and scientific in design.

They are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, advanced electronic ceramics, and other materials for heat conduction. , Heat dissipation, widely used in the lighting of buildings, curtain walls, communities, commercial squares, bridges, highways, and other architectural lighting; cultural landscapes, gardens, tourist attractions, and other landscape decoration lighting; bars, KTVs, etc., product launches, T-shaped platforms Catwalk. Stage performance, evening party, concert decoration, advertising, media decoration, etc.

LED floor tile screen

What is the prospect of LED floor tiles?

After the new crown epidemic, people’s cultural and entertainment activities began to become active again, and stage performances and exhibitions gradually resumed. As the stage came into being, the LED floor tile screen brought a shocking stage effect to the stage and once again attracted the attention of businessmen.

The LED floor tile screen can be designed according to the needs of the stage, with beautiful and smart video content, giving people a sense of three-dimensional interactive space, and bringing a perfect visual feast to the audience.

LED interactive floor tile screen products are used in stages, concerts, scenic spots, pedestrian streets, glass planks, science and technology museums, bars, studios, shopping malls, and other occasions. In some applications, it can be said to have earned enough people’s attention. The interactive elements in the 3D three-dimensional interactive screen are constantly changing with people’s footsteps, and the walls and the ground are constantly changing pictures in the interactive induction, attracting the audience to experience one after another.

It is undeniable that the number of domestic LED floor tile screens has reached hundreds of thousands, and it is necessary to make the products stand out from the many manufacturers. In addition to the better load-bearing, protective performance, heat dissipation, and display performance of LED floor tile screen products, it also needs to be differentiated in terms of interactive materials, scene-based experience, and intelligent interactive effects.

LED floor tile screen

Different from traditional LED floor tile screens, in various industry exhibitions and performing arts activities recently, LED floor tile screen products have been personalized and alienated. For example, smart interaction, creates an immersive creative dynamic experience that is unbelievable, such as a smart control screen, which supports mobile phone wireless control and is equipped with hundreds of interactive materials to increase the interactive effect of the floor tile screen. Some other screen companies are the first to equip the LED floor tile screen with virtual imaging (AR\VR), projection, and other technologies, coupled with carefully customized video sources, making the LED floor tile screen more powerful for interactive entertainment.

As we all know, the current homogeneity of LED floor tile screen products is becoming more and more prominent. Companies need to create their own differentiated advantages through product and application innovation to avoid LED floor tile screens falling into the quagmire of product homogeneity.

Therefore, screen companies should realize in advance the importance of product differentiation and professional development in product development and market application expansion, and get out of the predicament of homogeneous competition.

At present, JYLED’s LED floor tile screen series, pixel pitch includes two types of 6.25mm and 8.9mm. It is portable, flexible, and easy to install and maintain. The box size is 500x500mm and the weight is only 11.5 kg. The interactive sensing function can be added according to the needs of customization. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity is above 1.5 tons/㎡, and the loadable car can drive on its surface. The surface layer adopts a frosted face mask, which can be anti-skid and anti-glare.

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