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LED Dance Floor
LED Dance Floor

JYLED LED Manufacturer Specialized Production

JYLED is a well-known LED display manufacturer in China, specializing in manufacturing various types of LED displays. The LED dance floor displays it produces have been sold well at home and abroad, so our products can be seen in many large stages, parties, etc.

  • LED dance floor using high-density and high-temperature resistant materials, the cabinet weighs only 10 kg.
  • The LED dance floor adopts seamless splicing to achieve a perfect picture, and all the functions make the installation easy, convenient and fast.
  • The whole LED dance floor is quickly installed with leveling feet, which can adjust the flatness of the entire screen. The power supply and network are quickly connected by the aviation plug.
LED Dance Floor Load-Bearing

What is LED Dance Floor?

The LED dance floor is a kind of LED floor tile screen mainly used for indoor and outdoor floor decoration. They are commonly used in commercial places such as shopping malls, hotels, stages, exhibition halls and entertainment venues to provide unique and eye-catching visual effects.

It can also be used in outdoor landscape design, such as city squares, parks, and entertainment venues, to add beauty at night. The LED dance floor can display various patterns, text and dynamic effects, creating a vibrant and artistic atmosphere for the venue.

LED Dance Floor Front Maintenance

LED Dance Floor Front Maintenance

JYLED LED dance floor display adopts front maintenance design and solution to facilitate people to quickly maintain and replace modules. Unlike traditional displays that require professional technicians and specific tools, our LED dance floor display can be easily maintained by anyone without the need for specialized knowledge or equipment.

This user-friendly approach ensures that customers can quickly resolve any issues or make necessary repairs, minimizing downtime and maximizing the usage of the LED dance floor display.

  • Uses high contrast
  • Enhance the viewing experience on stage.
  • Made of high-quality crystal table lamp beads
  • High refresh control IC

LED Dance Floor Screen Advantages (3)

  • LED dance floor screen waterproof performance is good

    The LED dance floor screen covers the LED module with a thickened mask to enhance the performance of the LED module and achieve anti-slip and waterproof effects.

  • LED dance floor screen cabinet size is 500 1000mm

    The cabinets of the LED dance floor display are 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, with a thickness of 80mm. The cabinet is strong and durable and can withstand a weight of 2 tons.

  • LED dance floor screen high brightness picture

    The LED dance floor display can decorate the ground, making the overall environment more beautiful and fashionable, thereby achieving the best advertising effect.

LED Dance Floor Screen Features

interaction icon
Multiple Integrations
It can be integrated with many different interfaces, including HDMI, VGA, USB, etc., making it convenient for users to connect to a variety of devices.
Eye-catching icon
Wide Viewing Angle
The LED dance floor display has a wide viewing angle range and maintains a good display effect when viewed in multiple directions. This is something others don't have.
magnet icon
Magnetic Design
The design method of magnet adsorption makes it easy to replace and maintain the screen. If we need to replace or maintain the LED module, we only need to suck it out with a suction cup.
Product Customization icon
The LED dance floor display can be customized according to user needs, including screen size, resolution, brightness and other parameters.
PartItemP2.6 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 P6.25 
Pixel CompositionArrangement FormVertical
Pixel Pitch2.6mm2.976mm3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
Pixel Composition1R1G1B(Three in one)
Lamp Bead ModelSMD1415SMD1921SMD2727
Physical Density147656 dot/㎡112896 dot/㎡65536 dot/㎡43264 dot/㎡25600 dot/㎡
Cabinet Size500*500mm / 500*1000mm
Module Size250×250mm
Cabinet Weight8KG/Piece
Cabinet Thickness80mm(Including module thickness)
What is the difference between dance floor LED display and floor tile screen?

LED Dance floor displays and floor tile screens are both LED displays used for floor decoration. It is an application in the floor tile screen series.

What is the difference between JYLED dance floor display and other dance floor LED displays?

JYLED dance floor display is made of high quality and long-lasting LED display with anti-slip and thickened mask.

Other dance floor LED displays cover LED lights under a transparent bottom shell, which can only achieve simple light color changes, but cannot realize functions such as video playback and docking with other media interfaces.

Can the LED dance floor display realize human interaction function?

Yes, a radar receiver can be installed inside the dance floor LED display, and then a radar transmitter can be placed at the venue where interaction is required.

When the signal transmitted by the radar is received inside the display screen, corresponding instructions will be given. However, this implementation method can only be used for a few people. When there are too many people, the signal reception will not be timely, resulting in the lack of interactive functions for some people.

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