LED Dance Floor

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm/2.9mm/3.91mm/4.81mm/5.95mm/6.25mm

The LED dance floor is a kind of LED floor tile screen mainly used for indoor and outdoor floor decoration. They are commonly used in commercial places such as shopping malls, hotels, stages, exhibition halls and entertainment venues to provide unique and eye-catching visual effects.

LED floor tiles can also be used in outdoor landscape design, such as city squares, parks, and entertainment venues, to add beauty at night. The LED floor tile screen can display various patterns, text and dynamic effects, creating a vibrant and artistic atmosphere for the venue.



waterproof level

The protection grade of the LED floor tile screen is IP65, which means it is effectively protected against dust and water. This makes it suitable for outdoor use, as it can withstand various weather conditions, such as rain and dust storms.

The IP65 rating ensures that the LED floor tile screen is fully sealed and protected, making it reliable and durable for extended outdoor use.

Additionally, the versatility of the LED floor tile screen allows it to be applied in various outdoor applications, catering to different needs and enhancing the visual aesthetics of the surroundings.


Flexible & Fast Installation

The LED floor tile screen adopts ultra-thin design technology, and the manufactured cabinet size is 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, the thickness is 80mm, and the weight is 10 kg.

The LED dance floor display adopts seamless splicing to achieve a perfect picture, and all the functions make the installation easy, convenient and fast.

The whole floor tile screen is quickly installed with foot cups, which can adjust the flatness of the entire screen. The power supply and network are quickly connected by aviation plug.


Front Maintenance

Our LED dance floor display employs a front maintenance design and solution. This design allows for fast and easy maintenance and replacement of components.

Unlike traditional displays that require professional technicians and specific tools, our LED dance floor display can be easily maintained by anyone without the need for specialized knowledge or equipment.

This user-friendly approach ensures that customers can quickly resolve any issues or make necessary repairs, minimizing downtime and maximizing the usage of the LED dance floor display.


Strong load-bearing capacity

The exterior of the led floor tile screen is covered with an anti-collision, anti-skid, and anti-collision mask, and the load capacity per square meter reaches 2 tons.

The internal PCB and the surrounding area of the LED module, and the waterproof rubber ring adopt advanced glue-filling technology.

It offers a high degree of protection IP65 for indoor and outdoor applications.


High Contrast Ratio

The led dance floor screen used in the stage performance adopts high contrast, which can realize the visual effect of light and shadow interaction in the dark stage, which makes the whole stage interesting, enhances the viewing experience of the stage, and enjoys a majestic audio-visual feast.

The module uses high-quality crystal table lamp beads and high-refresh control IC. The LED lamp beads can reach 3000 brightness, which makes the LED dance floor display effect good.


PartItemP2.6 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 P6.25 
Pixel CompositionArrangement FormVertical
Pixel Pitch2.6mm2.976mm3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
Pixel Composition1R1G1B(Three in one)
Lamp Bead ModelSMD1415SMD1921SMD2727
Physical Density147656 dot/㎡112896 dot/㎡65536 dot/㎡43264 dot/㎡25600 dot/㎡
Cabinet Size500*500mm / 500*1000mm
Module Size250×250mm
Cabinet Weight8KG/Piece
Cabinet Thickness80mm(Including module thickness)


Product Document


A:LED floor tile light is a kind of ground lighting equipment integrated with LED light source. They are usually designed in the shape of bricks and can be embedded in the ground or walls to provide lighting effects or create decorative effects. LED floor tile lights have the characteristics of low energy consumption, long life, high brightness and adjustable colors. They are often used in indoor and outdoor landscape lighting, architectural lighting, road lighting and other places, and can add beauty and unique atmosphere to the environment.

A:LED floor tile lights and LED floor tile screens have the following differences:

1. Function: LED floor tile lights are mainly used for lighting and decorative effects, and can provide fixed-point lighting and local lighting effects. The LED floor tile screen is a kind of display screen that can play multimedia content such as pictures, texts, and videos.

2. Structure: LED floor tile lights usually have a fixed brick shape, which can be embedded in the ground or wall. The LED floor tile screen is composed of multiple LED modules to form a display screen that can be played continuously.

3. Application scenarios: LED floor tile lights are often used in indoor and outdoor landscape lighting, architectural lighting, road lighting and other places. LED floor tile screen is suitable for indoor or semi-outdoor billboards, exhibitions, shopping malls, stadiums and other places that need to display content.

In short, LED floor tile lights are mainly used for lighting and decoration, while LED floor tile screens are displays for displaying multimedia content.

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