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Interactive Floor LED Display

Interactive Floor LED Display Manufacturers

The interactive floor LED display is an emerging LED display product that has appeared in recent years in response to customer demand. Compared with ordinary LED display products, its most prominent feature is that it can sense the touch or movement of the human body and produce corresponding interactive effects, giving people bring novel interactive experiences.

  • Strong interaction
  • Load-bearing reinforced design
  • Three prevention treatment
  • Good anti-water accumulation effect

JYLED Interactive Floor LED Display

JYLED interactive floor LED display uses high-quality copper bracket lamp beads, the brightness and white balance can reach 800cd, and the soft light emission can match the white balance of wall indoor LED screens. Although it is used indoors, its front waterproof rating is IP65, and the back waterproof rating can also reach IP54.

The LED interactive floor tile screen is based on the floor tile screen and adds an interactive effect with users, thereby enhancing the user’s sense of experience and participation.

JYLED interactive floor LED display has two methods: external radar and built-in chip. The former uses the principle of infrared induction to make the screen interact with people. The latter is controlled by software and triggers the corresponding interactive function when people touch the screen.

  • Adopts LED technology, which has the effect of low power consumption and energy saving, and meets the standards of environmental protection.
  • The interactive floor LED display has various and flexible installation methods, and the cabinets can be arranged and combined to adapt to different places. Moreover, personalized designs can be formulated according to the different requirements of users to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Related Products Of Interactive Floor LED Display

Interactive Floor LED Display Interactive Floor Price
Interactive Floor Price

Affected by factors such as size, model, configuration, etc., the price of interactive floor LED displays is always different. In terms of the price of a single screen, the price of indoor interactive floor LED displays is around $520-930 per sqm. The specific and detailed prices need to be determined according to the specific project.

Interactive Floor LED Display Step Led Screen
Step LED Screen

The step LED screen is also a type of LED floor screen. It can be designed according to the characteristics of the building. The screens are seamlessly connected, showing unique artistry while being more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Interactive Floor LED Display P3.91 Interactive Floor Led Display

The P3.91 interactive floor LED display is the most popular one among customers. Its pixel pitch is universal for most application scenarios, the image is clear and vivid, the visual effect is good, and it can meet the full-meter size requirements of most customers.

Interactive Floor LED Display Immersive Led Display

The immersive LED display has delicate and vivid ultra-high-definition image effects and is often used in museums, exhibition halls, convention and exhibition centers, and large cinemas. It allows visitors to be immersed in the scene and experience it in an all-round way.

LED Dance Floor Display Installed In The Hotel

The LED dance floor tile display is a special LED display specially made for dance studios, bars, stages and other scenes. It has a strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for singing, dancing, etc. on it.

The effect of the interactive floor tile screen used in the Science museum

Many exhibition halls, space halls, are using interactive LED floor to enhance the sense of technology in the museum.

Creative LED display and interactive floor tile screen display effect

It can be combined with other creative LED displays to form more unique and unique scenes.

The display effect of the corridor using the interactive floor tile screen

Interactive LED floor can decorate the ground and make it more beautiful.

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Advantages Of Interactive Floor LED Display

Creativity icon
Full Of Creativity

The interactive LED floor can not only display a variety of creative images, but can also be paired with other creative displays to create more distinctive scenes.

Flexibility icon
High Flexibility

Interactive LED floors can be used in shopping malls, restaurants, science and technology museums and other places, and are very flexible.

magnet icon
Magnetic Design

Like traditional displays, the interactive LED floor also has a magnetic design. Modules that need maintenance can be sucked out directly through a suction cup.

Ultra Clear Display icon
Modular Splicing

Modular splicing can be carried out according to the application area, so that whether you want a larger or smaller one, you can easily achieve it.

Interactive Floor LED Display Good Load Bearing Performance
Good Load-bearing Performance

The thickness of the interactive floor LED display cabinet is 1.6mm, and the load-bearing design is strengthened. The screen load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5T. There is no need to worry about the screen collapse caused by too many people. Even if a car gets on it, it will not deform.

Interactive Floor LED Display Comprehensive Three Defenses
Comprehensive Three Defenses

The PCB board, both sides of the power supply, and both sides of the module of the interactive floor LED display are all three-proof, that is, waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. In this way, when the interactive floor LED display is used in humid environments such as bars, it can effectively prevent the PCB lamp bead surface from getting damp, improve the service life of the screen, and improve the customer experience.

Interactive Floor LED Display Anti Water Accumulation Design
Anti-water Accumulation Design

The cabinet of the interactive floor LED display is designed with drainage points during production, so that water on the surface can leak out in time. In addition, the modules of the interactive floor LED display are also designed with surrounding glue to prevent water from seeping back into the module.

Interactive Floor LED Display Sensitive Interactive Effect
Sensitive Interactive Effect

The interactive floor LED display responds to user operations in a timely manner and provides feedback. It can accurately sense the touch of fingers or other parts of the human body and produce corresponding interactive effects, allowing users to feel the natural and smooth connection of the images during use.

Radar Interaction

Radar interaction is one of the interactive methods of interactive floor LED displays. It adds radar settings to the surface of ordinary floor LED displays to achieve interactive effects.

The coverage diameter of a radar is about 10m, but this interactive method is more suitable for small-area interactive floor LED displays, and because it is external, if there are too many people, it may block the radar from sensing other people. Therefore, it is not very suitable for use in dance clubs and bars where people are more crowded.

However, its cost will be relatively lower, so customers who only need a small-area interactive floor LED display and have a low budget can choose this interactive solution.

Interactive Floor LED Display Built In Chip Interaction
Interactive Floor LED Display Radar Interaction

Built-in Chip Interaction

Built-in chip interaction is the most commonly used interaction method for interactive floor LED displays today. It has a built-in chip in the module of the floor LED display.

Usually, there are 8–10 chips built into a module to ensure that every area is covered. This interactive method is applicable regardless of whether the screen area is large or small, and is more responsive. Even if there are many people, each user’s operation can be accurately captured.

The cost of this solution is a little higher than that of radar interaction, but the interactive effect and experience will be better. Customers can choose rationally according to their own needs and budget.

High Protection Performance & Easy Maintenance

Due to the particularity of the installation location of interactive LED floor, it is generally designed with special materials and structures to have waterproof and dustproof effects, and can withstand long-term use and the test of the external environment.

At the same time, the particularity of the composition of the LED display also makes it easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the LED interactive floor.

  •  Ip65 waterproof
  • Interaction between external radar and built-in chip
  • The infrared sensing principle allows the screen to interact with people
Children In A Mall Play On An Interactive Floor Tile LED Display

JYLED Factory Advantages

Interactive Floor LED Display SMD Factory

JYLED has its own production and assembly workshops in Dongguan and Shenzhen, with complete production lines and hundreds of employees. It is mainly divided into several major departments such as production, sales, technology, and after-sales. The daily output of Led modules can reach tens of thousands, easily meeting your needs.

Interactive Floor LED Display Factory Led Module

After LED module is produced, 48 hours of LED module testing and aging will be carried out to screen LED module to ensure the quality of LED module. Similarly, after the LED screen assembly is completed, 72 hours of aging and testing will be carried out to check the suitability of LED module, power supply, receiving card and other accessories, and debug the entire LED screen to ensure that the product received by the customer will be the most perfect of.

Interactive Floor LED Display Flight Case

The interactive floor LED display can be packaged in wooden cases or flight cases, but generally speaking we will use flight cases to pack the interactive floor LED display, because the weight of the floor LED display is heavier than that of ordinary LED displays. Use The flight case can be easily moved during installation, making it more convenient.

Interactive Floor LED Display Transportation

Interactive floor LED displays are generally shipped by sea. If you want to use other methods, such as air transportation or land transportation, you can do it. We have professional freight forwarders who have cooperated with us for more than ten years. We can go directly door to door or to the port. You don’t need to worry about any transportation problems.

Application Scenarios Of Interactive Floor LED Display

Interactive Floor LED Display Dance Hall
Dance Hall

The dance hall is the most commonly used place for interactive floor LED displays. While participants enjoy the dance, the interactive floor LED displays can experience the novelty of the ground interacting with the rhythm, thereby attracting more people to participate and consume.

Interactive Floor LED Display Bar

In order to increase the atmosphere of the bar and improve customers’ sense of participation and experience, bars often install interactive floor LED displays, even on the bar counter or wall, to make the entire bar feel more harmonious and immerse customers in it.

Interactive Floor LED Display Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall

Nowadays, interactive floor LED displays can also be seen in the centers of many large shopping malls or children’s centers. With its novel design and unique interactive functions, it has become a check-in point in the mall, attracting many people to stop and bringing high popularity to the mall.

Interactive Floor LED Display Winter Olympics
JYLED, Your Most Trustworthy Interactive Floor LED Display Manufacturer

JYLED is a top interactive floor LED display manufacturer with rich experience in the design, production and installation of interactive floor LED displays. It has participated in countless large and small interactive floor LED display projects. We look forward to developing the most unique project for you!

Module size (mm)250×250
Module resolution (dot)84×8464×6452×5240×40
Cabinet size (mm)500×1000/500×500
Density (dot/㎡)112896654104322225600
Max.power consumption(w)800800800800
Average power consumption(w)400400400400
Cabinet weight (kg)25
Cabinet materialIron/Die-Casting Aluminum
IP rateIP65(Front waterproofing)
Refresh rate (hz)1920/3840
Horizontal viewing angle120°
Vertical viewing angle120°
Input voltageAC110V-AC220V
Life span(H)100000
  • I bought it and put it in the dance hall. The effect is very good. My friends also like it very much and ask me where I bought it.

    Ane Zano
  • I was a little confused after receiving the installation drawings. Thank you to the engineer for his patient explanation and guidance.

    Juan Aguilera
  • This company is awesome! Worked to build our vision and communication was perfect. Service after the sale was immediate, and we were up and running immediately!

    Rachid Addouche

Product model: P2.976, P3.91,P4.81

Dimensions: 250*250mm

Practical scope: interactive floor LED display products are used in stage, concert, shopping mall, performance, bar, disco, shopping center and other fields.

JYLED provides you with better quality interactive LED floor tiles.

JYLED Support 2 Tons Of Load Bearing
JYLED Support 2 Tons Of Load Bearing

200 sets of materials2 tons of load-bearingscratch-resistant maskhigh-definition, three-year warranty

About the JYLED interactive floor LED display, our advantage, More than 200 interactive materials can be switched at will

Contains all Internet celebrity special effects to attract more popularity

Including Waves, Flowers, Grass And Other Display Effects
Including Waves, Flowers, Grass And Other Display Effects

Internet celebrity ocean wave beach LED floor tile screen effect

Internet Celebrity Ocean Wave Beach LED Floor Tile Screen Effect
LED floor tile screen water ripple fish special effect
  • Sensitive LED floor tile screen interactive system
  • Multitouch, no interference from light,
  • There is no delay in the interaction effect, and the user experience is better
The LED Floor Tile Screen Enables Some Interactive Games
The LED Floor Tile Screen Enables Some Interactive Games

More high-definition led floor tile screen

3.91mm lamp bead spacing, smaller spacing, 65536 dots per square

More high-definition, to capture every detail, enjoy the image quality

LED Floor Tile Screen Car Rolling Test
LED Floor Tile Screen Car Rolling Test

2 tons high load-bearing capacity

The professional structure design ensures that the LED floor tile screen can bear 2 tons per square meter,

Can be trampled arbitrarily

Interactive floor tile screen

Special Masks Are Water And Dust Resistant
Special Masks Are Water And Dust Resistant

Anti-scratch mask design

Special mask, non-slip, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

LED ground screen

More convenient installation and maintenance

500*500 die-cast aluminum cabinet, front maintenance design

Easy to install, easy to maintain, faster and cost-saving

Front Maintenance Design For Easy Module Replacement
Front Maintenance Design For Easy Module Replacement

LED induction floor tile screen

More energy-saving and environmentally friendly led floor tile screen saves costs for you

From the driver IC, the bottom shell of the module to the box, the heat dissipation design is from the inside to the outside.

LED Floor Tile Screen Factory Workers Are Testing LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen Factory Workers Are Testing LED Floor Tile Screen

The driver IC is equipped with heat dissipation material, internal thermal conductivity,

The die-cast aluminum cabinet has good heat dissipation, and the application of high-efficiency power supplies reduces output.

LED floor tile screen specifications

Product model:P3.91Pixel pitch:3.90625mm
Pixel composition:SMD1921Pixel density:65536dot/㎡
Module size:250×250mmModule resolution:64×64dot
Box size:500×500×75mmCabinet resolution:128×128dot
Box weight:11.5kgBearing capacity:1.5T/㎡
Protection level:IP65/IP43Use environment:indoor/outdoor
Brightness level:1000~3000CD/㎡Face mask:brown/creamy white
Viewing angle:120°/120°Gray level:14bit
Maximum power:640W/㎡Average power:215W/㎡
Refresh rate:≥1920HzInput power:AC110~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Why LED floor tiles are mainly installed in bars and shopping malls, can they be installed in other places?

The LED floor tile screen is named because it is spread on the ground like tiles to display pictures. Its main application scenarios are bars, shopping malls and other entertainment venues. So, why LED floor tiles are mainly installed in bars and shopping malls, can they be installed in other places? Let us take a look together below.
First, we need to know that the LED floor tile screen has some of the above characteristics. We can expand some of our ideas for these characteristics. In this way, we will also understand where the LED floor tile screen is suitable.

Features of JYLED’s full-color interactive floor LED display:

  1. Using high-quality LED lamp beads, uniform light emission, wide viewing angle
  2. The interaction between people and the LED floor tile screen can be realized after customizing the interactive plan
  3. Patented bottom shell mask design, non-slip, anti-glare
  4. High level of protection, no fear of splashing alcohol or accidental rain
  5. High-strength load-bearing capacity, up to 2 tons per square meter
  6. The installation is convenient and fast, and it can be used for indoor and outdoor rental screens, realizing one screen for multiple purposes
  7. The face shield and the bottom shell are seamlessly combined, and the surface has no screw holes. The company’s private mold kit and face shield are waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

JYLED also has an LED interactive floor tile screen product: LED interactive floor tile screen is also called LED intelligent dynamic floor, which can interact with people in real time and achieve a variety of special effects, such as broken glass, fish walking, waves hitting the shore, and feet. Bottom raw flowers and so on. Like some of the short online celebrity videos we often see, many of them are derived from this LED interactive floor tile screen, so we can summarize the following experiences.
·Shopping mall drainage
Shopping malls from location selection, to holding festivals, membership cards, to group promotions, etc. are all for more passenger flow. Nowadays, the emergence of LED interactive floor tiles can make drainage activities twice the result with half the effort. Shining floor tiles and interactive screens will attract more attention and increase passenger flow.
·stage effects
Traditional stage performance effects are generally lights hanging in the air, and there are few interactive effects on the ground. Now, the emergence of interactive floor tiles has changed this situation. Through real-time interaction between actors and floor tiles, the stage performance is more interesting and the viewability of the stage performance is improved.
We go to travel, go to the Red Education Base, go to mountain villages, go to parks, go mountain climbing, go to see the sea, go to see trees, go to see flowers, etc. We often see places of interest and historical sites, which are all things with a sense of nature and history. If equipped with an interactive floor tile screen with a sense of science and technology, I believe it will bring visitors an experience of “shock” and “extra value”, which will be very helpful to the reputation of tourist attractions.

Through the above content, we can find that the LED floor tile screen is not only suitable for bars and shopping malls, including some scenic spots, or want to have some interactive experience at home, are very suitable. The reason for the illusion that the LED floor tile screen is only suitable for bars and shopping malls is mainly because these two places are more used, so it is not surprising that it will have such a feeling.

About interactive floor LED display price

Because interactive floor tiles are custom-made products, just like we assemble our own desktop computers, the price of interactive floor tiles will vary due to many factors, including screen size, pixel density, material quality, functional features, and more. In addition, different suppliers and regions will also have an impact on the price. Therefore, an exact price cannot be provided.

Generally speaking, the price of interactive floor tiles with smaller size is relatively low, while the price of screens with larger size and high pixel density is higher. In addition, some advanced features such as radar interaction, automatic brightness adjustment, etc. will also increase the price.

If you have specific requirements for interactive floor tile screens, it is recommended that you contact us directly via email sale20@sz-ledscreen.com for specific price information. We have a large selection of LED floor tile screens for sale, and We will be able to provide detailed quotations and product information according to your needs.

What scenarios are interactive floor LED displays suitable for?

interactive floor LED displays are very suitable for use in shopping malls, amusement parks, arcades, KTV and other entertainment venues.

What is the difference between external radar and built-in chip interaction?

At present, most of the interactive floor screens will directly use the built-in chip method, which has higher interaction sensitivity and accuracy, but the cost of this method will be higher; the external radar method can reduce the cost to a certain extent, but the sensitivity is not as good as the built-in chip, and the scanning range and application scenarios are limited.

Is the interactive floor LED display hard to keep clean?

Easy to clean. Just need to clean like normal floor.

What is interactive floor LED display?

The LED interactive floor is a novel display product, which perfectly combines LED display technology and floor tiles to create a unique visual effect. It has the characteristics of unique design, high protection performance, durability and flexible installation.

Like most LED display products, it is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as squares, commercial blocks, scenic spots, entertainment venues, etc., to display advertisements, publicity information, navigation guidance, etc.

How to clean the interactive floor LED display?

Just mop it like a regular floor. The surface of the interactive floor LED display has been specially treated to make it strong and waterproof, but you need to avoid soaking it in water.

How does the interactive floor LED display dissipate heat?

There is a cooling fan installed per 3sqm in the interactive floor LED display, which can effectively dissipate heat during operation.

Why does the area between the interactive floor LED display modules look deformed or bulging?

Because the surface of the module of the interactive floor LED display has been specially treated, in order to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, gaps must be left between modules. This illusion will occur when we look at the gap area of the screen from different viewing angles.

Can interactive floor LED displays be used outdoors?

Currently, most interactive floor LED displays are used indoors, but some can also be used outdoors.

Can the interactive floor LED display be made into various shapes?

Yes. JYLED can customize interactive floor LED displays of different shapes according to your needs.

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