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Trade Show Displays

Trade Show LED Displays

Stand out among numerous trade show booths by using high-definition and high-brightness trade show LED displays. With its unique modular design, it can be installed in various ways, allowing you to place it at any position within the exhibition booth.

Benefits of Using LED Displays for Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows often represent significant expenses for many businesses. How to make the most of these exhibitions and attract more target customers is a challenge for many exhibitors.

Using trade show LED displays is a crucial way to win more attention from your target audience.
With years of experience in exhibition construction, we can help you seamlessly integrate LED display panels with different parts of your booth.

Related Products of Trade Show LED Displays

Creative Trade Show LED Display

Customized with special soft modules, these displays offer various creative shapes, making booths lively and interesting.

Acrylic Trade Show LED Display
Acrylic Trade Show LED Display

Wrapped in acrylic sheets, these displays can withstand accidental collisions, preventing display malfunctions.

Large Format LED Video Wall

Covering all sides of large booths, these video walls provide immersive visual experiences.

Trade Show LED Displays

Directly displayed or suspended above booths, these LED banners quickly catch the attention of target customers, leaving a good impression.

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Advantages of Using LED Displays for Trade Show Booths

Extensive Use icon
Perfect Adaptation

We can customize perfect solutions according to the size of your booth, manufacturing LED displays that meet your requirements.

Easy to install icon
Quick Installation

Trade show LED displays can be easily assembled and disassembled, saving you time and effort during setup.

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Remote Support

If you encounter any issues while using trade show LED displays, you can contact us anytime for continuous remote support.

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Value for Money

With reasonable prices and excellent quality, JYLED ensures that the trade show LED displays you purchase provide excellent value for money.

Professional Design for Exhibitions

JYLED has innovative ideas and experience in designing various styles of LED display trade shows:

  • Single-sided booth design
  • Double-sided booth design
  • Four-sided booth design
  • Immersive booth design
Exhibition LED Display Effect
Flexible LED Display Is Used In The Exhibition

Support for Any Type of LED Display Customization

As booth sizes vary, we usually customize LED displays based on the area you provide. You can choose from fixed, rental, transparent, or flexible LED displays for customization.
For the model, you can select the most suitable pixel pitch, ranging from P2.5 to P6, depending on the viewing distance. If you require finer display images, you can opt for smaller pixel pitches like P1.25 or P1.667.

Professional Guidance for Hassle-Free Setup

While many trade show LED displays are typically small and easy to set up, larger displays may pose challenges for exhibitors during construction.

However, you don’t need to worry. Our professional technical team will guide you through the construction process step by step, enabling you to solve setup problems quickly and easily.

Professional Guidance For Hassle Free Setup

Different Installation Methods of Trade Show LED Displays

Trade Show LED Display

Ceiling-mounted trade show LED displays are the most common method in exhibitions. It is suitable to be placed above the exhibition booth to display the exhibitor’s corporate information.

Trade Show Video Displays
LED Background Wall

The LED wall needs to first build a steel structure according to the direction you want to display, and then splice the LED cabinet to the built steel structure.

Led Trade Show
Fixed Installation

In order to save the process of disassembly and installation for each exhibition, some large brand exhibitors will rent a fixed booth for their own time.

Backlit Trade Show Displays
Excellent Trade Show LED Display High-Definition Effect Makes Your Booth Shiny and Dazzling
Recommended Models
Module size(mm)250×250250×250250×250
Module resolution (dot)96×9684×8464×64
InstallationHanging/Back Support
Cabinet size(mm)500*500mm/500*1000mm
Max. Power Consumption(W)800
Average Power Consumption(W)400
Cabinet weight (kg)7.5kg
Cabinet materialDie-casting aluminum
IP rateIP31
Refresh rate(hz)1920-3840
Frame change frequency50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°
Best viewing distance>2.6m>3m>4m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current5.0-7.05.0-7.06.0-7.5
Life span (H)≥100,000


  • Since using trade show LED displays at our exhibitions, the number of people coming to our booth to learn more has doubled, and we even got a big customer at an exhibition.​

    Axl McCoy
  • Although we purchased it specifically for the exhibition, in fact, we also install it and use it when holding some small events.

    Major Perez
  • Trade show LED displays always allow our booth to attract customers’ attention immediately. While others were still distributing flyers to customers at the exhibition, we were already too busy!

    Hunter Wilson
Why Choose JYLED Trade Show LED Displays?

Over the decades, JYLED has provided satisfactory solutions for hundreds of exhibitors worldwide. We always stay ahead in research and development, offering new LED display solutions for different fields.

Can Trade Show LED Displays Be Reused?

Yes, we offer rental LED displays specifically for exhibitions. These displays can be quickly disassembled and packed into flight cases. When needed again, simply unpack and repeat the setup process.

Is it More Cost-Effective to Purchase or Rent LED Displays for Exhibitions?

From a long-term perspective, purchasing LED displays is more cost-effective than renting. LED displays can be used not only for exhibitions but also for various events like graduation parties, weddings, and stage performances.

Are Trade Show LED Displays Waterproof?

Trade show LED displays are generally used indoors and are not waterproof. If you need a product for both indoor and outdoor use, you can contact us for customization.

Can LED Displays be Spliced if the Ordered Size is Insufficient?

We usually provide some spare modules with shipments. Therefore, if there is a slight difference in size, splicing can be done.

However, excessive splicing is not recommended as it may exceed the load capacity of the video processor, resulting in the inability to display images properly.

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