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Trade Show Displays

Trade Show LED Display

JYLED trade show LED display makes your brand the most shining presence in the exhibition.

Introduction to the Characteristics of Trade Show LED Displays

Easy to install icon
Easy to Disassemble

Exhibitors who are familiar with rental LED cabinets know that the biggest feature of this kind of LED cabinet is that it is easy to set up and disassemble, which saves a lot of time for exhibitors participating in exhibition activities.

Extensive Use icon
Convenient Content Replacement

In order to facilitate users to change the content after purchasing a trade show LED display, we have made the trade show LED display very simple. You only need to connect to the same network to change the content through your mobile phone.

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HD Display

If there are no special requirements, trade show LED displays are usually made of fine-pitch LED modules, so the image is very high-resolution even when viewed from a short distance.

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Repeated Use

Because it is easy to disassemble and sturdy and durable quality, the trade show LED display can be reused in other subsequent exhibitions after being disassembled.

JYLED Trade Show LED Display Uses Advanced Materials to be More Stable

The LED lamp beads used in the LED display at the JYLED exhibition are high-quality copper wires imported from Germany, so they will last longer than most LED displays on the market.

According to some of our customer feedback, our trade show LED displays have been used for more than 5 years and there are still no problems. However, products produced by other companies during the same period have experienced many problems, such as missing images and the inability to replace content. , can only be replaced.

Exhibition LED Display Effect
Flexible LED Display Is Used In The Exhibition

Flat, Creative, Multiple Optional Types

In addition to some flat trade show LED displays, we can also make various creative types of LED displays to make your exhibition location more eye-catching and prominent, making your visitors’ eyes brighter.

Different Installation Methods of Trade Show LED Displays

Trade Show LED Display

Ceiling-mounted trade show LED displays are the most common method in exhibitions. It is suitable to be placed above the exhibition booth to display the exhibitor’s corporate information.

Trade Show Video Displays
LED Background Wall

The LED wall needs to first build a steel structure according to the direction you want to display, and then splice the LED cabinet to the built steel structure.

Led Trade Show
Fixed Installation

In order to save the process of disassembly and installation for each exhibition, some large brand exhibitors will rent a fixed booth for their own time.

Backlit Trade Show Displays
Excellent Trade Show LED Display High-Definition Effect Makes Your Booth Shiny and Dazzling
  • Since using trade show LED displays at our exhibitions, the number of people coming to our booth to learn more has doubled, and we even got a big customer at an exhibition.​

    Axl McCoy
  • Although we purchased it specifically for the exhibition, in fact, we also install it and use it when holding some small events.

    Major Perez
  • Trade show LED displays always allow our booth to attract customers’ attention immediately. While others were still distributing flyers to customers at the exhibition, we were already too busy!

    Hunter Wilson
Can trade show LED displays be used elsewhere?

Yes, the trade show LED display can be used in other places after being disassembled. For example, the disassembled trade show LED display can be used to build a simple podium for corporate training or company information training.

What is the difference between trade show LED display and conventional LED display?

Most conventional LED displays are not removable, so being able to disassemble and move them is something that other conventional LED displays do not have.

Secondly, the trade show LED display has a relatively short viewing distance, so it is necessary to use high-definition LED modules for splicing to achieve the best effect.

What is used to control the trade show LED display?

We generally control trade show LED displays through computers and transmit high-definition video sources in real time to show better effects.

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