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What is P4 resolution?

The P4 LED display is a widely used electronic display in our daily lives. Its unit board measures 256X128mm, with a P4 resolution of 64*32, which offers 2048 points of resolution. This type of display is highly versatile, serving both indoor and outdoor applications.

The indoor P4 LED display is designed for indoor use, while the outdoor P4 LED display is specifically designed for outdoor environments.

It should be noted that the materials used for outdoor LED displays and indoor LED displays are different. The outdoor price is often much more expensive than the indoor price. After all, the outdoor LED display has added waterproof and dustproof effects, and the brightness is also It is much higher than the indoor one, so the price difference between the two is relatively far. It is worth mentioning that the outdoor LED can be used indoors, but the indoor one cannot be used outdoors. Next, we will make a LED P4 for outdoor use. More detailed introduction.

Basic introduction of outdoor P4 LED full color display

The packaging method used in the outdoor P4 full-color LED display is SMD surface mount 1921 lamp beads three-in-one, mainly composed of three colors red, green and blue;

In the range of one square meter, it is easy to accommodate 62,500 pixels, and each pixel is an LED lamp bead, which means that there are 62,500 lamp beads in one square meter;

The distance between each lamp bead and the lamp bead is 4mm, so it is called P4. If the distance between each lamp bead and the lamp bead is 5mm, it is called P5, and so on;

The scanning mode is 8 scans, and the power consumption of one square meter is about 500 watts per square meter;

Novel mask setting, color mixing is more uniform, high-density pixels make the picture quality clearer and the viewing angle wider;

P4 Outdoor LED Display
P4 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor P4 full color LED display product features:

★The outdoor P4 LED display adopts internationally renowned LED chips and high-quality lamp beads; it has high brightness, viewing angle, and good color consistency; it uses an internationally renowned driver IC, and the parameter fluctuation coefficient is small; the PCB board adopts a large-scale The integrated circuit design has good stability.

The new mask design of the P4 LED outdoor display screen makes the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection, ensuring the display effect of the screen body

The use efficiency of the P4 outdoor LED display screen switching power supply is greatly improved, reducing the power failure rate

★P4 outdoor full-color display screen cancels the aviation head wiring, and adopts the wishbone bus wiring method, which greatly reduces problems such as poor contact;

★The outdoor P4 full-color display uses a special waterproof box, which can be displayed outdoors all day long without any problems. It can withstand various outdoor harsh weather and environments, even in an environment of minus 20 degrees, it can still be well Work;

★The flatness of the installation surface of the outdoor P4 display module is required to be controlled within plus or minus 0.2mm, and the flatness of the entire screen is good;

★The P4 outdoor display circuit board adopts a wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier, which prevents the circuit from being wet and oxidized and improves the service life;

★P4 outdoor LED full-color display screen adopts special heat-conducting potting silica gel on the front, and spray three-proof paint on the back for protection and double waterproof protection, which makes the product more weather-resistant and heat-dissipating faster; the unique design of drainage holes reduces the risk of damage caused by steel Structural defects cause the module to enter the water and cause the module to be damaged, which improves the self-protection ability of the module and further guarantees the service life of the display screen;

★Compared with outdoor direct plug-in full-color products, outdoor surface mount series products are lighter, which brings convenience to assembly, transportation and later maintenance, saving time and effort;

★P4 outdoor LED display has the high-performance waterproof and dustproof capability of IP65 or above

P4 Outdoor LED Displays
P4 Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor P4 full color LED display product advantages:

1. Outdoor P4 LED full-color display screen has a large screen, supervision, high brightness, and prominent advertising image.

2. The outdoor P4 LED display advertising video is broadcast more frequently every day, and repeatedly transmits various information of the business to further increase the audience rate of the advertisement.

3. The matching consistency of the three brightnesses of red, green and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator, while the full-color SMD is designed with a three-in-one structure, with three red, green and blue chips. All in one bracket bowl, so the matching consistency of red, green and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the brightness matching consistency of outdoor full-color SMD display at any angle is very consistent well, to achieve better color fidelity.

4. The adjustable advertising screen of the P4 LED outdoor full-color display can be changed at any time according to the needs of customers, and the latest content can be inserted at any time.

5. The front of the P4 outdoor full-color display module is filled with high-quality imported glue, and there is a waterproof rubber ring on the back to improve the waterproof performance of the display;

6. Self-made programs, and can play advertisement videos suitable for the environment at will.

7. Various shapes: can be made into rectangles, squares, arcs, circles and other customized designs

8. The outdoor P4 full-color display adopts VGA synchronization technology, the content is synchronized with the CRT, and the replacement of advertising content is simple and convenient;

Outdoor P4 full color LED display application range:

P4 outdoor full-color LED display, due to its relatively large point spacing, can be used in many fields. Mainly widely used in business centers, shopping centers, media centers, commercial streets, leisure and cultural squares, entertainment squares, railway stations, aircraft Fields, passenger stations, etc.

Outdoor P4 full color LED display supporting box:

Cabinet size: 768*768mm

★Aluminum casting process: beautiful appearance, good consistency, high splicing precision;

★All-aluminum material: lightweight, good heat dissipation;

★Air connection: quick installation, flexible wiring, stable performance;

★Hand installation: lock design, can be installed without tools.

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