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Modular LED Screen

Modular LED screens use flexible components, so you can choose any model to splice different sizes. And you can choose indoor or outdoor LED cabinets for splicing in different application scenarios.

Modular LED Screen Cabinet Type

Depending on the application and solution, we can select the appropriate LED cabinet from the list below to achieve perfect modular combination and splicing.

Indoor Ultra Clear Modular LED Cabinet

It is mainly an integrated solution for indoor use. Large-size, ultra-high-definition indoor LED displays can be spliced through indoor ultra-high-definition modular LED cabinets.

Outdoor Advertising LED Cabient For Giant Screen

Giant-screen advertisements such as large-scale stage performances and commercial advertisements can be assembled and spliced together through modular LED cabinets.

L Shaped Modular LED Cabient

This is a modular cabinet specially designed to achieve 3D effects as a 3D LED display. It can be found in many famous landmark buildings.

Transparent Modular LED Cabinet

Using transparent modular LED cabinets, you can create a stylish and technological picture, which can be seen in jewelry stores, car sales stores and other scenes.

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Technical Highlights of Modular LED Screen

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Easy Splicing

There is no need to learn complicated techniques and concepts, you can quickly splice the entire screen.

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Infinite Splicing

Regardless of the size of the screen, our modular LED screens can be continuously spliced.

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Front and Back Maintenance

The modular LED screen is not only easy to use when splicing, but also supports the maintenance of front and back channels.

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Optional Models and Sizes

You can arbitrarily choose LED modules above 1mm, and then match them with different cabinets, LED control systems, etc.

Adopting Common Cathode Technology, More Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly

JYLED modular LED screen adopts common cathode technology, which reduces the forward voltage drop of LED lamp beads and reduces the internal resistance of conduction, thereby achieving lower power consumption.

Lower power consumption means less electricity consumption. While reducing electricity costs, it can also reduce carbon emissions and make a positive contribution to a green future.

Common Cathode Technique
Optional Fixed And Portable

Optional Fixed and Portable

Due to different construction plans, we may usually encounter some long-term fixed use scenarios or some temporary use scenarios. JYLED provides two solutions for this.

If you want long-term fixed use, you can choose a fixed modular LED screen solution. If it is only used temporarily or needs to be moved to other places for display without interruption, then a portable modular LED screen solution will be a better choice.


Application Scenarios of Modular LED Screens

The modular LED screens provided by JYLED have a variety of customization options and are suitable for the following applications:

  • active events
  • grand festival
  • large commercial advertising
  • stage performance
  • press conference
  • large gathering, etc.
Panoramic Overview Of Stage Rental Display
Does a modular LED display require the use of special modules?

Yes, modular LED displays use different modules according to different types. For example, flexible modular LED displays require flexible LED modules, which cannot be matched normally using conventional LED modules.

How to connect two modular LED cabinets?

The modular LED display can connect two cabinets together through the power plug to provide even power supply. The load of the screen is directly proportional to the number of power supplies. Generally, one power supply can carry 4 cabinets.

How does the modular LED screen achieve rainproof effect?

The main reason is that the modules and cabinets used are different. The rainproof modular LED screen uses standard outdoor modules and outdoor cabinets.

First of all, the outdoor module has a rubber waterproof ring, and secondly, its cabinet has rainproof eaves and multiple drainage holes, which can well block rainwater. In case there is rainwater splashing into it, it can be drained well.

Can modular LED screens be customized with my logo?

Yes, we are LED display screen manufacturers and can customize your logo onto the casing according to your requirements. Other aspects such as color and appearance can also be customized.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with modular LED screens?

No need to worry, we have a professional technical team that can assist you with any issues you encounter while using LED display screens. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

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