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JYLED Smart Folding LED Display

JYLED smart folding LED display is a system solution integrating folding and automatic upgrade. Not only can it achieve 360° folding, but it also supports remote control to update information.

Types of Foldable LED Display

In response to different scenarios and customer needs, JYLED has developed 4 different types of folding LED displays.

Portable Folding Led Display
Portable Folding LED Display

The portable folding LED display is a thin, light and portable LED display. It can fold the LED display into a special flight case and move it anywhere where content needs to be displayed.

Rental Folding LED Display
Rental Folding LED Display

The rental folding LED display is an LED display specially developed for stages, concerts and other events. It can quickly build a large rental LED background wall without building a structure.

Magnetic Folding LED Display
Magnetic Folding LED Display

When something is not suitable for drilling holes, but you want to install it on the wall, the magnetic folding LED display will be a very good choice. After it is attached to the wall, it usually needs to be removed with a suction cup.

Creative Folding LED Display
Creative Folding LED Display

Creative folding LED displays can be creatively spliced to form a more fashionable and unique shape. This shape is very suitable for use in bars, art galleries and other places that need to attract the audience’s attention.

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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Foldable LED Display

Foldable Icon

A single folding LED display can be 12mm thick, and one square meter of folded LED display is only 153mm, which is much thinner than a common LED poster screen. As you can imagine, with such a thin thickness, the space that can be saved is huge.

Ultrathin Icon
Ultra Thin

The vast majority of LED displays cannot be folded, which can easily damage the structure of the PCB circuit board. Although the flexible LED crystal film supports small bends, it can be folded in half. Currently, only folding LED displays can achieve this.

Lightweight Icon

The lightweight structure allows you to install it anywhere, such as car shows, outside shops, tourist attractions, etc. And it weighs less than a quarter of an iron cabinet, so it’s very easy and simple to move it wherever you want.

No Installation Icon
No Frame

We all know that if you want to install an LED display, the structure must be welded first to bear the weight of the screen. However, the folding LED display does not have a box and can be supported when unfolded, so there is no need for additional cast steel structures.

Easy to Expand and Convenient to Store

The foldable LED display can be freely retracted and stored very conveniently and flexibly. It also supports the use of a dedicated remote control for control, which is the biggest feature that other LED displays do not have.

Adjustable Folding LED Display
Wall Hanging Folding LED Display

Infinite Splicing and Free Control

Multiple folding LED displays can be continuously stacked to form a huge LED wall. When not in use, it can be easily disassembled. Generally, one person can easily complete it in just a few simple steps.

As a Rolling Shutter Door

The folding LED display screen can be rolled up or retracted like a rolling shutter door or a projection screen. Therefore, many businesses will make it into a rolling shutter door style. When closed, it can continuously display advertising information. It is a very novel way of advertising display.

Rolling Gate Folding LED Display
Pitch (mm)P6P7.8P10P12P20
WaterproofIndoor IP43/IP54Indoor IP43/IP54Indoor IP43/IP54Outdoor IP54/IP65Indoor IP43Indoor IP43/IP54Indoor IP43
LED typeSMD3528SMD3528SMD3528SMD3535SMD3528SMD3528SMD3528
Scan mode168168884
Max brightness (nits)200040001000650015001000500
Operating voltageDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24VDC5VDC24VDC5V
Average power(w/㎡)150310902001107555
Max refresh rate(kHz)40008000400080008000800016000
Unit size (mm*mm)192*192250*250160*160192*192160*160
Single-sided thickness (mm)1518.511159
Double-side thickness (mm)2329222318
Weight (kg/㎡)<10<9<9<9<8
Foldable angle360°
Quick MaintenanceNoNoNoNoNo
Max Length of Control Box6m8m4m12m8m
Connection type2+14pin (Main)/50pin (Option)
Why can foldable LED displays be folded?

The folding LED display uses a flexible material that can be folded freely, and a rotating shaft and rotating rod are designed between each screen, similar to the hinge device on a cabinet.

Why can’t some folding LED displays be clearly seen from another angle?

The viewing angle of the folding LED screen is an important experience for evaluating the display effect. It is mainly affected by the manufacturing process.

The viewing angle of the folding LED display is full range. In other words, even if it is rolled up, it will not affect the display effect of the screen. The reason why some folding LED displays cannot be seen clearly from another angle is because for some LED display manufacturers with loose requirements, the flatness of the folding LED displays they produce does not meet the standard (the flatness is not high enough). Less than 1mm), so the final product has a small viewing angle. If you look at it from another angle, you will not be able to achieve a good viewing effect.

How to make foldable LED displays more high-definition?
  • Replace the product with a smaller model. The size of the model determines the viewing effect at close range and also makes the screen more high-definition.
  • Increase the brightness appropriately. Appropriately increasing the brightness can make the picture more beautiful, giving people a higher-definition feeling.
  • Use better ICs. Better ICs can display more colors, thus achieving more high-definition and realistic picture effects.
Is folding LED display suitable for use in the sports field?

The folding LED display has all the functions of an LED display, so it can also be used as a real-time display tool for large stadiums or sports events.

Does the foldable LED display support outdoor use?

Yes, we have folding LED displays specifically for outdoor use, you can submit your information and our professional team will contact you soon.

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