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Hexagonal LED Screen Background Image

Hexagon LED Screen Custom Solution

Hexagon LED screens, with their unique honeycomb design, appeal to the aesthetic sense and can adapt well to various spaces and environments, making them the perfect choice for creative designs and solutions.

An Indispensable Partner for Creative Designs

Creative hexagon LED screens are widely used in interior design and advertising. Compared with conventional rectangular LED displays, it can achieve more stunning visual effects and easily attract attention.

Creative Assembling Hexagonal LED Screen
Creative Assembling Hexagon LED Screen

Hexagon LED screens can be assembled similar to spherical LED displays, where different geometric faces are covered with LED modules, forming a LED display screen resembling a soccer ball shape.

Creative Advertisement Hexagonal LED Screen
Creative Advertisement Hexagon LED Screen

Customized hexagon LED screens for advertising or creative styling. Not only do they appear very clear and stunning to the naked eye, but they also meet filming requirements without producing moiré patterns under the camera lens.

Hexagonal LED Display Splicing Brand LOGO Wall
Background Walls with Hexagon LED Screen

LED display is a modern and stylish customized solution, with numerous use cases in scenarios such as confession walls and creative studios. We can assemble creative shapes according to the background wall’s design.

Hexagonal LED Display For The Bar
Exclusive Hexagon LED Screen for Bars

Exclusive Hexagonal LED screen for Bars is a customized design tailored for scenes like bars and nightclubs, resembling honeycombs due to its shape, hence also referred to as honeycomb displays.

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Creative Advertisement Hexagon LED Screen

Hexagon Icon
Unique Hexagonal Design

Hexagon LED screens are the most unique among all LED screens because of their six equal sides. With our imagination, we can assemble them into various shapes and styles that people love.

Specifications icon
Customized Solutions

JYLED can customize exclusive solutions for you based on the information you provide, such as the shape, size, or dimensions for assembling, flawlessly presenting your ideas.

Easy To Use Icon
Easy to Use

There’s no need for complex theoretical learning to easily change the content on hexagon LED screens. Moreover, they support multiple updating methods like WiFi, 4G, USB flash drives, etc.

Easy To Install
Flexible Installation Methods

The installation of hexagon LED screens is not limited by the scene. They can be mounted on walls, hung from ceilings, or even placed directly on the floor.

The Best Choice for Creative Advertising and Design

Hexagon LED screens are an essential complement to creative designs and solutions. When multiple hexagon LED screens are assembled together, they not only unify to display a large image but also support independent display for each hexagonal module.

This flexible display method and creative styling provide us with more ideas when designing scenes or spaces.

Hexagonal LED Display Is The Best Choice For Creative Advertising And Design
No Limitation On Usage Scenarios, More Choices

No Limitation on Usage Scenarios, More Choices

Hexagon LED screens are not only versatile in installation but also have no restrictions on usage scenarios. They can be permanently installed in places like bars and nightclubs or used in temporary exhibitions, retail stores, and other places for displaying ads or information.

Comprehensive Certification Guarantee, Quality Assurance

To ensure a flawless user experience, JYLED hexagon LED screens undergo rigorous testing processes before leaving the factory.

Our products not only meet the highest standards in the industry but also all hexagon LED screens have perfectly passed international standard certifications, including CE, UL, EMC, FC, RoHS, etc.

Comprehensive Certification Guarantee, Quality Assurance
Pixel Density160,000 Pixels/㎡111,111 Pixels/㎡62,500 Pixels/㎡
Side Length(mm)320×320576×576300×300600×600
Cabinet MateriaIron
Cabinet Weight (kg)5.584.58.5
Viewing AngleH: 160°; V: 160°(single side)
Input VoltageAC100-240V
Max. Power550W/
Ave. Power200W/
Working Temperature-20℃~+50℃
Working Humidity10%—90%RH
Is it easy to disassemble hexagon LED screens?

If you need to disassemble a hexagon LED screen that has been fixed in use, there’s no need to worry because the cabinets of hexagon LED displays are lightweight, making the disassembly process very simple. If your application scenario is relatively simple, you can also use them without fixing them.

Can hexagon LED screens be mixed and matched with conventional LED displays?

No, they cannot. Each batch of LED modules is produced according to specified requirements. Since the size and shape of hexagonal LED modules are different from conventional LED modules, they cannot be produced simultaneously, thus cannot be forcibly spliced together. Attempting to splice them into an LED display may result in incomplete or malfunctioning displays.

What are the differences between hexagon LED screens and conventional LED displays?

Apart from the shape, hexagon LED displays differ from conventional LED displays in the following aspects:

  1. 360° Display: Hexagon LED displays can be assembled into a spherical shape, enabling them to display images in 360°.
  2. Lack of Seamless Splicing Support: Except for hexagon LED displays, all other LED display series support seamless splicing.
  3. Longer Production Cycle: The production cycle of all irregular-shaped LED displays is longer than that of conventional LED displays, so you need to reserve more time for preparation before purchasing.
Do hexagon LED screens support dual-sided display?

No, there are currently very few LED displays that support double-sided display. There are only 3 products, which are: LED poster screens, light pole screens, and LED commercial signs.

Do hexagon LED screens support high refresh rates?

Yes, hexagon LED screens also support normal refresh rates and high refresh rates. Customers can contact our sales team before ordering for a detailed explanation of the differences between the two.

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