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Exhibition Hall Screen

Round LED Display

Round LED displays are a relatively novel type of LED display screen compared to the common square or rectangular ones. With their creative circular shape, they can attract attention more effectively, thus achieving better display results.

  • Customizable Sizes
  • Creative Designs
  • 360° Viewing Angle

Enhancing Brand Image with Round LED Displays

Installing a distinctive circular LED display screen in coffee shops, flower shops, or retail stores can better showcase your brand identity. With high-definition and bright display screens, your brand image remains prominent, attracting passersby from afar.

By cleverly combining unique shapes with creative brand logos, you can create a more fashionable and innovative brand image, making your store stand out on bustling streets.

Related Products of Round LED Displays

Rubik's Cube Led Display

Another LED display screen belonging to the creative series. It is a cuboid shape that can simultaneously display exciting content on five or six faces.

Spherical LED Display

A creative LED display screen assembled with soft modules. Its shape is a sphere, allowing it to display images from all angles without dead spots.

Small Round LED Screen
Small Round LED Screen

This is a compact and versatile circular LED display screen commonly used for creating store LED signage or displaying retail product information.

Large Round LED Display

Large round LED displays not only have larger pixel pitches but also larger overall dimensions, making them suitable for decorating large shopping malls, stages, and other scenes.

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Advantages of Round LED Displays

Easy To Install
Soft Module Production

Round LED displays are made with soft modules that can bend to a certain degree. Thus, we can build not only flat circular display screens but also cylindrical, spherical, and other shapes.

Easy To Control
Strong Protection Capability

Round LED displays use specific fan-shaped modules and waterproof/dustproof circular cabinets, making them suitable for outdoor use and supporting dual-sided display.

High Refresh Rate
Magnetic Adsorption Design

In designing round LED displays, we adopt a magnetic adsorption form, which helps save a lot of assembly time.

Easy Maintenance
Front Maintenance

Both single-sided and double-sided round LED displays support front maintenance, simplifying the maintenance process and making it easier and more straightforward.

Broader Application Prospects of Circular LED Screens

Circular LED screens have changed our stereotypical perception of LED displays being square or rectangular, thus expanding more application prospects. This is because their shapes can vary widely, and their content pages can be changed at any time, making them suitable for indoor scenes such as shopping malls, hotels, tourist attractions, etc.

Of course, their capabilities extend far beyond indoor scenes. Round LED displays also have IP65 waterproof capabilities and are widely used in many outdoor scenes such as gas stations, restaurants, etc.

Broader Application Prospects Of Circular LED Screens
Dynamic Updating Of Advertising Content

Dynamic Updating of Advertising Content

Round LED displays come with a complete LED control system, making it easy to control the display of advertising content. Moreover, with excellent media display capabilities, round LED displays can smoothly play dynamic videos and images. The unique shape, coupled with vibrant screens, makes them more memorable to viewers.

Better Space Decoration

In addition to having all the functions of LED displays, round LED displays also provide dynamic decoration functions for the current space. This is particularly effective in places like museums or art exhibitions, where they can be utilized to their fullest extent.

For example, we can replace traditional display devices with round LED displays, attracting people’s attention to the unique shape while enjoying knowledge, thereby achieving the best effect of knowledge dissemination.

Better Space Decoration

What types of Round LED Display are there?

Double Sided Round LED Display

Double-sided round LED display can display logo. Double-sided display increases the advertising playback range, attracts more consumers to watch, and increases the audience.

Outdoor Round LED Display

The outdoor round LED display has high brightness, clear picture quality, easy installation and maintenance, waterproof and dustproof, and high-quality cabinets and modules increase screen usage time.

Round Transparent LED Display
Round transparent LED display

The transparent LED display is combined with a special cutting process to become a transparent round LED display. This type of display is lighter and suitable for installation on transparent glass.

Round Ceiling LED Display

Round ceiling LED display is suitable for large shopping malls or supermarkets. They are installed on the ceiling of the building to help the commercial center increase its visibility.

What are the functions of Round LED Display?

Brand Promotion
Brand promotion

Round LED Display is very suitable for use as a brand promotion screen. Merchants can upload their own logo or logo to the APP that controls Round LED Display to display it to more people through the screen.

Information Display
Information display

You can control multiple Round LED Displays at the same time and efficiently through your mobile phone or PC, change the screen display content, replace advertisements and information in a timely manner, and deliver information to viewers faster to avoid information delays.

Decoration And Beautification
Decoration and beautification

Round LED Display can be matched with iron brackets of various shapes to decorate and beautify shops or walls. At the same time, the unique shape will attract passers-by or customers to watch and increase the flow of people.

Earth Round Screen
One of the most professional Round LED Display manufacturers in China
  • JYLED’s Round LED Display meets our needs and we are glad that it is portable and lightweight so that it can be moved easily, We are extremely happy with this product.

    Anton Pankratov
  • Packaging of the screen is good as there was a protecting around the box, Also inside the package is was packed well, It was a great experience!

    Dilhwar Ahmed
  • The product arrived promptly I am currently satisfied with my purchase.

    Alessandro Casarin
What pixel pitch is suitable for my application?

It should be selected based on your usage environment and the closest viewing distance from the screen. If you are not sure, you can send us a message and our professional engineers will recommend the pixel pitch that is most suitable for your application.

Can I get technical support if I buy a screen?

Yes, we can provide free technical support, which includes factory operation and maintenance training of LED display. You can also send your engineers to our factory for a week of free training.

Can I print my own logo on the Round LED Display cabinet?

Yes, you can send your logo to us for logo printing and location confirmation before production.

How do you ship goods and how long does it take to arrive?

Because LED displays are large in size and weight, we usually transport them by sea or air. Sea shipping usually takes 30-45 days to arrive, and air shipping generally only takes 5-8 days to arrive.

How do I start a Round LED Display order?

First: Send us your project requirements through the contact information on the website. Second: After receiving your application, we will arrange professional business and engineers to prepare plans and prices for you. Third: After you confirm the project plan and pay the advance payment, we will arrange production for you.

Is there a transparent round LED display?

Yes, there are two types of circular LED display: transparent and opaque. The transparent circular LED display allows natural light to penetrate, so it can display the surrounding background while displaying the picture.

What is the Warranty Period for Round LED Displays?

The warranty period for JYLED round LED displays is 2 years, with long-term technical support services provided.

How is the Quality Control of Round LED Displays?

JYLED is a professional manufacturer of round LED displays. All products undergo 12 strict tests before leaving the factory, and they all comply with international standards.

How Can I Get a Circular LED Display?

You only need to provide us with your application scenario and size, and we can design the best solution for you based on the information you provide.

After Purchasing a Circular LED Display, How Long Does It Take to Receive It?

Since round LED displays are custom products, there is a production cycle of 10-15 days after placing an order. The transit time afterward depends on the chosen shipping method. If air freight is selected, it usually takes 7-10 days to arrive, while sea freight may take 15-30 days.

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