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Application Case Of Transparent LED Film

Transparent LED Film Display

As the track of transparent LED displays has been subdivided, a variety of different products have emerged. Among them, transparent LED film displays are becoming more and more known to more and more people for their superior performance and characteristics. Its common features include:

  • Extremely thin and light
  • High permeability
  • Flexibility
  • Malleability

Thin, light and highly transparent - transparent LED film display

Compared with conventional LED displays, although the transparent LED display has made a lot of simplifications on the box and is much lighter, it is still not as good as a transparent LED film display without a cabinet at all.

The transparent LED film display screen eliminates the box design and directly encapsulates the chip and circuit on a highly transparent flexible film. Through the film coating process, the internal chip and circuit are isolated from the air, thus forming a unique display effect.

Products Related To Transparent LED Film Display

Transparent LED Wall

The transparent LED wall is a lightweight design system that can be freely spliced according to the area and size of the wall.

Holographic Transparent LED Displays

Similar to the transparent LED film display, the holographic invisible screen is also a representative of thinness and transparency. When not playing, the display effect is almost invisible.

Flexible LED Film

Another excellent transparent display product, which can achieve a very high transparency effect, is different from the transparent LED film screen in terms of material.

Mall Transparent LED display

Different from other LED displays, the transparent LED display comes with a cabinet, so it is heavier than other products.

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Transparent LED Film Display Feature Introduce

Light Weight Icon

Since there is no cabinet structure, the transparent LED film display is the lightest LED display besides the holographic invisible screen.

Ductility Icon
Good Ductility

The transparent LED film display screen inherits the characteristics of the LED display screen and has good scalability, no matter how long the distance is.

Permeability Icon
High Permeability

At present, only transparent LED film displays can achieve a permeability of more than 90%, which is the product with the highest permeability among all transparent series.

Resilience Icon
Full Of Resilience

The transparent LED film display has good toughness and can be bent to a small extent to adapt to some less flat areas.

Applicable To A Variety Of Scenarios, Can Be Used Indoors, Semi-Outdoors, And Outdoors

JYLED transparent LED film display uses 32-level current linear adjustment technology, which can maintain 16-bit grayscale display regardless of the current.

Therefore, whether it is used indoors, semi-outdoor, or outdoors, the running current is consistent;

Transparent LED Film Display Applications And Outdoor Effects
Transparent LED Film Display Can Be Attached To The Glass

Self-Developed Glue Filling Technology Can Be Pasted And Installed Anytime And Anywhere

JYLED’s self-developed glue filling process does not affect the display of the lamp beads and has its own stickiness, so it can be directly attached to the glass surface for installation.

The colloid is made of super-tough TPU material, which not only has strong adsorption force, but also has a certain buffering effect on falls and collisions with sharp objects. Colloids also become more viscous over time.

JYLED Transparent LED Film Display Has Better Quality And Stronger Performance

Various Models Suitable For Different Viewing Distances
Different Models Suitable For Different Viewing Distances

Customers can choose the appropriate LED thin film display model according to the application area to achieve the best viewing effect. In addition, due to the good brightness uniformity of the LED thin film display screen, it can well attract the attention of passers-by.

Self Adhesive Film
Advanced Management Method, Multiple Brightness Adjustable

JYLED LED thin film display screen has an advanced control manager that can adjust the brightness according to the on-site application environment, so as to display it with the best brightness. However, we usually do not recommend adjusting the brightness to the highest level when using it, as it will affect the service life of the product.

Outstanding Expandability And Flexibility
Flexible Layout, Customizable At Will

Because LED thin film displays have good ductility and flexibility, the size and layout can be customized at will. It can increase or crop the area used vertically or horizontally. This flexible cutting method is not available in other LED displays.

Easy To Control And Change Content
Easy To Control And Change Content

After connecting to the LAN or the Internet, you can control and set content in real time. This function is especially important and practical when you need to replace multiple or large-area transparent LED film displays at the same time.

Transparent LED Film Display For Different Scene

The Meeting Room Of The Car Dealership Uses A Transparent LED Film Display
Car Sales Store

New models or car discount information can be displayed on the glass using transparent LED film displays to attract passersby.

Jewelry Stores Use Transparent LED Film Displays
Jewelry Shop

Since the size of jewelry is very small and the details are difficult to see, we can use LED film displays to enlarge and display jewelry information to customers, making it easier for customers to understand product information.

Clothing Stores Use Transparent LED Film Displays
Clothing Store

The transparent LED film display can beautify the glass by showing wonderful pictures, making the original ordinary glass show a stunning appearance.

Transparent LED Film Background
Ultra Thin Display Brings A Different Visual Experience

JYLED transparent film LED display can be as thick as 1.2mm, allowing you to experience an extraordinary visual experience.

  • “The transparent LED film display gives my store a different feel, giving me and the customers who enter the store a sense of technology. My wife and I absolutely love this product.”

    Nicholas Woolf
  • “Although I have used many LED displays before, I never thought that there would be an LED display that does not require a cabinet at all. This is exactly the different feeling this product brings to me.”

    Leonard Coffey
  • “From my perspective, transparent LED film display brings me more convenience. Because the merchant said it is the lightest LED display, I can install it effortlessly.”

    Isidore James
Which is better, LED film display or transparent display?

Since the transparent LED film display has no cabinet, it is much lighter than the transparent LED display screen.

However, the brightness of the transparent LED film display is not as high as that of the transparent display, so both have their own advantages, and it is best to choose the one that suits you.

The customized size is too big, can I cut off part of it and use it?

It’s possible, but it’s not recommended. Because cutting off a part may cause the lamp bead to break, and the cutting gap will cause the internal circuit to be exposed to the outside for a long time, which may affect the use of the product and may also cause damage to the product.

If I want to turn the brightness up, can I?

Generally, the brightness has been set at the factory. It is not recommended to increase the brightness, otherwise it may cause the product to malfunction.

How bright can an LED film display be?

Depending on the selected dot spacing, the brightness that can be achieved is different. The highest brightness is a transparent LED film display with a pixel pitch of 30mm, and its brightness can reach 5000nit.

What are the differences in the control methods of LED thin film displays?

Its control method is the same as the conventional LED display control method.

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