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LED Banner Display

The LED banner display is a versatile commercial display solution designed specifically for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other similar environments. Its flexible installation and control methods have replaced traditional paper advertisements and lightboxes, making it the new generation of advertising display.

Various Types of LED Banner Displays

Indoor LED Banner Display
Indoor LED Banner Display

A high-definition LED display with a small pixel pitch designed for indoor use. Its soft brightness ensures that it does not cause glare when used indoors.

Outdoor LED Banner Display
Outdoor LED Banner Display

Outdoor LED banner displays feature high brightness and excellent waterproof performance. Even when directly exposed to sunlight, the display quality remains unaffected.

GOB LED Banner Display
GOB LED Banner Screen Display

GOB LED banner displays are coated with a GOB (Glue On Board) layer on the front, enhancing waterproofing capabilities and providing better protection for the LED chips.

Transparent LED Banner Display
Transparent LED Banner Display

Transparent LED banner displays are designed with transparency, allowing them to display images without affecting the surrounding background.

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LED Banner Display Introduction Advantages

Improving Efficiency Icon
Improving Efficiency

We all know that traditional advertisements require printing, distribution, and each event being different, necessitating reprinting, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Through LED banner displays, content can be changed simply by having internet access on your phone.

Dual Sided Icon
Dual-sided Display

Capability LED banner displays are one of the few that can display images on both sides. Moreover, they can flexibly control whether to display the same image on both sides or different images on each side.

Pixel Pitch icon
Multiple Refresh Rates

LED banner displays offer standard refresh rates as well as 1920Hz and 3840Hz refresh rates, catering to various customer needs and covering the majority of application scenarios.

HD Icon
High Definition Imagery

The picture quality of LED banner displays is comparable to that of 4K-level LCD screens. As LED banner displays with high-definition imagery, they also support area expansion functionality not available in LCD screens.

Continuous Improvement to Build High-Quality LED Banner Displays

JYLED has 15 years of production and R&D experience, with strict quality inspection protocols. The use of nano-level anti-corrosion and dust-proof materials ensures the enduring usability of LED banner displays. The production process employs high-precision fully automated packaging machines, with an error probability of less than one in a hundred thousand.

During the testing process of LED banner displays, we adhere to manual rechecking to ensure that every product leaving the factory is free of any faults. It is through this spirit of continuous improvement that JYLED can produce each high-quality LED banner display.

LED Banner Display Advertising Effect
LED Banner Display Can Be Customized

Customized Solutions Tailored to You

We strictly adhere to the solutions communicated with you for customization and production, creating a solution tailored specifically to you. This is the spirit of continuous improvement at JYLED.

After you receive the goods, we will provide long-term technical support. Whatever issues you encounter during the use of the LED banner display, please contact us immediately, and we will provide you with a perfect solution.

Simplified Operation for Easier Use

To make the customer experience simpler and more convenient, JYLED has simplified the system structure. You only need to connect the LED banner display screen to a USB or computer to change the content.

There is no need for complex operations or settings to achieve output of various media formats. This is a feature not supported by many display devices.

LED Banner Display Is Easy To Control
What is an LED banner display?

An LED banner display is an intelligent display that presents content in the form of banners, posters, and other formats. They are typically arranged horizontally or vertically by aligning multiple LED banner display screens together.

LED banner display are commonly used for promotional advertising, information dissemination, entertainment program playback, and other purposes.

Why are LED banner displays more common than LCD?

LED banner displays possess all the functionalities of LCD screens, but they also offer additional features that LCD screens do not have.

For example, they can be spliced into larger screens or have the flexibility to be moved to different locations.

How to control the content update of LED banner displays?

LED banner displays support online or offline updates. For offline updates, simply insert a USB drive containing the updated content into the LED banner display screen to perform the update.

How to update the content of LED banner displays using a smartphone?

First, ensure that the LED banner display is connected to WiFi. Then, open and install the ViPlex Handy software(see notes), on your smartphone.

Next, locate the device, select the desired update plan, and finally, click “confirm” to publish the update.

Note: LED banner displays have various LED control systems to choose from, such as Nova, Huidu, etc. Here, it is assumed that the Nova control system is being used.

How to maintain LED banner displays in daily life?

Maintaining LED banner displays is simple. Just use a soft, dry cloth to wipe them regularly. For more stubborn stains, lightly dabbing with alcohol can be effective.

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