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Waterproof LED Screen

Waterproof LED screen refers to the use of advanced production processes and materials to protect outdoor LED displays from rain and dust damage, increase the durability of the screen and extend the life of the screen.

  • Protection rating up to IP68.
  • Customized in many sizes and models
  • Exported to 130 countries and regions around the world
  • Screen brightness up to 5500cd/㎡

JYLED Waterproof LED Screen

In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for the waterproof performance of LED displays, which generally require IP65 or above. However, most LED display manufacturers cannot meet such requirements. Only professional manufacturers like JYLED can produce better waterproof LED Screen.

JYLED production of waterproof LED screen have certain windproof and waterproof functions and can cope with harsh outdoor weather and environments. At the same time, waterproof LED displays have the characteristics of higher brightness, wider viewing angles, and more diverse installation methods.

JYLED Waterproof LED screen is mainly used in shopping malls, squares, stations and other places, and is deeply loved by customers.

LED Screen for Waterproof Level

IP33 Waterproof Grade

JYLED has an outdoor minimum waterproof LED display, which can prevent rain or vertical water jets of less than 60 degrees from entering the screen and causing damage. It can be used in environments that do not have such high waterproof requirements.

IP54 Waterproof Grade

JYLED has an IP54 outdoor waterproof LED display. This product adds dust-proof function on the basis of IP33. Therefore, it can also be used in some dust-intensive environments.

IP65 Waterproof Grade

If you want to achieve a better waterproof effect, then we have a product specifically designed for outdoor rainy weather, which is an IP65 waterproof LED display.

IP68 Waterproof Grade

If you want the highest quality waterproof effect, it is recommended to choose an IP68 waterproof LED display. It can completely prevent rain, dust and other foreign matter from entering, achieving the best results.

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JYLED Waterproof LED Screen Feature Introduce

High Stability icon
High Stability

The LED screens produced by JYLED use high-quality materials and advanced production lines. The cabinets and modules are of high quality and have stable performance.

Ultra Clear Display icon
Ultra-clear Display

The waterproof LED screen uses 3840Hz or 7680Hz modules, and the viewing distance can be as high as 50m-80m, which can provide the audience with clear and high-quality playback images.

Good Heat Dissipation Performance icon
Good Heat Dissipation Performance

JYLED waterproof LED screen use outdoor cabinets. Each cabinet is equipped with 2pcs powerful fans to ensure heat dissipation when the screen is lit. If you choose a waterproof LED display of more than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use it with an air conditioner for better results.

Durable Structure icon
Easy To Install

Waterproof LED screens are generally combined with steel structures, and installation space is reserved on the back of the screen to facilitate maintenance and installation.

Choose JYLED To Customize Your Waterproof LED Screen

After confirming your needs, we will work with our engineers to develop detai LED project installation details and plans for you, and confirm the required price for you.

We will then send you to check and communicate the project details. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time to modify and improve the plan for you.

Supermarket Outdoor Screen
Shopping Mall Advertising Screen

After you place an order, we will continue to update you on the production progress and we have a freight forwarder who has cooperated with us for more than ten years to arrange transportation for you.

After you receive the goods, our engineers can provide you with free remote video guidance for installation and free screen debugging for you after the installation is completed. Let you use it with confidence.

JYLED Professional Waterproof LED Screen Manufacturer

Production Module

JYLED is a very large company with 200-300 production staff and senior engineers.

Company Peoples

JYLED factory covers an area of 1000sqm and has 15 state-of-the-art LED display production lines and 5 SMT production machines.

Company Production Line

According to the latest production progress, the factory’s daily module production volume can reach 2000pcs-2500pcs.

SMT Machine

Depending on the daily module production quantity and the working hours of the production personnel, the daily cabinet production volume can reach 100-200pcs.

What Are The Installation Methods For Waterproof LED Screens?

Park Led Screen
Post Installation

It is the most common outdoor LED display installation method. It is generally used on roadsides, parks, etc.  It does not require the use of walls and can stand on its own by installing posts.

Installed On The Wall
Install On The Wall

This is a commonly used LED display installation method. This method is more common in indoor applications. Combined with the steel structure, it can be installed LED on any wall. It is very strong and easy to maintain.

Back Maintenance Installation
Back Maintenance Installation

Since the JYLED waterproof LED screen uses the highest quality materials and the most advanced production technology, in order to ensure the optimal waterproof performance of the screen, the back maintenance method of the cabinet and module is unified.

There is a back cover on the back of the cabinet that can be used at any time. Just open it to maintain the LED screen. Very convenient and reduces maintenance time.

Outdoor Fixed Installation Screen
Waterproof LED Screen Manufacturer Helps Your Outdoor Advertising

JYLED has 13 years of experience in LED display production, with the most advanced production lines and the most experienced production personnel, guaranteeing to provide you with high-quality LED displays.

  • “The staff at JYLED have a very good service attitude. The engineers were very professional and helped me solve the screen installation and debugging problems.”

    Andy Edie
  • “They will give me professional advice after knowing my needs, and they will send me pictures and videos to check the screen quality before shipping, which is very important to me.”

    Alexander Charles
  • “When I received the screen, I was very surprised. The packaging of the screen was perfect, without any damage, and the screen was perfectly protected!”

    Michaelia Mill
Can the brightness of the waterproof LED screen be adjusted?

JYLED’s waterproof LED screen brightness can reach up to 5500cd/㎡. If you need to adjust the brightness, our professional engineers can adjust the brightness for you free of charge through professional software.

What is the service life of waterproof LED screen?

Generally speaking, the service life of conventional waterproof LED screens is 3-5 years. But JYLED’s screen uses the highest quality production materials and has a service life of more than 10 years.

If you have any problems during use, you can contact us to reissue accessories for you, and you can replace them yourself.

How to ensure waterproofness of waterproof LED screen?

JYLED uses a waterproof cabinet and waterproof module. The front of the module has a mask, and the back is coated with three-proof paint (waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion) to cope with very extreme bad weather and prevent electronic components from aging and deformation.

At the same time, during the production process, the module must pass high temperature, low temperature and rain tests. Only after passing the test can it be used in LED displays.

What technical support can I get after purchasing a screen?

We provide technology training for free, which contains the operation and maintenance training of the LED screens in the factory.

All operation manual, software, test reports are available. Any associated CAD drawing on how to fix up the display and some other expert suggestion will be provided.

If you need, we can send our engineer to your side for instruction, and clients should pay the cost about engineer’s trip.

Are there any size restrictions for outdoor waterproof LED screens?

No, the outdoor waterproof LED screen produced by JYLED can realize your dream of professional large-screen advertising. It is basically not restricted by location. Extra large screen sizes can be customized for you as per your requirements.

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