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DIP LED Display

China DIP LED Display Manufacturer

The DIP LED display produced by JYLED can help you cope with almost all outdoor use environments. Whether it is windy, rainy, snowy, cold or hot and arid areas, the performance of the DIP LED display will not be affected. This is made by DIP Determined by technology, it is also inseparable from JYLED’s basic policy of choosing to produce only high-quality LED displays.

  • Ultra high brightness
  • High color uniformity
  • Worry-free warranty
  • Durable


What are the advantages of JYLED’s DIP LED Display?

JYLED DIP LED display uses a customized PCB board and a dedicated LED display power supply. It has strong performance and low power consumption. Compared with similar products, it can save 20% of power energy.

Our DIP LED displays are available in a variety of styles for customers to choose from, such as single color, dual color, and full color. Customers can choose according to their own needs or after consulting the salesperson.

Products Related to DIP LED Display

Outdoor Advertising Led Screen

As the most effective outdoor advertising media, outdoor advertising LED display can bring huge exposure to your business. When paired with wonderful video advertising materials, the advertiser’s advertising revenue can be multiplied many times in the long term. This is great for Their business is fatally attractive, and it is also a piece of territory that many advertisers must fight for.

Rental Led Display

Rental LED displays usually use thin and light die-cast aluminum boxes to ensure the portability of the LED screen. The modular design also makes it easier to assemble at various venues. Many people will buy this kind of LED display to rent to event organizations. It is called rental LED display screen because it is often used in rental activities.

Indoor Advertising Led Display Screen

Indoor advertising LED display screens are commonly used for advertising display inside shopping malls or other places. There are various types, including indoor poster screens, indoor transparent screens, indoor video walls, etc.

Fixed Led Display

Fixed installation display screens often refer to LED displays for permanent installation. They are often installed on the wall or other carriers and are not frequently disassembled and moved.

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Introduction to The Advantages of DIP LED Display

Fine Craft
Fine Craft

JYLED’s DIP LED display uses fine craftsmanship to ensure a low failure rate and has excellent properties such as anti-static and slow brightness decay. Therefore, the DIP LED display will have a longer life than other types of LED displays.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

Thanks to the larger viewing angle of the DIP LED display, the overall visual effect of the screen is much better. Even at a very close distance, they can have an immersive viewing experience.

Good Protective Performance
Good Protective Performance

The direct plug-in DIP lamp beads have a larger point spacing, are easy to be waterproofed, have high brightness and good protective performance. Therefore, it is often used in outdoor LED displays.

High Cost Performance
High Cost Performance

The production process of DIP LED display is simpler than that of SMD, and the cost is cheaper. Therefore, it has a high market share. For many outdoor large screens, many people choose DIP LED display as outdoor display in pursuit of the ultimate cost performance.

DIP LED Meaning

DIP (full name dual in-line package), also known as DIP packaging, referred to as DIP or DIL, is a packaging method for integrated circuits. The integrated circuit is rectangular in shape, with two parallel rows of metal pins on both sides, called pin headers. DIP packaged components can be soldered into plated through holes on a printed circuit board or inserted into a DIP socket.

Dip Led Meaning
Dip Led Vs Smd Led


DIP is a processing method that first punches holes in the PCB circuit board, and then inserts the pins of the electronic components into the already punched holes in the PCB circuit board.

Although it is currently limited to P6 due to the diameter of the lamp bead, the direct plug-in protection has always been ahead of other types of LED displays.

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which means: surface mount device. It is one of the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components.

Its surface can be treated with light diffuse reflection, and the resulting effect is not granular, with high color saturation and good color uniformity, but the brightness and waterproof and moisture-proof performance are weaker than those of DIP.

Why are JYLED's products better than others?

Personalized Production

JYLED supports customizing lamp beads of different colors and sizes for DIP LED displays to meet the different needs of customers. If there are special requirements for brightness, we also support customizing ultra-high brightness lamp beads.

Use High Performance Driver IC

We use high-performance IC drivers such as xxx to ensure that the DIPs we produce can have high refresh rates and provide customers with the best visual experience. The high-performance IC driver also effectively reduces the constant current knee point voltage, thereby reducing the conventional 5V power supply to below 3.8V to achieve energy saving effects.

DIP LED Display Aging Test

The burn-in test includes white balance test, grayscale test, highlight test, video burn-in test and other tests to monitor whether the various indicators of the produced screen can meet the factory standards. After that, we will replace all the screens that fail to meet the standards. Guarantee 100% production qualification rate before leaving the factory.

Consumer Rights Protection

There are many DIP manufacturers without high technical and equipment thresholds. Many manufacturers use inferior raw materials and PCB boards to reduce costs to gain market share. The quality is low and there is almost no perfect after-sales guarantee. In order to reduce this chaos, JYLED We still insist on being in the DIP LED display market and bring protection to as many consumers as possible.

Various Purposes of DIP LED display

DIP Led Display To Guide The Way
Guide the Line

It can be set up on the road to guide the routes and directions for vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring the orderly travel of vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Dip Led Display Used For Gas Station
For Gas Stations

Can be installed at gas stations to display real-time prices for many different types of gasoline.

DIP LED Display Outdoor Billboard
Outdoor Advertising Billboard

It can be installed in many places with high traffic outdoors to place advertisements, or DIP LED display outdoor billboards can be rented to people who want to place advertisements to earn advertising space fees.

JYLED The World's Leading DIP LED Display Manufacturer
JYLED-The World's Leading DIP LED Display Manufacturer

As the world’s leading DIP LED display Manufacturer, we are not only committed to producing high-quality LED displays, but also focusing on providing perfectly suitable one-stop solutions for different customers. Choose JYLED and you will be worry-free from purchase to use!

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    Ted Jenny
What lighting colors are available for DIP LED displays?

Generally divided into single color, double color and full color. Single colors include single red or single yellow, and double colors are two colors combined in different arrangements.

Can DIP LED displays be seamlessly spliced like other LED displays?

Yes, because the cabinet we use is also modular, the DIP LED display can also be seamlessly spliced without black frame like LCD.

What is grayscale?

Grayscale is the brightness of the LED display screen. The grayscale level determines the vividness of the LED display screen. Generally, an LED display screen with a higher grayscale will handle the color performance of the overall picture better, and the picture will look better with the naked eye.

What control system is DIP LED Display suitable for?

JYLED DIP LED display is compatible with all mainstream control systems on the market, such as Novastar, Colorlight, Huidu, Linsn, etc.

What signals are supported?

Supports access to HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDA, etc. Different control systems may support different type of signals, please confirm this to our team.

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