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Why naked eye 3D display in a few years ago in obscurity?

With the application of LED display scenes richer and richer, the audience to its requirements are also gradually improved, people’s sensory experience is no longer satisfied with the ordinary flat two-dimensional display, but are eager to have more to the real world of three-dimensional view, therefore, with the sense of immersive naked eye 3D display came into being.

Admittedly, 3D display technology in 2013 after the release of the Avatar movie was slowly taken off the “mysterious veil” to come into the view of the end user, although the 3D display technology classification is numerous but can be divided into glasses and naked eye type two categories, and the former because it has its “Naked eye” uniqueness so that viewers can get rid of the body-bound accessories, in the use of the differences allowed to be better adjusted, while reducing the supplier’s maintenance costs, so gradually become the best display products for users of public awareness and other outdoor advertising industry.

A kitten is playing with a ball in a box
A kitten is playing with a ball in a box

Compared with the traditional 3D LED Display, the technical advantages of the naked eye 3D LED display are obvious. Naked eye 3D display without the use of any auxiliary equipment can watch three-dimensional images, is the latest, cutting-edge high-tech imaging industry, with a strong visual impact on the display industry in the past the exhaustion of the trend has brought a qualitative leap.

However, the success of the technology, “failure” also technology. As a display technology with many breakthroughs, in 2013 after the rise of the LED display industry had high hopes, many LED display manufacturers are eager to use naked eye 3D display technology for product empowerment, but mostly because of the limitations of the technology eventually dip micro immersion.

Naked eye 3D display technology has two kinds: one for the parallax barrier, the use of light transmission and opaque interval distribution of linear stripes to limit the direction of light travel; and the other for the columnar lens, the use of columnar lens focusing and light refraction technology to change the direction of light travel will light splitting.

However, the common disadvantage of both technologies is that clarity is greatly impaired. Therefore, compared with the traditional LED display, 16 Front maintains the outdoor fixed LED display software and hardware configuration requirements are higher, and the product specifications and parameters and design requirements are also higher.

Early, in order to achieve good results, many LED display enterprises invested a lot of money in research and development and transformation, its research and development in two directions, one is the development of hardware equipment, the second is the display content processing research and development. But even so, naked-eye 3D technology has never been able to compare with the small spacing, in the market to get a universal and mature application.

So, in addition to technical restrictions, in the actual application and what caused the development of the naked eye 3D display in the past is cold?

First, market acceptance has not yet formed certain conditions. In the early days, the naked eye 3D LED display was a new species in the LED industry, the market recognition degree is low, in the promotion and application can be described as difficult, for its application scene market always stay in the stage of curiosity and interest as the main tendency.

Secondly, if the price and cost are too high, it is understood that the display-related PCB, modules, boxes, etc. are supporting the custom development of products, and the price is higher. This leads to market demand having the heart, yet market demand is often the key to determining the success or failure of the industry.

Finally, the lack of innovation in the business model and the lack of supporting content services is also a major “roadblock”. The video content played by the naked eye 3D display needs to be customized with the resolution of the poster LED screen, and the production of its content is also the key to attracting users to stay and bring long-term conversion. In the early stage of development, naked eye 3D display as an emerging product, obviously in the development of business models and supporting content services on the force has not yet.


3D LED Display VS Naked Eye 3D LED Display

The 3D LED display requires wearing 3D glasses, while the naked-eye 3D LED display can achieve a three-dimensional effect without wearing glasses.

LED Display VS Naked Eye 3D LED Display

The LED display provides a flat image, and the naked-eye 3D LED display provides a realistic three-dimensional effect.

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