Stadium Outdoor LED Screen

Stadium Outdoor LED Screen

fence LED screen
Die-cast aluminum cabinet

Stadium LED display

stadium outdoor led display
iron cabinet

Stadium LED display

Stadium outdoor LED display, also known as sports field LED display and court LED display, is specially designed LED display products according to the special application requirements of sports venues.

It is mainly used in the stadium commercial advertisements, highlights, slow motion playback, close-up shots, etc., to bring the audience a perfect visual feast.

Providing high quality displays for all kinds of sports events, LED video image processors can realize unlimited real-time communication, management and integration of dynamic display content (e.g. Video, time, text, charts, animation and scoreboard system), but also through the software partition function to achieve the whole screen of multi-window display, can display images, real-time display, text, clock, game scores.

Pixel Pitch(mm)P5P6.66P8P10
Module Size(mm)320*160
Module resolution(dot)64*3248*2440*2032*16
InstallationBack Frame
LED EncapsulationNationstar
LED TypeSMD 2727SMD 2727SMD 3535SMD 3535
Cabinet Size (W * H, mm)960*960
Control SystemNovastar
Viewing Angle140
Contrast Ratio2000 : 12000 : 12000 : 11000 : 1
Power Consumption (Avg.)300300350350
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920-3840
Driving ICICN2037
Ingress Protection (IP)IP65
Cabinet TypeIron/Die-cast aluminum
Data Processing14 Bit
Power Supply(300w)Meanwell
Life span≥100000

Function Introduction Of LED Rental Display

sport LED display

Anti-collision Design

High Brightness

Multi-angle of View

Light and Thin

Good Heat-dissipation


Fast Installation

Plug and Play

Cabinet Back Side

This series is fixed with a Die-cast aluminum cabinet, lighter than traditional cabinets; using multiple waterproof floors, safe and reliable; the average power consumption is only 50% of the traditional products, reduced operating costs.

960*960mm LED rental cabinet

The sports field LED display adopts an efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance on the football field and ensures the consistency of the picture playback.

With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer will automatically take over to ensure the normal operation of the screen.

The LED fence screen inside the stadium is not only used to play strip advertisements of any length, but also can be used for information release and special effect video playback, adding icing on the cake to sports events.

Therefore, in addition to being used for advertising, it can also be connected to the referee system and the timing and scoring system, so that the stadium LED display can introduce player information and the actual situation of the game. The super large and clear game live broadcast screen breaks the limitation of seats and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.

As one of the most important carriers for advertising, game information display and game live broadcast, the LED display screen in the stadium has become an essential facility for modern stadiums.

Used For Football Stadium

Cabinet Top cushion that protects the players from Injury.

Soft rubber cover that protects LED lamps from striking by ball or player.

The cabinet viewing angle can be adjusted flexibly(65°- 75°- 90°) which enhances viewers’ visibility. 

Application Case

Here are some examples of successful stadium LED display installations:

fence LED display
fence LED display
fence LED display

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