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P6 Indoor Led Display

P6 Indoor LED Display

P6 indoor LED display has become the most popular indoor display model on the market due to its high cost performance and is considered by customers to be the first choice for indoor LED display.

  • Customized cabinets, thin and light cabinets, good heat dissipation performance
  • With CE, RoHS, UL international multiple LED display certification
  • Good product quality, low price and high cost performance
  • High brightness, high refresh rate, vivid display of content

What are the advantages of JYLED’s P6 Indoor LED Display?

JYLED has a professional SMT production line, using SMD 3in1 technology and DIP encapsulation technology to produce high quality customized modules, as well as using more durable and reliable pure copper lamp beads to increase the durability and reliability of the module, greatly enhancing the module use time.

JYLED production module aging time up to 72 hours or longer, the module will be shipped after the vibration test, salt spray test, light intensity test and high and low temperature alternating humidity test and so on a number of tests, all qualified LED module will be allowed to leave the factory and use.

JYLED will customize the cabinet size according to the module size and the screen size you need, so that the screen flatness is better, the module splicing gap is smaller or even seamless splicing can be achieved, which can greatly enhance the viewer’s viewing experience.

Products Related to P6 Indoor LED Display

LED Poster

New indoor advertising communication display screen, special mirror-like shape can attract consumers more attractive to consumers, while the screen can be moved at any time, more convenient to change the location of the advertisement playback.

Transparent LED Display

Suitable for all kinds of store windows, its high transmittance and high brightness can make the advertisement play without affecting the indoor lighting, which saves the cost of lighting and attracts consumers to stop and watch at the same time.

Floor Tile LED Display

The indoor LED display specially built for ground display can adapt to high-intensity pedaling. At the same time, the built-in chip increases the sense of interaction with people and conveys more information.

Spherical LED Display

Unlike the regular Indoor LED Display, the spherical screen can be viewed in 360° without dead angle, making the display more fashionable, beautiful and artistic.

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Introduction To The Characteristics Of P6 Indoor LED Display

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

Using high-quality modules and lamp beads, LED Display has a longer service life than other displays.

High Cost Performance
High Cost Performance

Compared with other indoor pixel pitches with small pixel pitch, P6 Indoor LED Display has good quality, lower price and higher cost performance.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of P6 Indoor LED Display screen produced by JYLED can reach 140°-160° after installation.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

The indoor cabinet is thinner, lighter, easy to install, does not require a lot of labor and time, easy to install and maintain.

Professional team of engineers

JYLED has a team of 40 senior engineers, free to provide you with project-specific programs and project installation drawings, free remote installation guidance and screen debugging.

Professional Team Of Engineers
Professional Transportation Solutions

Professional transportation solutions

JYLED has cooperated with international transportation companies for more than ten years, no matter you want to transport by sea, air or express, we can provide you with efficient and convenient channels to improve the efficiency of transportation and also save more costs.

How to maintain P6 Indoor LED Display?


Before screen maintenance, LED display professionals are required to sweep and clean the surface of the screen and other related accessories of dust to reduce the damage to the display.


After the completion of the cleaning, the need for professionals to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the display, including parts and components loss and circuit safety issues, in advance to avoid damage to the display.


After the inspection of the LED display is completed, professionals will repair the modules or receiving cards and power supplies that have problems with the display.


When the module or other accessories of the LED display become irreparable, professionals need to use spare parts to replace the broken parts to increase the service life of the LED display.

What cabinets are available for the P6 Indoor LED Display?

Indoor Simple Iron Cabinet
Indoor Simple Iron Cabinet

Indoor simple iron cabinets are made of iron and their dimensions can be customized according to the customer’s needs, the smallest unit of cabinet size is the size of the module. Indoor simple iron cabinet is usually front maintenance and can be directly mounted on the wall. And the indoor simple iron cabinet is low price, flexible size, popular with customers.

Indoor Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet
Indoor Die-Cast Aluminum Cabinet

Indoor die-cast aluminum cabinets are very thin and light, making them easy to use for lifting and installation. At the same time, due to its thin and light material, it is easier to dissipate heat, which can reduce the loss rate of modules and other accessories. Die-cast aluminum cabinets are made of die-cast aluminum, which will not rust and is more beautiful.

Indoor Rental Cabinet
Indoor Rental Cabinet

Indoor rental cabinets are lightweight, highly accurate, and can basically realize seamless splicing. And the cabinets are equipped with quick locks, which makes installation and dismantling simple and fast, and meets a variety of installation methods. Generally equipped with a flight case can be moved at any time, very suitable for stage performances or exhibitions.

Lecture Hall LED Display
Customize your exclusive P6 indoor LED display

Indoor advertising is one of the most important media promotion channels, JYLED’s P6 indoor LED display can make your advertisement more professional and more attractive to consumers.

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    Sound Track
What is the best viewing distance for P6 Indoor LED Display?

For indoor LED display, JYLED’s professional engineers suggest that P6 is generally applicable to the viewer’s distance of 6m-10m or so to watch the screen, the viewing angle and the best sense of experience.

Can P6 Indoor LED Display do curved?

Yes, JYLED can customize curved cabinets and beveled edge modules for you, and the combination of the two can reduce the screen splicing gaps, improve the playback picture quality, and increase the playback picture.

What are the installation method for LED Display?

Generally speaking, LED Display can be installed in swing arm , hanging, movable, wall-mounted, side-mounted, sit-stand and support type. You can choose the most suitable LED Display mounting method according to the installation environment and screen size.

Is the P6 Indoor LED Display waterproof? What is the waterproof level?

The waterproof level of the P6 Indoor LED Display is IP31 and cannot be exposed to water droplets. If the screen is left in a humid environment for a long time, engineers recommend choosing waterproof modules, cabinets and accessories.

How to clean P6 Indoor LED Display?

Indoor LED displays generally do not experience wind, sun and rain, so they only need to be dusted. Use a soft-bristled brush to wipe gently, and do not use any liquid substances to clean the indoor LED Display.

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