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  • P4.81 LED Screen 500 1000
  • led display rental
  • P4.81 Outdoor Stage Background LED cabient
  • P4.81 LED Screen 500 500
  • P4.81 LED Screen 500 1000
  • led display rental
  • P4.81 Outdoor Stage Background LED cabient
  • P4.81 LED Screen 500 500

P4.81 LED screen

The P4.81 LED display screen is commonly referred to as the outdoor rental LED display screen, hence it’s often called the P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED display screen. It is assembled using 250mmx250mm P4.81 outdoor LED modules.

Due to its capability to integrate with various devices such as lighting, audio systems, and special effects equipment, the P4.81 LED display screen is widely used in stage performances, news broadcasts, wedding venues, and other similar settings.

  • Quick disassembly
  • Front and rear maintenance
  • Beautiful wiring

High-density die-cast aluminum cabinet, lightweight, portable, customizable

The P4.81 LED display screen utilizes high-density die-cast aluminum cabinets, ensuring high flatness after assembly with the seams between cabinets being less than 0.01mm. Moreover, there are locating pins between cabinets, facilitating precise alignment and making the assembly process more convenient and straightforward.

Although the cabinet size of each P4.81 LED display screen is fixed, the number of cabinets for assembly is not fixed, allowing for unlimited expansion horizontally or vertically.

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Characteristics of P4.81 LED Screen

Easy Installation
Easy installation
Flexibility And Customization
Customizable size
Consumption Icon
Low power consumption
HD Icon Sign
High-definition display
TitleP4.81 LED Screen
Pixel Pitch4.81mm
Panel Size500*500mm
Panel Resolution128*128 dots
Pixel Density43264(dot/㎡)
Encapsulation TechnologySMD
InstallationHanging/Fixed/Floor Installation
Max. Power Consumption800w/m²
Average Power Consumption400w/m²
Cabinet Weight7.5kg/pc
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting aluminum
IP RateIP65
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Frame Change Frequency50/60Hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°
Best viewing distance>4m
Input VoltageInput Voltage AC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current6.0-7.5
Humidity-operatingHumidity-operating 10%~90%
Life Span≥100,000h


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