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P4 Indoor LED Display Background

P4 Indoor LED Display

JYLED, a professional LED display manufacturer in China, can produce high-quality p4 indoor LED display products and provide you with professional product design and solutions.

  • Product quality comes first
  • High brightness and high refresh visual experience
  • Suitable for different application scenarios
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Maintenance is simple and fast
  • Quick technical service response

JYLED P4 Indoor LED Display

p4 indoor LED display is an LED display with a wide range of application scenarios currently on the market because it has the advantages of high definition, customizable size, modular assembly, and ultra-high cost performance.

P4 indoor LED display is widely used in major shopping malls, brand stores, supermarkets, hotels, and banquet halls. Just like the LED video walls we often see playing brand image videos at the entrances of specialty stores, the eye-catching p4 indoor LED displays at the entrances of shopping malls and supermarkets, and the dance accompaniment background walls of wedding banquet halls, we can see its presence in these places.

Our company has invested more research and development costs in the design and production of this product, so that it can meet different needs in the face of complex installation methods and installation scenarios.

P4 indoor LED display products pursue lightness, modularity, and simple maintenance and disassembly. We always consider it from the user’s perspective and optimize product design and solutions based on actual needs, making this product the choice of most users in the market.

Products Related To P4 Indoor LED Display

P3 Led Screen Cases

P3 LED wall is an LED  screen widely used in hotels and banquet halls. This product can be produced using iron cabinet material and aluminum cabinet material. Cabinet sizes include 500mm x 500mm/576mm x 576mm/960mm x 960mm and other different sizes to adapt to different size requirements.

P4 Led Screen Case

p4 LED screen is usually used for LED display screens in concerts, new product launches and stage performances. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It supports hoisting and fixed installation. It is easy to install and maintain, has excellent heat dissipation performance, low failure rate and maintenance cost, and is also the first choice of many media companies and rental companies.

P5 Indoor LED Display

P5 indoor LED display is a cost-effective product that can meet the different size requirements of different customers on the market and is highly replaceable.It can perfectly match the 2:1 ratio display effect pursued by more and more customers on the market.

P6 Led Panel
P6 LED Panel

Currently, most of the p6 led panels on the market are used outdoors, which is our commonly used outdoor p6 led panel. This product is waterproof and supports regular and curved customization. The 90-degree corners and curved corners we often see can support production. It is one of the choices for many outdoor 3D led display.

4 Products Found.

JYLED P4 Indoor LED Display Feature Introduce

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Icon
Energy Saving

Low power consumption design, we use an energy-saving power supply solution. Maximum power consumption: 450W/㎡, average power consumption: 280W㎡, which can save electricity costs for long-term use scenarios.

Modular Design Icon
Modular Design

Cabinet-type assembly design. Products are shipped in the form of cabinets after leaving the factory. Customers only need to install the cabinet and connect wires and signal lines to use it. This design both It can save installation time and labor costs, and can also reduce the chance of bumps during the installation process, reduce the failure rate of the LED display, and reduce maintenance costs.

High Refresh Icon
High-Refresh Product Design

When the audience sees the high-refresh p4 indoor LED display, the visual effect presented by the LED display is more delicate. The audience can use their mobile phones to take videos and photos without water ripples and jitters, allowing the videos shot by mobile phones to be smoother. and pictures more vivid and real.

Customized Icon
Support Customized Production

JYLED p4 indoor LED display can be produced according to customer needs during the production process, and can be matched with lamp beads and ICs required by customers to achieve a win-win situation.

Why Choose JYLED P4 Indoor LED Display?

Support customization: During the production process of JYLED p4 indoor LED display, we can customize the logo according to customer needs, and support customers to specify accessories and control system brands.

High-end positioning compared with other p4 indoor LED displays on the market, JYLED’s indoor products all use copper bracket lamp beads as common configurations, aiming to achieve stable quality and always putting quality first. Many manufacturers on the market still use iron bracket lamp beads as the standard. However, due to humid weather during use, iron bracket lamp bead products will be easily oxidized and rusted, reducing the quality of the product.

P4 Indoor LED Display For Meeting Rooms
LED Wall With P4 Indoor LED Display

For p4 indoor LED display products purchased by customers from JYLED, we will provide all-round integrated services from pre-sales to after-sales, from product solution design, installation drawing design, technical guidance during construction, technical remote debugging, after-sales service and return visits. For one-on-one tracking services, we will set up a project team for each project, with dedicated personnel responsible for their respective areas, so that customers can enjoy a comprehensive user experience.

Traditional indoor multimedia video equipment has been replaced by p4 indoor LED display:

Pre Sales Plan Design

JYLED will recommend suitable product models based on the dimensions provided by customers and the actual installation needs on site. In order to facilitate customer installation and maintenance, we will inform customers of the most appropriate installation methods and after-sales methods, so that customers can install and use them. Save time and labor costs in the and after-sales process, and improve user satisfaction and experience.

Technical Guidance During Installation And Debugging
Technical Guidance During Installation And Debugging

Different products and different sites have different installation and debugging methods, so technical support and service are very critical. JYLED has a technical service team of 28 people, all of whom have many years of on-site construction experience. They provide professional technical guidance and support for the installation and debugging of LED displays. JYLED company has been recognized by customers from various countries internationally.

Details Identification At The Time Of Shipment
Details Identification At The Time Of Shipment

Reasonable and clear packaging markings can allow customers to find the corresponding products and accessories in time when harvesting. Standardized Remark process,and can also allow customers to find the corresponding products in advance when disassembling the packaging, saving unpacking time and transportation time.

Notification Of Details During Maintenance
Notification Of Details During Maintenance

If customers encounter after-sales problems when using p4 indoor LED display, we will have a dedicated technical team to provide guidance,such as how to replace the LED display module, if the power supply is replaced, how to replace the control card, how to replace the wire, all are detailed Technical maintenance manuals and instruction videos provide one-on-one guidance services.

P4 Indoor LED Display For Different Scene

P4 Indoor LED Display In The Hotel Reception Application
Hotel Front Desk (Tourism Culture Promotion)

The traditional hotel front desk is mainly decorated with murals and clocks to achieve aesthetic purposes. Due to aesthetic fatigue and insufficient visual appeal, most hotels have adopted p4 indoor LED display instead, and the installation is complete.

With the latest p4 indoor LED display, users only need to use their mobile phones to wirelessly send programs to the LED display and change programs in real time to achieve publicity effects and enhance brand effects.

P4 Indoor LED Display In The Mall Brand Store Application
Shopping Mall Brand Stores (Enhance Brand Image)

The p4 indoor LED display solution for this scenario is mainly designed with a vertical screen ratio. Usually the maximum length-to-height ratio is 2:1.

Appropriate size ratios can also be designed based on the actual size and installation requirements on site to meet the needs of different customers. The control method of this LED display screen is mainly used with the control playback box.

It can support mobile phone wireless transmission, U disk playback, background LAN transmission and computer synchronization control, etc. It can simultaneously meet the needs of different environments and a complete solution that can be controlled by different people.

P4 Indoor LED Display In The Airport Advertising Application
Airport Transportation Brand Logo (Enhance Advertising Effect)

Install a p4 indoor LED display in an airport corridor with a large flow of people. The video and picture content played on the LED display can not only enhance the advertising effect for customers, but also promote advertising for your company.

Your company’s ability to install a p4 indoor LED display that enhances the advertising effect in important and special scenes is a manifestation of your company’s ability.

P4 Indoor LED Displays Background
The Most Popular P4 Indoor LED Display Provider

We are committed to providing customers with a full set of one-stop solutions and services from design plans, construction guidance, technical debugging and after-sales service, so that customers can rest assured, reduce after-sales, cooperate and win-win, and make the world more bright and beautiful!

  • “The technical staff of JYLED Company are very professional. It can be seen that their technical staff have on-site construction experience. They can reasonably recommend installation plans based on our on-site requirements, allowing us to save material costs and labor costs. And they are willing to give reasonable suggestions, such as how to lay out cables and network cables, which are a reflection of their professionalism. Compared to other suppliers”

    Ahmed Bugshan
  • ” The price of JYLED’s products is relatively high quality and low price. After the installation was completed, I just encountered some problems during the debugging process, so I contacted their sales. Fortunately for me, they established a project communication group. He helped me solve the debugging problem in just 7 minutes. I really appreciate Neeson.”

    Kristina Billy
  • “The sales staff of their company are very dedicated. Sometimes I can contact her at night, and she can reply to me in time to help me answer my questions. I am very grateful for their support. I will consider cooperating with them in the future.”

    Gokhan Gulten
Do we need to consider heat dissipation when using p4 indoor LED display?

No need to think about it. The heat dissipation solution of the current p4 indoor LED display is very mature and can dissipate heat independently through the medium conduction of the cabinet and the reserved gaps in the cabinet. And indoor p4 indoor LED During the use of the display, the lamp beads on the LED display dissipate heat independently, and the lamp beads are in the indoor air and can dissipate heat spontaneously.

Slight heat from the control system and power supply will also be transmitted through the cabinet and gaps.

What is the after-sales solution for p4 indoor LED display?

All LED display products sold by JYLED have spare parts and are well marked. Any after-sales problems encountered by customers during use can be answered in the product operation manual.

You can also contact our sales and technical team to provide after-sales support. For simple after-sales problems, we will provide guidance through communication and video.

For more complex problems, we will have dedicated personnel to provide one-on-one guidance, so that customers can feel a Excellent suppliers not only have high-quality products, but also have good after-sales service and user experience.

JYLED insists on putting quality first and always taking user experience feedback as the top priority for corporate development.

What are the installation methods of p4 indoor LED display?
  • Mainly there are fixed walls to continue installation.
  • Floor stand for installation
  • Conventional installation methods such as hoisting, etc.
How to change and adjust the content played by p4 indoor LED display?

The control methods of LED display are mainly divided into two types: synchronous control and asynchronous control.

Synchronous control is to synchronously play the real-time picture of the computer.

Asynchronous control does not require a computer to play, and only needs to use a play box to display the content the user needs. The content can be released through a computer, USB flash drive, or mobile phone WIFI-App, and the content can be updated and modified.

How to adjust the brightness of p4 indoor LED display?

In synchronous control mode, when the computer is connected to the video processor-p4 indoor LED display, we can adjust the settings of the video processor. The video processor can make a single setting for the brightness of the LED display.

In asynchronous control mode, when the sending box-p4 indoor LED display is used, we can set the sending box through software to adjust the brightness of the LED display.

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