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What is the difference between National Star LED and Kinglight LED?

About the National Star LED and Kinglight LED there are always a lot of controversies, should choose which one, we take a look at:

Chapter 1: Cree LEDs and Nichia LEDs

At present, in the Shenzhen market of China, the most common LED brands of LED display are National Star, Kinglight , Mulinsen, Hongsheng, and so on.

Nichia Logo
Nichia Logo

In addition, LED screens on the world market have the following four quality levels of LEDs.

The highest-end international brands include Cree (made in the US) and Nichia (made in Japan), followed by Nichia and Cree.


The stability and display effects of Nichia and Cree are the best, and Nichia and Cree are no different. However, the price of a single LED lamp of Nichia and Cree is 3–5 times higher than that of Nationstar, and the price of a square shape will be 4-6 times more expensive. Due to the high price, only a few customers who have particularly high requirements for product quality will choose the above 4 LED lights.

Chapter 2: National Star LED

The top quality made in China, the domestic first-line brand – National Star, has never had a major problem since its establishment in 1969. Of course, as an electronic product, it is normal for occasional small problems.

Nationstar Logo
Nationstar Logo

For customers with quality requirements, 95% will choose to use Nationstar LEDs, because Nationstar LEDs also have different quality levels, such as high-brightness gold wire, gold wire, and copper wire.

Chapter 3: Kinglight LED

The second-largest domestic brand, the second-tier domestic brand, Jinguang, will have a lower price than National Star. For some projects, if the budget can’t meet the demand, and the quality is also hoped to be well guaranteed, then Jinguang LED will undoubtedly be the first choice.

Kinglight Logo
Kinglight Logo

The failure rate of Jinguang LED is good. Generally speaking, there will be a small problem in three or four years. For example, in 2017, there was a problem with a batch of Kinglight LEDs, so many LEDs died during testing. But Kinglight’s after-sales service is good, they replaced all the problem LEDs.

In any case, a reliable LED screen manufacturer will go through layers of tests and checks before shipment to ensure quality for customers.

Chapter 4: Hongsheng and Mulinsen LEDs

The inferior products made in China are Mulinsen and Hongsheng. Hongsheng LED is mainly a supplier of some factories with lower wholesale prices of LED modules. It can be said to be the lowest price LED on the market.

When the main LED of a factory uses Hongsheng, it can be directly judged that they are very competitive in price, but it is also an inferior LED screen manufacturer.

Mulinsen is an old brand founded in 1997. We can’t say they are of poor quality. All we can say is that most factories that use their LEDs are relatively low-end.

Mullins Logo
Mullins Logo

They certainly have high-end products. However, if it is a high-end product, why not choose Nationstar LED directly? We can’t completely deny that Mulinsen and Hongsheng’s lights will have problems because these are electronic products, but the failure rate of their lights will be higher.

When it comes to the display effect, it is not as good as the above. However, our company does not use inferior lamps at all, nor is the preference rate used very often across the market.

Chapter 5: Recommendations for Indoor LED Screens

Choose Kinglight LED:

If you are using it for indoor applications to play advertisements, pictures, or text, you don’t need excellent true color reproduction. For example, if it is installed in shopping malls or airports to advertise, the budget is limited, and Kinglight LED is enough.

Choose Nationstar LED:

If it is used to play large explicit video advertisements or video content, such as movie theaters, high-end conference rooms, TV stations, etc. It is recommended to use Nationstar LED, the color reproduction is more realistic, and the price is a little higher than that of Jinguang LED, but it is also within an acceptable range.

So everyone must be very clear when choosing LEDs. What are the main uses and applications of the indoor LED display you need to install?

If the requirements for color reproduction of video and images are relatively high and If the budget is sufficient, between Kinglight LED vs Nation Star LED, we usually recommend Nation Star LED.

Chapter 6: Recommendations for Outdoor LED Screens

Choose Kinglight LEDs:

  1. Brightness. The brightness of the Nationastar lamp is generally about 500 higher than that of the Kinglight lamp, and the light loss is 7-10% in the first year and 12-19% per year after one year. Therefore, the theoretical service life is about 3-5 years.
  2. Stability. Dead pixel rate: 0.03% within two years, 0.04% after two years. Therefore, the maintenance cost in the future will be higher than that of Nationstar LED lights. If the installation environment is harsh, it is strongly recommended not to use Jinguang LED. Such as high-end roads, roofs, high-temperature areas, and shallow-temperature areas.
  3. Kinglight LED is enough for displaying regular video or image advertisements only.

Choose Nationstar LEDs:

  • Lose 5% in the first year, and lose 10-15% every year after one year. Therefore, the service life: is theoretically 5–7 years.
  • Stability. Dead pixel rate: 0.01% within two years, 0.03% after two years. Accordingly, a lot of post-maintenance costs can be saved.
  • For screens that need more accurate and beautiful video or picture advertisements, the color reproduction is better, and the brightness is higher, such as CBD, high-end shopping malls, pedestrian streets, etc.

Therefore, in any of the following situations, it is recommended to choose Nationstar LED:

  1. The installation environment is relatively harsh.
  2. the brightness requirements are relatively high.
  3. Need a better display effect.
  4. Have an adequate budget.

In conclusion:

kinglight vs Nationstar are both LED lamp bead manufacturers with the best quality. Although they have different brand positioning and a small price difference, they will not interfere too much with the user’s choice.

Of course, no matter which lamp bead manufacturer we choose, we still need to obtain a comprehensive quotation plan through the LED manufacturer in the end.

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