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Your P2 Indoor LED Display product solution leader

JYLED attaches great importance to the user’s customer experience. From the customer’s perspective, through feedback from customers after use, it accelerates the improvement of product design and research and development, optimizes product solutions, and makes customers easy, convenient, beautiful, and simple after-sales when installing P2 indoor LED display. save time and energy. Strictly control product quality and improve user experience.

  • Optimize product design solutions
  • Dimensions adapted to different installation sites
  • Easy and simple installation process
  • Efficient and flexible after-sales methods

JYLED P2 Indoor LED Display

JYLED P2 indoor LED display is superior product and star product.P2 indoor LED display has been deeply loved by customers around the world. Many customers also have a special liking for this product because of its stable quality and low after-sales service. Well received by customers. It can be seen in many scenes. We can see that many traditional advertising light boxes, advertising inkjet printing in shopping mall stores, advertising on product display stands, and brand promotion lights in pedestrian corridors have all been replaced by P2 indoor LED displays because P2 indoor LED display has videos and pictures. Customized playback and program replacement are more convenient and effective. It can perfectly meet the brand’s usage requirements and effect display. It is deeply loved by major media companies and advertising media practitioners.

If you want to find the most suitable products and solutions, JYLED will provide the best quality product solutions and installation solutions based on the actual customer needs and usage scenarios. Provide customers with a variety of professional and unique services. You can send us an email for your LED advertising screen needs.

Product Description

160 160mm P2 Indoor Module
160 160mm P2 Indoor Module
JYLED Factory Is Debugging P2 Indoor Rental LED Screen
JYLED Factory Is Debugging P2 Indoor Rental LED Screen
The Company's Front Desk Is Fixed With P2 LED Display
The Company’s Front Desk Is Fixed With P2 LED Display
P2 LED Displays Is Fixed In Meeting Room
P2 LED Displays Is Fixed In Meeting Room
P2 LED Display Is Fixed In Meeting Room
P2 LED Display Is Fixed In Meeting Room

What is the difference between P2 fixed LED display and P2 rental LED display?

Customers who have a certain understanding of LED display products know that there are two different types of LED displays: fixed and rental. Even if they are the same model, it is necessary to distinguish between these two different types.

In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish between these two types. Here are some differences we have summarized:

The P2 rental LED display uses a die-cast aluminum cabinet, while the P2 fixed LED display uses an iron cabinet.

The P2 rental LED display needs to be disassembled and transported, but the P2 fixed LED display will not be moved after installation.

P2 rental LED displays are transported in flight cases, but P2 fixed LED displays are transported in wooden cases.

P2 Fixed LED Screen And P2 Rental LED Screen
P2 Fixed LED Screen And P2 Rental LED Screen

For example, there are some scenes, such as concert tours, where performances may be performed across the country. At this time, it is suitable to use rental LED displays, while scenes such as monitoring rooms are very suitable for fixed LED displays.

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P2 indoor LED display Related Products

Cylinder LED Screen
  1. It can usually be seen in subway stations, high-speed rail stations, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, and other rail transit hubs with huge human traffic.
  2. The usual solution is to design an LED cylinderdisplay with a radius larger than the square according to the original square pillars on site.
  3. Use flexible LED modules and front-maintenance installation methods to facilitate installation and maintenance.
  4. It can provide a perfect 360-degree panoramic display, the played image can be rotated, and realistic 3D effects can be achieved, and high-definition videos and special effects can be played.
  5. The definition and diameter size you need can be customized according to the actual needs of the installation site to meet actual needs.
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display

JYLED Front maintenance LED displays are mainly used in major conference rooms, command centers and traffic command platforms, museums, churches and other scenes. JYLED’s Front Maintenance LED Display products can achieve high definition, high resolution, high grayscale, high contrast and other advantages. They have patented technologies such as ultra-thin, spontaneous heat dissipation and low energy consumption. At the same time, we use hard-coated hardware in the application of our products. The connection technology eliminates excess exposed wires, reduces the error rate during product installation, saves construction time and reduces maintenance costs. The size of a single cabinet unit can be selected from a variety of options, including L1000mm x H250mm , L750mm x H250 , L500mm x H250mm, which can meet different display ratio and size requirements.

Sphere LED Display

It can be seen in many museums and art exhibitions as well as at the events of media companies. Due to its personalization and unique shape, it is presented with appropriate video materials, making the scene beautiful, highly personal and appealing, and attracting audiences. It can also enhance the company’s brand image. The spherical LED display screen mainly uses a customized box with LED modules that need to be customized and developed, and is assembled using a magnet adsorption solution. The JYLED solution uses: segmented assembly and segmented packaging before shipment from the factory. After the product is shipped to the installation site, it can be assembled according to the factory markings to form a whole, which solves the problem of transportation to different construction sites of different sizes. and assembly puzzles.

Church Led Display

Church LED display products are also currently widely used in many churches. This product is mainly installed in three installation methods: hoisting, floor support installation and wall hanging installation. It is mainly used indoors. At the beginning of the church LED display design, JYLED’s R&D designers went to various cathedrals in Brazil to worship on the spot. Based on the feedback and feelings of church users and actual installation scenarios, they developed a product that was well received. When used, this product requires one main screen and two secondary screens to be matched. It can realize three LED displays to be displayed simultaneously, or one main screen to display the main content and two secondary screens to display another screen at the same time to meet a variety of usage needs.

Transparent LED Display

There are many transparent glass decorative surfaces in supermarkets and specialty stores on the market. If it is necessary to display products and advertisements, but it does not affect the lighting and transparency, and customers can see the products and advertisements in the store from the outside, there is no transparent LED display for such a scene. It’s very suitable. The indoor product transmittance of JYLED transparent LED display can reach 85%, and the brightness is 1000-4000cd/m2. This can meet the use needs of different transmittances and viewing brightness in different scenes, and can not only play advertisements but also see the store. product information inside.

Commercial LED Display

It is an LED display screen that is widely used in welcome displays at shopping malls, supermarkets, and hotel front desks for advertising and information release. This product mainly uses iron and aluminum as the main shell materials. Aluminum has slowly replaced iron in the market. Aluminum cabinet are widely used because of their thinness, spontaneous heat dissipation, and high assembly accuracy. The main display size of this product is L640mm*H1920mm, and it can also be customized and produced according to the size and appearance style required by the customer to meet the customer’s size and appearance requirements.

Immersive LED Screen

Immersive LED displays usually adopt a modular cabinet design and are paired with high-resolution images and video materials to display real-time, high-quality interactive content and experiences.

Usually what we can’t see is mainly three-sided display. The left and right sides are used together with the ground. Through the fusion software, the customized video materials are point-to-point fused on the playback software to ensure equal proportions of pixel spacing and aspect ratio. In addition to the unique Beyond the video display, your content is as engaging and immersive as you imagined.

Advertising LED Panel

At present, the advertising light boxes in many shopping mall stores, subway corridors and supermarket product display stands on the market have been replaced by Advertising LED Panels. Due to the influence of usage demand, many traditional advertising light boxes use inkjet cloth materials. If the content needs to be changed, then All need to be replaced, which will increase a lot of costs. At the same time, the Advertising LED Panel can send programs wirelessly through software only, and update the played videos, pictures and text in a timely manner to meet the changing needs of the market.

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P2 Indoor LED Display product introduce

Thin And Light Icon
Thin and light

Ultra-thin cabinet design, the total thickness of the finished cabinet is 33mm, which is easy to install, conforms to the aesthetic design, and saves labor and transportation costs.

Aluminum Box Design Icon
Aluminum cabinet material

P2 Indoor LED Display does not need to adjust the flatness of the LED display in real time during installation. It can be spliced after taking it. There is no need to identify the direction of the LED module. The installation can be completed by buckling and fixing.

Hard Connrction Icon
Hard link design

Say goodbye to complicated and redundant exposed cables and signal lines, all adopt PCB integrated design, and all power supply and signal lines are concentrated on the PCB line, which has a beautiful appearance and reduces after-sales problems caused by messy wires.

Diverse Installation Methods Icon
Diversified installation methods

JYLED P2 Indoor LED Display can be hoisted or wall-mounted, and is suitable for conventional and complex construction sites. JYLED P2 Indoor LED Display will be equipped with fixings and structural accessories with various installation methods when leaving the factory, perfectly adapting to the needs of different customers.

How to install P2 indoor LED display

The P2 Indoor LED Display produced by JYLED adopts a cabinet-type modular design when it leaves the factory. We have assembled the cabinet-LED module-power supply-control card-wire into the finished product.

Customers only need to fix the structure at the installation site to fix a single cabinet of the P2 Indoor LED Display, then connect the cables and signal lines of each cabinet in the order calibrated in advance, and then send the debugging parameters. Use the LED display normally.

How To Install
How To Maintenance

How to solve the abnormal problems that occur during use of P2 indoor LED display

Common abnormal problems in LED displays mainly include: screen flickering and jittering, area black screen, single LED module not lighting up and other abnormal phenomena. The usual solution can be to check and eliminate the main network cable, the box connection signal cable and the power interface that supplies power to the LED display module. Most of the reasons are mainly due to poor contact between the cable and signal cable during the installation process, and there is no voltage. It is not tightened properly, or it is caused by poor quality of the signal line. When we find the problem, we only need to replace the relevant spare parts and reset it in the specified direction to solve the abnormal problem.

P2 indoor LED display solution

JYLED P2 indoor LED display is flexible and easy to install, and can be installed in different scenarios. As a manufacturer of LED displays, JYLED can customize the size of your LED display, enhance your brand influence, and make your advertising business visible everywhere.

Let us come up with a design plan for you and your advertising business will take off。


Product features introduction

Photo Fidelity

High fidelity photography and videography,4k/8k ultra-high refresh rate, suitable for a variety of shooting equipment, shooting high-definition images at any time

Prevent Fatigue

Protect eyesight and prevent fatigue, The stability of frame changing frequency has been greatly improved, enabling playback without stuttering or flickering, effectively relieving eye fatigue.

Increase Brightness

The display remains clear even in strong light environments,fully optimizing the viewing experience.

Powerful Driver Chip
Powerful driver chip

Dynamic energy saving is more power-saving, using PWM-SS driver chip + 4.2V switching power supply, the energy-saving effect can reach 30%-45%

Super Wide Viewing Angle
Super wide viewing angle

Ultra-wide viewing angle design. Ultra-wide-angle lamp beads are used for packaging. After the LED module is assembled, every detail of the picture can be seen clearly at 160°horizontally and 160° vertically, which can meet the viewing experience from different angles on site.

Upgrade Protection Level

The back cover is designed with a bottom shell to effectively prevent bumps. The design is beautiful and applicable, effectively dust-proof, and prevents intrusion and impact from foreign objects.

P2 Introduction to indoor LED display components

Power Supply
Power Supply

The MW-LRS-350 series is a 350W single output enclosed power supply with a 30mm low profile design, using 110VAC-240VAC input (adjusted by switch), DC output 4.2-5V。

The efficiency is as high as 89%, and the built-in long-life fan allows the LRS-350 to operate at full load in the temperature range of -25°C to +70°C. It has extremely low no-load power consumption, less than 0.75W, which enables the terminal system to easily pass international energy requirements. It has international certification standards of ROHS, UL, CE, UKCA, CQC, and IEC, providing a variety of LED displays. A cost-effective solution.

Control Card
Control Card
  1. Supports Mapping function, which can clearly obtain the location and wiring method of the control card. When debugging the LED display, it can make the connection of the cabinets easy and simple, and quickly locate the abnormal cabinet.
  2. It can self-monitor the total quantity, temperature and voltage during operation, detect the quality of network communication between the sending device and the receiving card or between the receiving card and the receiving card, and locate and eliminate hidden dangers in network communication.
  3. Supports readback of firmware program and configuration parameters. It can read back the firmware program and configuration parameters of the control card and save them locally to avoid complicated operations and improve work efficiency.
  4. Supports backup parameters to ensure smooth playback of the display to the greatest extent.
  5. Effectively eliminate chromatic aberration, make the brightness and chromaticity of the entire screen highly uniform, and improve the image quality of the display.
Video Processor
Video Processor
  1. Two-in-one video controller, integrating video processing and video control functions.
  2. Supports the zoom function, which can display images locally point-to-point to make the display clearer, and can also display the image in full screen, making the operation more convenient.
  3. Supports multiple modes of application scenarios, such as one main and two secondary, three pictures consistent, etc. to meet different application needs.
  4. Supports two HDMI signal inputs, two DVI signal inputs, and supports three 4K drawings and one 1K layer.
  5. It can also be widely used in scenarios such as stage rental LED displays, stage control and fixed installation engineering LED displays.
Player Box
Player Box
  1. Supports decoding 4K@60Hz video sources or multiple videos simultaneously to decode complex programs on a single screen and multiple screens and multiple windows, which can be easily realized
  2. Effectively prevent data transmission leaks and malicious intrusions to ensure stable performance
  3. Support mobile App to edit, change and send programs USE WIFI
  4. Supports various program playback in TXT, picture and video formats
  5. Can be connected to multiple sensor hardware systems to update various monitoring data in real time, such as environmental data display of temperature, humidity, wind speed, noise, air pressure, PM2.5, and CO².
AD Background Image2
JYLED products with core competitiveness

We focus on product research and development and focus on achieving our mission

Indoor Fixed LED screen
Module size (mm)320×160320×160192×192320×160320×160192×192
Module resolution (dot)160×80128×25664×6480×4064×3232×32
Cabinet size (mm)960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960
Density (dot/㎡)250000160000111111625004000027777
Brightness (cd/㎡)50-70050-70050-70050-70050-70050-700
Max. Power Consumption600W600W600W600W600W600W
Average Power Consumption200W200W200W200W200W200W
Cabinet weight (kg)13kg13kg13kg13kg13kg13kg
Cabinet materialIronIronIronIronIronIron
IP rateIP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31
Refresh rate (hz)1920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-3840
Frame change frequency50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Best viewing distance>2m>2.5m>3m>4m>5m>6m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current3.5-4.54.0-5.02.5-3.53.0-4.53.0-3.51.5-2.5
Life span (H)≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000
MTBF (H)>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000
  • Just wanted to say I really appreciate your team’s patience with all these orders.

  • I like the design of this LED screen and it works well.

    Philippe Lauber
  • We put them in charge of a custom project and they helped design, provide solutions, guide us and it went better than expected. We will be back to buy more and expand this business, thank you!

    Jimmy Andrade
What kind of structure is needed to fix the P2 indoor LED display during installation?

The P2 indoor LED display produced by JYLED will be shipped with a bracket structure for fixed installation and hoisting. The bracket structure can allow the LED display to be wall-mounted, off-the-ground support installation and hoisting, etc., and can meet the application of different scenarios. . And it is easy to install. It adopts a prefabricated design. After fixing the structure first, it can be locked by stacking wood. If it is hoisting, we also provide wire ropes and fixing screws for hoisting.

Can P2 indoor LED display display the same picture on three LED displays?

Of course, the video processor and video controller used together with the P2 indoor LED display have such functions. No matter the sizes of the three LED displays are the same or different, the images of the three LED displays can be the same or different. We only need to continue setting the relevant parameters of the video processor when debugging the LED display, and it can be easily completed.

How to update the program of P2 indoor LED display?

P2 indoor LED display can synchronously play the real-time images of the computer. If you don’t want to use the computer to play, you can use a play box to display the content the user needs. The content updates can be edited through the software and sent to the control box. , you can complete content updates and modifications

How is the power consumption of P2 indoor LED display calculated?

P2 indoor LED display is designed using a low-power energy-saving solution, with an average power consumption of 180W/㎡. We can calculate the total power consumption of this P2 indoor LED display by multiplying the length size of the LED display by the height size, and then multiplying the resulting area by the average power consumption value.

How to prevent P2 indoor LED display from bumping and damaging the lamp beads?

JYLED’s P2 indoor LED display uses the GOB process. The LED display has been anti-bump treated when leaving the factory. This will effectively prevent damage problems such as bumps and scratches to the lamp beads during the construction process.

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