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How do 3D LED screens work?

Regarding “how do 3D LED screens work“, we need to understand the basics first. For example, how to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect?

2D Becomes 3D
2D Becomes 3D

In fact, as long as the good use of reference can be. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation part “break through” the white line and cover the other elements of the layer, so that the parallax of the eyes can be used to form the illusion of 3D.

However, the forming principle of the 3D LED display is a little more complicated. The 3D screens that have become popular recently are all composed of two surfaces with different angles. The display screen folds the screen 90°, using video material that conforms to the principle of perspective, the left screen shows the left view of the image, and the right screen shows the main view of the image. When people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the object at the same time. Side and front, showing a realistic three-dimensional effect.

After understanding the working principle of 3D LED display, let’s take a look at the future development trend of 3D LED display.

With the rapid changes in the market, leading companies in the industry are often the first to capture key market information and trends keenly, and every move of the leading screen companies will also convey the industry’s prospects. Today, we will start from the leading screen companies. In the market layout of LED display, let’s see where the future market growth point of LED display is and where to go next.

P4 Outdoor LED 175sqm In USA
P4 Outdoor LED 175sqm In USA

Micro LED opens up market space, cost reduction and efficiency improvement are the prerequisites for scale

With the advent of a new round of technology cycle, we believe that the display industry will show diversified development of technology. Driven by the needs of 5G ultra-high-definition display, intelligent interaction of all things, and flexibility of mobile intelligent terminals, various new display technologies are expected to achieve good growth in the corresponding subdivisions.

On this basis, Micro LED display technology is considered to be the new display technology direction with the most growth potential in the future. After realizing the commercialization of Mini LED, screen companies are accelerating the commercialization of Micro LED while continuing to deepen the maturity of the Mini LED market.

In the latest screen company announcement, Leyard will achieve 320 million yuan in Micro LED orders in 2021, and a production capacity of 800KK/month. It has made milestone progress in COG research and development, and has improved the yield of mass transfer. Through the process Optimization, cost reduction;

During the reporting period, Lianjian Optoelectronics completed the transformation of COB technology from “forming” to “mature”, successfully realized the large-scale mass production of COB micro-pitch products, and gained market popularity with high-quality micro-pitch products;

P4 Outdoor 152sqm In Japan
P4 Outdoor 152sqm In Japan

During the reporting period, Alto Electronics undertook the Shenzhen Science and Technology Plan Project – “Major Transfer Technology to Realize the Key Technology Research and Development Project of Ultra-High Resolution Micro LED Display”, which will promote the progress of Micro LED technology in the industry and accelerate the pace of the company’s Micro LED commercialization;

Based on HCCI technology with independent intellectual property rights, Absen has released Micro LED technology using flip-chip COB packaging… From the action layout of these screen companies, it is not difficult to see that COB and COG packaging technology will be Micro LED At present, the COB packaging technology industry chain is more complete, the technology is more mature, and it is easier to perform mechanical processing. It is the mainstream form of micro LED applications in large-scale applications, and COG packaging technology is currently mainly in the technology exploration stage.

According to the relevant personnel of Leyard, there are two main reasons why Micro LED has not yet formed a large scale. One is upstream chips, because the global output of Micro chips is small, and upstream materials are relatively expensive; the other is packaging and testing, and the cost ratio is also relatively high. If the cost is reduced, the number of applications in the Micro application range will increase significantly.

As the most important development direction of the LED industry in the future, Micro LED has opened up the next competitive space. The layout of leading screen companies in the field of Micro LED technology has already begun. From the perspective of the application market penetration path, Micro LED has been applied to large-screen displays with small pitch (<1mm).

In the field of VR/AR applications, the technical threshold requirements are Higher, but also requires a technical precipitation period. To achieve large-scale mass production of Micro LED, it is similar to the development path of small spacing. It is a phased process from exploration to trial production to explosion.

Deploy the metaverse, open up new scenes with naked-eye 3D, virtual shooting, and virtual digital humans

The Metaverse, which exploded last year, ushered in a cooling-off period. With the introduction of policies related to the Metaverse industry chain by most governments, its development will be more standardized and rationalized under the guidance of policies. Under this opportunity, LED displays can be said to be the forerunners of building a “reality” metaverse, and technologies such as XR virtual shooting, naked-eye 3D, virtual digital humans and other immersive atmospheres have already been pulled into the “battle” by screen companies. , especially under the policy of “One Hundred Cities and One Thousand Screens”, the outdoor large screen, especially the naked-eye 3D, is the most eye-catching.

In the virtual reality business, Leyard uses optical motion capture technology as the basic technology to expand its applications in heavily immersive display solutions, VR experience, and metaverse; Lianjian Optoelectronics has many cases in naked eye 3D applications, and recently participated Drafting of relevant application standards for glasses-free 3D, promoting the rapid formation of standard demonstration and industrial agglomeration effect;

The Meta Universe Has Become A Hot Topic
The Meta Universe Has Become A Hot Topic

Alto Electronics continued to strengthen the one-stop solution capability of “hardware + software + content”, developed a “digital portrait of outlets based on machine vision and edge computing” system in software, and focused on creative digital content production and content.

The operation of immersive digital live broadcast room, its subsidiary Chuangxiang Shuwei has provided services such as virtual digital human and naked-eye 3D video production for customers such as large state-owned banks.

Recently, Alto also launched a virtual digital human “Xiao Ao” to interact with the chairman of the company;

Absen revealed on its investment interactive platform a few days ago that its stage display equipment can be used in XR virtual shooting scenes, and naked-eye 3D advertising screens can help create urban business districts and landmarks.

With the introduction of the “14th Five-Year Digital Economy Development Plan”, it is foreseeable that in the next five years, the development of the digital economy will become more and more inseparable from LED displays. Being able to disseminate a large amount of data information, the advent of the Internet of Things era, the advent of the digital economy era, is actually the advent of the display era.

Seventy to eighty percent of human’s perception of the world comes from audiovisual, of which vision accounts for the vast majority. The reason why it is called the era of display, its basic logic is LED display, and with the maturity of technology, the price drops, the performance is greatly improved, and it is just around the corner to replace other types of products.

Sink the market, restore overseas markets, and expand new sales channels

At present, the recovery process of the domestic economy is accelerating, and market demand is gradually picking up. In the LED display industry, more and more display companies are beginning to tap more demand. For county-level prefecture-level markets, channel construction has been launched to establish a nationwide With the gradual opening of foreign epidemics, the previously cooled overseas markets have been picked up again, especially after the wonderful appearance of LED screens at this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, foreign markets have a strong interest in LED displays. More to look forward to, there are signs of recovery.

P5 Outdoor 208sqm In Serbia
P5 Outdoor 208sqm In Serbia

The dual brand strategy of “Lead” and “Jin Lixiang” adopted by Leyard is aimed at the mid-end and sinking markets respectively, and the sales growth rate in domestic channels last year was 53%. The overseas market also entered the market after removing the influence of the supply chain. benign growth stage;

Lianjian Optoelectronics continued to promote the “Xiangyang Plan”, launched nationwide dealer expansion activities, deeply expanded channel business, and increased market penetration through the three major directions of “service innovation, channel sinking, and business empowerment”;

During the reporting period, Absen continued to promote the channel CD337 expansion plan. Now, it has achieved more than 1,100 channel certifications, and channel signing contributions exceeded 800 million. Channel signing accounts for 53.2% of the Chinese market, and overseas market signing has returned to 2019 before the impact of the epidemic. 88% over the same period.

JYLED proposes that in the next few years, it will increase overseas supply chain channels, and establish corresponding service providers, so that services are ubiquitous, and various problems encountered when purchasing LED displays can be solved promptly and quickly.

With the current situation of the industry becoming more intense and concentrated, downward may be the way of survival for small and medium-sized screen companies and even the industry. While sinking the domestic market, the recovery of the foreign market is also a big “warm current”.

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