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Professional Review: Explore the Secrets Behind China’s 5D Billboards

With the popularity of China’s 5D billboards on social platforms such as YouTube, X (formerly: Twitter), TikTok and other social platforms, people have shown curiosity about this novel way of display, and many netizens have expressed skepticism, believing that the current technology is not enough to achieve this effect. We will do a systematic comb for you from the perspective of professional LED display manufacturers.

The meaning of 3D, 4D, 5D

Before diving into the topic of 5D LED billboards in China, let’s first understand the meanings of 3D, 4D, and 5D.

3D is a familiar term, representing a three-dimensional effect constructed using three spatial axes (X, Y, Z). It’s widely used in 3D animations, 3D billboards, and 3D movies.

Form The X And Y Axes Of The 3D Cube
Form The X And Y Axes Of The 3D Cube

As for 4D and 5D, there isn’t a standardized definition yet, and it varies across industries. In the LED display industry, 4D typically refers to an immersive experience where viewers feel deeply engaged while watching content.

5D builds upon the immersive experience of 4D by adding tactile or interactive features. It generates different vibration frequencies based on the intensity of touch, thereby enveloping users in a complete sensory experience including visual, tactile, and auditory elements.

Is China 5D LED billboard real?

Having introduced the meanings of 3D, 4D, and 5D, let’s revisit the topic of Chinese 5D LED billboards. Indeed, according to the LED industry’s definition of 5D LED billboards, Chinese LED display manufacturer JYLED has achieved this effect.

At the 2022 Shenzhen International Electronic Display Exhibition, JYLED showcased immersive interactive display screens with 5D capabilities.

Multi Touch
Multi Touch

These 5D immersive interactive display screens not only allow free rotation of 3D images but also support multi-user interaction, delivering a spectacular viewing experience.

Picture 3D Rotation
Picture 3D Rotation

How Do 5D LED Billboards Work?

To achieve immersive and interactive effects, besides intricate 3D rendering animations and specially constructed L-shaped cabinets, interactive processing modules are essential to provide users with an immersive experience.

LED Display Interactive Control System
LED Display Interactive Control System

For this purpose, JYLED has deeply customized the interactive modules to receive data captured through infrared sensing and provide real-time feedback, enabling precise interaction effects.

Moreover, 5D immersive interactive display screens are equipped with a central LED control system supporting multi-user interaction and one-click management, significantly enhancing practicality and entertainment value.

3D Billboard vs. 5D Billboard: Which is Better?

Regarding this issue, we will discuss it from the following perspectives.

3D LED Display
3D LED Display

Technological Implementation

Both 3D and 5D LED billboards utilize advanced graphic processing technologies to achieve realistic visual effects. They don’t require the use of 3D glasses or other peripheral devices to deliver stunning visuals.

However, 5D LED billboards require more modules to provide interactive features. For example, as mentioned earlier, infrared transmitters, data receivers, and processors are necessary.

Manufacturing Cycle

Manufacturing 5D LED billboards involves not only producing high-refresh-rate, durable LED display screens but also integrating various components with the screen. Assembly and testing take more time, resulting in a manufacturing cycle typically 25–35 days longer than that of 3D LED billboards.

If planning to use them for anniversaries or major holidays, it’s crucial to manage time effectively to avoid missing the best promotional opportunities.


To implement more features, both hardware and software need to be upgraded. Consequently, 5D LED billboards with more functionalities are inevitably more expensive than 3D LED billboards.

Although 5D LED billboards offer superior sensory experiences and entertainment value compared to 3D billboards, additional features come with higher costs. Advertisers need to consider this comprehensively before construction.

When is it More Suitable to Choose a 3D Billboard?

Some may wonder when to choose a 3D billboard since 5D billboards offer 3D functionalities and even many features that 3D billboards lack.

Guangzhou Baiyun T2 Domestic Departure Lounge 3D billboard About 88㎡
Guangzhou Baiyun T2 Domestic Departure Lounge 3D billboard About 88㎡
Guangzhou Baiyun T2 Domestic Departure Lounge LED Billboards
Guangzhou Baiyun T2 Domestic Departure Lounge LED Billboards

Apart from price and manufacturing cycle, 3D billboards possess some unique characteristics that 5D billboards do not.


Due to their longer existence and wider applications, 3D billboards are more familiar to the public. People naturally associate LED billboards with 3D LED displays or 3D billboards.

Moreover, due to the lack of familiarity, although 5D billboards are installed, many people may not be aware of their interactive effects.

Network Status

For 5D billboards to achieve interactive effects, both smartphones and screens need to be connected to the internet. Poor screen or smartphone signals may result in delays in interactive effects, leading to subpar user experiences.

Operation Process

The operation process for 5D billboards is more complex than that for 3D billboards. Besides a stable network connection, interactive effects require users to scan codes with their smartphones before proceeding. This process may be inconvenient for individuals who cannot or do not carry smartphones.

Congestion Issues

Since billboards are typically placed in bustling commercial areas or large shopping centers, interactive effects require users to stand near the screen for operation. Consequently, large crowds may gather, causing traffic congestion issues.

In summary, 3D billboards may be more suitable in the following scenarios:

  1. Poor or no network signals.
  2. Lack of other 5D billboards in the area.
  3. Bustling commercial areas.

This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of 5D LED billboards, providing a thorough understanding from start to finish. We hope it resolves any confusion you may have had.

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