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The difference between interactive LED floor tile screen and ordinary LED floor tile screen

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed to decorate the ground, which is quite different from the LED display we usually see. If the LED display we usually see is a little bumpy, I will worry about it, which will have a bad impact on the entire screen.

But the floor tile screen is different. The LED floor tile display has a good load-bearing and shock-proof effect due to its special design in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance. Not only can you step on it at will, but you can also sing and dance on it.

If we don’t specify additionally at the time of purchase, LED manufacturers will generally only give us the basic LED floor tile display, not the interactive floor LED display. Because the basic LED floor tile display does not need to be additionally matched, it is like a flat-bed play’s large display.

The pictures and video effects it displays are all preset in the computer, which is just a simple output image, and cannot interact with the person on the display screen, so the display method is slightly monotonous and boring.

Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen
Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

With the development of touch technology in recent years, through the combination of touch technology, LED floor tiles that can interact with people have appeared at this stage. This interactive LED floor tile display not only brings a visual experience to users but also can follow the activities of the human body to present real-time picture effects, enhancing the interest of the scene. So, what is the principle of an interactive LED floor tile screen?

The principle of interactive induction LED floor tile screen

The principle of the interactive floor tile display is to increase the induction interaction function on the basis of the LED floor tile display. The interactive floor tile LED display is loaded with devices such as pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, or infrared sensors.

When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the person’s position and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller After logical judgment, the corresponding display effect is output.

For example, the LED interactive floor tile display with the help of infrared sensors can track the movement trajectory of people through infrared rays and can follow the activities of the human body to present real-time picture effects, to realize effect such as actors and audience walking, water ripples appear under the feet, flowers open, etc.

On the surface, ordinary LED floor tile screens and interactive floor tile displays are the only ones that can interact and the others that cannot interact. In fact, there are many technical differences between them.

The difference between interactive floor tile screens and traditional floor tile screen

1. Differences in control software

On the playback side of the traditional floor tile screen, you only need to use ordinary playback software to play the video source, and there is no need to receive additional signals. The interactive LED floor tile display does not need to be able to play, but also needs to be able to receive the interactive point position coordinate information returned from the display in time.

After the interactive LED floor tile display receives the position coordinate information, the control software can be based on the received coordinate information. To call different program files and video files. From a technical point of view, the interactive LED floor tile screen needs to process a larger amount of information.

2. The direction of data transmission is different

The data of the traditional LED floor tile display is mainly transmitted from the control end to the display end, and only one-way output screen information is required. However, because the interactive induction LED floor tile screen needs to be transmitted in real time according to the interactive point, it is only one-way. The output has been unable to meet the requirements, so the LED interactive floor tile display has added data return, which belongs to two-way transmission.

3. The difference between the display end of the screen

The traditional floor tile screen only plays a display role, and the interactive LED floor tile screen also needs to sense, collect, and transmit the coordinate information of the interactive point of the interactive audience to locate the interactive point, which is the most important and critical center of the interactive LED display.

Shopping Mall Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen
Shopping Mall Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

Features of LED floor tile screen and interactive LED floor tile screen:

  • Fast and flexible installation: direct installation without tools or rails.
  • High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, high load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5t per square meter.
  • Excellent maintenance performance: it can be replaced directly without removing the adjacent packing box
  • High contrast design: technical design mask, clear playback effect
  • Excellent low brightness and high grayscale effect, uniform gray display and good consistency

Some problems that need to be paid attention to when installing LED floor tile screen products

  1. The lamps are in poor contact or damaged due to strong pulling, the lamps are damaged due to the outdoor installation environment, or other external reasons; the installation personnel directly damage the lamps during the installation process;
  2. During the installation process, the network cable and the lamp connection cable are scratched and broken, and the equipment is not grounded to protect the installation precautions. During the handling process, do not fall and hit hard, and do not pull the lamp strip forcibly.
  3. During the installation process, pay attention to the broken skin of the connecting wire of the lamp, distinguish and separate the strong points and weak currents, correctly connect the positive and negative power sources, make the connectors waterproof, and protect all electrical equipment from grounding.
  4. The lamps and lanterns are installed according to the drawing number and model. The main controller and the sub-controller should pay attention to the installation of a dustproof and waterproof power supply. The non-waterproof switching power supply can be directly fixed to the wall and dustproof treatment should be done indoors or placed in the distribution box. For waterproof and dustproof treatment, need to add a waterproof box, which can be directly fixed next to the lamp. Features: high power, more lamps, less installation
  5. The waterproof switching power supply can be directly fixed to the outdoor wall or installed by the installation accessories manufacturer, and the waterproof treatment of the joint should be done. Features, easy installation, simple Precautions: All controller equipment must be protected by a ground wire

The above is about “the difference between the interactive LED floor tile screen and the ordinary LED floor tile display”. I believe that through the above step-by-step analysis, we have already had a clear understanding of the LED floor tile screen.

As a new type of stage display equipment, the interactive LED floor tile screen is widely used in hotels, bars, weddings, large-scale concerts, discos, shopping centers and other fields. With the increasingly prominent homogeneity of LED display products, the interactive floor tile screen The emergence of the LED provides a more novel expression method for creative design of performances, and provides reference ideas for innovative LED applications.

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