Mini LED vs COB display who is better

Article Abstract: Mini LED vs COB display are two types of new technologies that are currently attracting great attention. Who will be better between them?

We all know that the field of indoor low-cost has been firmly occupied by LCD, which is inseparable from the characteristics of LCD. But in the indoor high-priced piece of this can be described as fierce competition, in addition to LCD itself occupies part of the market, like OLED display, COB small pitch display and mini LED display three mixed in it, playing the same.

As early as 2018, Guoxing Optoelectronics had in Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel and the United States infocomm exhibition, released a high-definition mini led display screen products. Once the product was launched, it triggered a strong reaction at the show and became the eye-catching focus of the whole show.

At one time, the industry media and various companies’ reports were all about mini LED, which can be described as overwhelming, and other media and companies have also followed in the footsteps, which really set off a mini fever, mini LED momentary fame.

Industry insiders believe that the size of about 100 microns mini LED without having to overcome the technical threshold of the huge transfer of mass production is feasible, can serve large size display, TV and cell phone backlight applications, there is a smartphone is eager to prioritize the import, as early as the second half of 2017 has entered the product design and certification phase, and drive the LED backlight restart energy.

In fact, mini LED in the public eye has long been not the first time, the United States infocomm exhibition, Otto Electronics also released the latest “mini LED commercial display system” at the exhibition, received a not bad response. In fact, many companies at home and abroad have launched mini LEDs, such as JYLED, Samsung, Jingtai, LG, Hola-LED, etc., with the push of these companies, mini LEDs are naturally not too low in popularity.

And with the mini LED is not less hot is COB small pitch display, so Mini LED VS COB display who will be better?

LED Array Packing Density Comparison
LED Array Packing Density Comparison

Many people may have heard of COB small pitch display intentionally or unintentionally, but may not be very clear, in fact, COB small pitch display is the use of new LED packaging technology, direct packaging of LED beads, so as to shorten the distance between the LED beads and beads.
The traditional SMD package is required to first paste the LED beads to the LED circuit, so SMD can only do a minimum distance of 1mm. COB, on the other hand, does not require SMD first, thus shortening the manufacturing time and bringing more space and possibilities to the outdoor LED Display Board industry.

First of all, we must first look at the definition of the two is actually different, COB is a new packaging technology, the current industry mainly serves the LED small pitch, and mini LED is actually defined in accordance with the spacing between the display components, in general, the industry to the spacing of 50 to 100 microns LED called mini LED, so the definition of the two are not conflicting.

Secondly, from the layout point of view, the advancement of a technology can not be separated from the technical input and overall layout of large enterprises, such as a decade before the LCD and plasma mainstream display battle, many companies are in the LCD up and down the effort, only Changhong in the plasma banner loyalty, which also appeared Changhong isolated situation, plasma display performance is far better than LCD, and in the market recognition The plasma is a hundred thousand miles behind, and today it is already on the wane.

In contrast, COB and mini LED two of the strength of the advocates can not be said to be strong, the number can not be said to be not too much, whether the domestic listed companies or international display giants have worked on the two, there is no problem like the plasma isolated.

At present, most of the domestic leading enterprises also said that COB will shine in the future, I believe that the near future will bring us more surprises and inject more vitality to the LED industry.

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