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Car Window LED Display Background Image

Car Window LED Display

Car window LED displays are increasingly popular due to their compact size, easy installation, and ability to decorate the vehicle’s windows. They are not only safe and reliable but also do not interfere with the visibility through the windows, while also allowing for advertising playback to generate additional income.

Suitable LED Display Screens for Vehicles

We offer a variety of LED display screens for different vehicle models, allowing you to choose the most suitable solution based on the type of vehicle.

LED Screens On Taxi Roof Play Pepsi Ads

This is a common LED display screen installed on the roof of taxis, capable of displaying whether there are passengers onboard as well as advertisements, making it prevalent in urban areas.

Bus LED Displays
Bus LED Display

Due to the large size of buses, there are many places inside where LED display screens can be applied, such as in front of the bus, at the rear windows, and above the passenger seats on both sides.

Trailer LED Screen Plays Kung Fu Panda AD
Trailer LED Display

Trailer LED display screens are often used to build small stages or mobile event screens. Due to their versatility, they are widely used as they are not limited by venue restrictions.

Truck LED Display

Truck LED display screens are LED products that transform the sides of trucks using LED display screens. Their advantages lie in displaying advertisements over a larger area and their mobility, which allows for effective display effects.

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Advantages of Car Window LED Displays

Lightweight Icon
Lightweight and slim cabinet

Each individual car window LED display screen weighs only 3.5kg, making it 8-10 times lighter than conventional LED cabinets.

Active Icon
Controllable brightness

JYLED adjusts the brightness of car window LED display screens to the optimal state before leaving the factory according to your needs.

Energy icon
Lower power consumption

Due to its compact size, car window LED display screens have lower power consumption.

Wifi Control Icon
Flexible control options

Information updates on the display screen can be controlled using various methods such as USB, WiFi, etc.

High-quality Materials for Double Protection

JYLED’s car window LED display screens are made of high-quality aluminum alloy frames and then packaged with acrylic materials.

Even when driving on rough roads, there is no need to worry about the LED display screens being damaged due to repeated shaking.

Car Window LED Display Style
Custom Car Window LED Display

Fully Customizable

JYLED can fully customize exclusive car window LED display screens for you, allowing you to freely choose the appearance, size, and functionality.

Whether you want to implement GPS positioning function or create larger sizes, you can contact us, and we will try our best to meet your needs.


Flexible Usage

Car window LED display screens are your exclusive display screens, so you can use them as you wish, such as displaying advertisements, information notices, etc.

In addition, they can also serve as warning signs to remind drivers behind to pay attention to safety, effectively avoiding some traffic accidents.

The Contents Of The Car Window LED Display Can Be Flexibly Controlled Through The Mobile Phone
How to Change the Content of Car Window LED Displays?

You can save the information content onto a USB drive and then insert the USB drive into the car window LED display screen. Use the remote control provided with the product to select the content you want to change.

How is Car Window LED Display Powered?

Car window LED display screens are powered by the car’s battery, just like other display devices in the vehicle.

Can Car Roof LED Display and Car Window LED Display be Installed Simultaneously?

Installing car window LED display screens is generally not a problem, but some countries may not allow LED displays to be installed on car roofs. Therefore, you can check the local legal provisions and choose according to actual needs.

Is Car Window LED Display Easy to Maintain?

Generally, car window LED display screens do not require special maintenance. If there is dust and dirt, simply wipe it with a damp paper towel or cloth.

JYLED's car window warranty period?

Our product comes with a two-year warranty. Within this period, if any abnormalities occur during use, we provide free spare components and technical support. After two years, if spare components need to be replaced, we may charge a small fee.

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