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Outdoor Curved LED Advertising Display
Outdoor Advertising LED Display

JYLED Outdoor Advertising LED Display

JYLED outdoor advertising LED display screen provides large-scale commercial advertising LED screens and wide highway outdoor LED displays. As technology and business development accelerate, brand advertising is also experiencing rapid growth.

JYLED offers commercial LED screens and large outdoor LED screen for advertising, including those designed for use along highways. With the rapid development of technology and business, the demand for brand advertising continues to grow.

Large outdoor LED screen permanently installed in places with high mobility, bringing certain value to commercial advertisements.

Outdoor advertising LED display has IP65 level of waterproof performance and brightness value of more than 5000, and can play high-definition advertising outside the home for a long time.

Outdoor Led Billboards
Outdoor 3D LED Displays

Outdoor LED advertising displays are widely used

The technology for outdoor LED billboards continues to develop, expanding their applications and increasing their commercial value. JYLED is dedicated to staying at the forefront of these developments, continuously developing cutting-edge products and providing high-quality outdoor LED displays that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Outdoor display products have higher requirements for production technology and quality control. Because the display screen uses longer advertising time. The life expectancy of the lamp beads is higher, and the problem of chip aging is less.

Every piece of Outdoor advertising LED display produced by our R & D team has been tested for a long time. Ensure the reliability of product quality. Due to the high cost of installation and maintenance of the display screen, low – fault products can save customers more trouble.

IP65 Icon
IP65 Protection Level
In order to prevent foreign objects from intruding into the interior of the display, all outdoor advertising LED displays have IP65 protection levels, thereby effectively preventing rain, dust and other foreign objects from penetrating into the interior of the screen.
Customizable Icon
Customizable LED Cabinet
On the market, most outdoor LED display cabinets are black, but JYLED’s outdoor advertising LED displays can be customized with cabinets of different colors and sizes according to the theme of the event.
Modular Icon
Modular Splicing
The outdoor advertising LED display adopts modular splicing, which makes it convenient for customers to increase or reduce the number of cabinet splicing according to actual needs.
Sunniness Icon
Not Afraid of Sunlight
Outdoor advertising LED displays use pure copper chips, which can achieve extremely high brightness and can overcome the problem of sunlight exposure.

The indispensable best partner for outdoor advertising – outdoor advertising LED display

As an important information media for advertisers to promote brands and products, outdoor advertising covers a very wide range, covering almost all channels that we can access. For example, when we usually take a taxi on the roadside, we can see advertisements displayed on the roof of the taxi. There are also many large buildings that also display advertisements on the buildings.

Advertisements that can be seen everywhere also show that advertisers attach great importance to outdoor advertising. If it is a small outdoor advertisement, advertisers usually have a variety of different solutions. Common ones include leaflets, LED light boxes, LCD electronic signs, etc.

LED Light Box Composition Material
LED Light Box Composition Material

However, for large-scale outdoor advertisements that are played on buildings, or for intelligent and clustered outdoor advertisements, traditional methods such as leaflets and LED light boxes cannot be achieved.

This has to mention the protagonist we want to introduce – outdoor advertising LED display.

Outdoor advertising LED displays almost overcome the shortcomings of other outdoor advertising methods. Let’s take a look below.

Outdoor advertising LED displays cover a wider area

Take the form of leaflet distribution as an example. Although it seems very convenient on the surface, it faces many problems. First of all, the area covered by handing out leaflets is limited. For example, a street is about 800 meters long, and streets usually have two left and right sides. Counting 1,600 meters, each side can accommodate 200 people, and the total can accommodate 400 people.

It takes at least an hour for a person to walk from one end of the street to the starting point, which means that a maximum of 400 people can be reached and 400 leaflets distributed in one hour. This is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it also causes a lot of paper waste.

What will be the effect if we replace it with an outdoor advertising LED display?

If an outdoor advertising LED display is erected on the street, then not only everyone on the street can see the advertisement, but people on other streets can also see the advertisement, and the advertisement can be played continuously for a long time, all the time. The advertising coverage is wider, and the effect is more significant.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Plays Beer Ads
Outdoor Advertising LED Display Plays Beer Ads

Outdoor advertising LED display content is easy to replace

If we choose to play advertisements in the form of leaflets or LED light boxes, then every time we want to change a new advertisement, we have to reprint the leaflets or change the content of the LED light boxes. If we place many LED light boxes in a city and need to replace them, it will not only take a lot of time, but also require a lot of labor.

And every time it is replaced, it is so cumbersome. If there are several different activities that need to be replaced a month, the workload can be imagined. This is why we rarely see large-scale use of LED light cabinets to create advertisements.

However, if an outdoor advertising LED display is used, then we only need to send content replacement instructions to other receivers through a mobile phone or computer to achieve batch information replacement.

Of course, this is not a unique feature of outdoor advertising LED displays. After all, electronic signs like LCD can also achieve this effect. Its biggest feature is the infinite splicing area.

Infinite splicing area

Theoretically, as long as the advertiser has enough money, the outdoor advertising LED display can achieve an infinite splicing area. Why do say that?

This is because outdoor advertising LED displays are all spliced on LED cabinets. How many cabinets need to be spliced to cover the area needed to be spliced. Each cabinet will be equipped with a reasonable number of power supplies and control card systems to ensure that the entire LED display can operate normally, no matter how large the area is.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Installed On The Building
Outdoor Advertising LED Display Installed On The Building

This unique splicing feature cannot be achieved by other display devices. Therefore, all the large outdoor advertising screens we see are made of LED displays.

Three major changes brought about by outdoor advertising LED displays

1) Disseminate content more accurately

In addition to accurately replacing content in batches, outdoor advertising LED displays can also display content in a differentiated manner. For example, city A displays ads from city A, and city B displays ads from city B. This is extremely important in a precise marketing strategy.

Nowadays, due to people’s dependence on various software and the software itself snooping on user information, all software is quietly collecting our information and selling it to advertisers. In some countries, affected by policies, software may conduct such things more secretly.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Plays Beverage Advertising
Outdoor Advertising LED Display Plays Beverage Advertising

However, in some countries, such as the CEO of a top technology company, he once openly declared: “People are willing to trade privacy for convenience.” It can be seen that privacy has been excessively collected, and has It has become a tacit way for everyone.

Although this may have a certain impact on the privacy of the public, for advertisers, the more accurate the content, the better the advertising effect will be, the fewer resources invested, and the greater the returns.

2) The dissemination of content is higher definition and more contagious.

The brightness and clarity that various traditional display devices can achieve are not high. In many cases, clear images cannot be seen. This not only fails to achieve good publicity effects, but also consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and time in producing advertisements.

Outdoor advertising LED displays can not only perfectly meet the various needs of outdoor applications in terms of brightness and protection level, but also compared to products such as LCD digital signage, the durability and high-definition image quality of outdoor advertising LED displays have been further improved.

When distributing content, higher-definition images are also more appealing. Even after 7–8 years of continuous use, only a few abnormalities will occur. At this time, you only need to replace the module to solve the problem.

3) Technology is more diversified and interactive

a. Diversified information dissemination

While serving as an advertising carrier, outdoor advertising LED displays can also disseminate various rich video contents such as public service announcements, missing persons notices, real-time news, information, etc., which not only maximizes the use of resources, but also breaks the Most pure commercial advertising information playback mode, thus forming diversified information dissemination.

This form of communication is more enjoyable and sticky for the audience. For advertisers, stronger audience stickiness means that the advertising effect has reached the most ideal state.

b. Diversified visual expression

There are currently many different application solutions for outdoor advertising LED displays. Common ones include the introduction of naked-eye 3D technology to bring a realistic visual experience; the introduction of holographic transparent technology to create a unique feeling of coexistence of technology and fashion.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display 3D Effect
Outdoor Advertising LED Display 3D Effect

In the future, I believe that more trend-setting visual expressions will be applied to outdoor LED displays, and more display effects will be achieved that will amaze us.

c. Expand interactive functions

At present, LED display manufacturers have introduced interactive functions into outdoor advertising LED displays, turning the original era of one-way information dissemination into an era of two-way linkage.

Naked Eye 3D Digital Virtual Spokesperson Qi Xiao Mo, Full Of Technology Sense
Naked Eye 3D Digital Virtual Spokesperson Qi Xiao Mo, Full Of Technology Sense

It may seem like there is just one more camera installed for information transmission, but in fact it involves a very complex system linkage. For example, augmented reality technology, expression recognition technology, human-screen interaction technology, etc.

The emergence of outdoor advertising LED display interactive technology shows that there are many unexplored new worlds in LED displays.

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