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  • P2.9 and P3.91 rental led display
  • P3.91 rental led display
  • P2.9 and P3.91 rental led display indoor for exhibition
  • P3.91 led display
  • P2.9 and P3.91 rental led display
  • P3.91 rental led display
  • P2.9 and P3.91 rental led display indoor for exhibition
  • P3.91 led display

P2.9 and P3.91 rental led display indoor for exhibition

  • Physical point spacing: 3.91㎜
  • Unit board size: 250X250㎜
  • Unit cabinet size: 500×500㎜
  • Physical density: 65536 dots/㎡
  • Luminous point color: 1R1G1B

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Unit board resolution: 64*64=4096 DOTS

Unit board weight: 0.23㎏

Cabinet resolution: 128*128

Box area: 0.25m²

Die-cast aluminum box weight: 7.3KG±0.05KG

Best viewing distance: 3m~60m

Viewing angle level:≧160°

optional vertical: ≥ 120 ° optional

Average power consumption:<600W/㎡

Maximum power consumption:<1200w/㎡

Control method: Synchronous control

Display card DVI graphics card driver: 1/16

Scanning maximum power: ≤36W

Refresh frequency≧1920Hz

White balance brightness:≧3600cd/㎡

Frame change frequency:≧50/60

Brightness adjustment method Brightness sensor automatic adjustment 16 levels adjustable

Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100

Computer operating system: WIN98, WINXP, WIN2000, etc

Video signal: RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION, etc.

Control system: PCTV card (optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission (optional)

Mean time between failures ≧5000 hours

Life 75000~100000 hours

Pixel out of control rate <0.0002

Project classification PH3.906-16S

Package form: Three-in-one LED

Package method: SMD1921

  • Product Description

>>Key features:

  1. The inner and outer arcs 15°,0°,-15° multi-level adjustable.
  2. The cabinets are seamlessly spliced without bright lines or separate highlight bars.
  3. It can be spliced into various shapes, such as inner arc, outer arc and cylinder, so that your creativity can be fully displayed.
  4. The cabinet is light and thin and can be quickly installed and disassembled.
  5. The minimum ring diameter is more than 3m.
  6. High-quality LED black lamp with high contrast and wide viewing angle.
Indoor rental screen 500*500 series
Model NO.P1.953P2.604P2.976P3.91
Pixel Pitch1.95mm2.6mm2.9mm3.91mm
LED typeSMD1515SMD2121SMD1515SMD2121
Flatness between modules≤ 0.1mm≤ 0.1mm≤ 0.1mm≤ 0.1mm
Pixel configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Module size (W*H)250*250mm250*250mm250*250mm250*250mm
Module resolution (W*H)128*128mm96*96mm84*84mm64*64mm
Cabinet size(W*H*D)500*500*75mm500*500*75mm500*500*75mm500*500*75mm
Cabinet resolution (W*H)256*256mm192*192mm168*168mm128*128mm
Cabinet weight7.1kg/pc7.1kg/pc7.1kg/pc7.1kg/pc
Density262144 dots/m²147456 dots/m²112896 dots/m²65400 dots/m²
Best viewing distance>1.9m>2.6m>3m>4m
Best viewing angle110°/ 110°110°/ 110°110°/ 110°110°/ 110°
Working voltageAC:110-240V 50~60HzAC:110-240V 50~60HzAC:110-240 V 50~60HzAC:110-240V 50~60Hz
Maximum power≤600W/ m²≤600W/ m²≤600W/ m²≤600W/ m²
Average power consumption100W/m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
Screen temperature rise(running state)≤ 5 degrees≤ 5 degrees≤ 5 degrees≤ 5 degrees
Operation of Environmental Temperature/°C-10°C~60°C-10°C~60°C-10°C~60°C-10°C~60°C
Operating Temperature10%~90%RH
No condensation
No condensation
No condensation
No condensation
Screen color temperature2000K~9500K2000K~9500K2000K~9500K6500K~9500K
Driving method1/32 scanning1/32 scanning1/32 scanning1/16 scanning
Gray scale16 bits16 bits16 bits16 bits
Refresh frequency≥3840Hz≥3840Hz≥3840Hz1920Hz
IP gradeFront:IP43
Continuous working time≥7×24hrs≥7×24hrs≥7×24hrs≥7×24hrs
Installation methodBack Frame Installation / Hoisting / Inner Arc Installation
Pixel correctionEquipped with point – by – point brightness and chromaticity correction
Control modeSynchronization control
Control distanceSuper five double-stranded network cable, more than 100 meters using optical fiber transmission
Software interfaceWindows XP /7/8/10
Signal inputHDMI、DVI(Extensible interface)
Cabinet materialDie-casting Alu

*technical specification, designs and photos subject to change without notice

Due to the high resolution and high-quality visual effects of the P2.9 LED display, it is widely used in various stage rental needs, such as concerts, brand launches, exhibitions, etc. The rental company can provide P2.9 LED display screens of corresponding size and configuration according to the needs of customers, and provide rental services to meet the needs of different activities.

Other types of indoor rental displays are also widely used in daily life, and you can choose a suitable model according to your budget and viewing distance.

When our budget is insufficient, we can choose a model with a slightly higher dot pitch, because the smaller the dot pitch of the LED display, the higher the price. If we are worried that the price of P2.9 LED screen is too high, then it is also possible to choose P3.91 LED display screen spliced from P3.91 LED modules.

Because when our viewing distance is about 3-4 meters, the difference between the display effects of P3.91 and P2.9 is not big. Only when we view it at a closer distance, will the P2.9 LED display be better than P3.91 LED display is clearer.

Indoor LED exhibition display is an indispensable hardware facility in the exhibition hall, and the improvement of the exhibition hall market has a strong role in promoting the development of the LED display industry.

With its advantages in light-emitting technology principles, colors, display effects and lifespan, LED exhibition displays have gradually replaced LCDs and DLP displays in exhibition halls and other fields.

In the exhibition hall, the indoor LED exhibition display screen is mainly used to display various texts, pictures, videos and other information, and also participates in the design and modeling of the exhibition hall, to realize the immersive visual experience of visitors.

Among them, the development of new LED commercial display technology represented by small spacing has strongly promoted the gradual diversification of LED display products, and promoted the large-scale application of LED displays to the field of exhibition halls.

On the one hand, the application of LED display screens in the exhibition has put on a dreamy, technological, and peculiar coat for the exhibition activities. In addition to tasting the unique visual feast brought by the exhibition, the audience’s demand for immersive and sci-fi interactive exhibitions will increase in the future. Exhibition LED displays can also continue to expand their own market in this field, and at the same time promote the combination and mature application of indoor exhibition LED displays and new technologies, and promote industry updates.

On the other hand, when various professional exhibition halls are booming, urban exhibition planning halls, science and technology museums, museums, memorial halls, party building exhibition halls, park exhibition halls, enterprise exhibition halls, big data exhibition halls, popular science education, etc. The theme experience hall, school history hall and other characteristic theme halls all need powerful and excellent display effects. In general, there are indications that LED displays still have a strong room for development in the exhibition hall market.

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